Monday, August 9, 2010

Trip to Cameron Highlands (Part 2)

This is a continuation of Part 1.

After the Lata Iskandar waterfall, we headed up to Cameron Highlands. On the way up, Mommy could see many Orang Asli stalls along the road side selling petai, honey and bamboo shoots. Mommy wanted to buy petai and bamboo shoots from them but Papa asked to do it only later because it would be too troublesome to stop the car halfway. Our first stop was at the Bharat tea plantation. We merely parked at the road side to snap some photos, enjoy the scenary and fresh air - no stopover to drink the tea whatsoever! ^_^

Our next stop was the Sam Poh Tong Temple at Brinchang. This temple is supposedly dedicated to the Chinese Muslim eunuch and admiral of the Chinese fleet, Zheng He (Cheng Ho), according to this website. Pictured here is Juan Or and Papa walking towards the entrance of the temple. Mommy's not in the photo because Mommy was busy trailing them from behind to snap photos.

Basically, this temple feels just like any other temple - nothing outstanding about the architecture or the ornate decoration. We didn't spend a long time at the temple, but just sufficient time to snap some photos for remembrance.

Typical scene at the temple.

Here's Juan Or getting himself comfy while waiting for Papa to come out from the washroom.

After the temple, we headed straight to the vegetable market in front of Kea's Farm - Mommy's favourite stop at Cameron Highlands simply because Mommy's loves to buy vegetables at bargain prices! Sorry, no photos were captured at the market because Mommy was too preoccupied with looking out for good bargains of vegetables! ^_^ Here's what Mommy got from the market:

Cherry tomatoes (4 packets of about 400g per packet for RM10) and strawberries (4 packets for RM10 - 1 packet is about that much that you see in the small basin).

From left to right: Shoots of a gourd plant unknown to Mommy (3 bundles for RM5), asparagus (iinitially was 3 bundles for RM10, but later the seller gave Mommy one more free bundle!), and choy tam (8 packets of about 200g each for RM5).

Our next stop after the vegetable market was a cactus farm, but Mommy has already forgotten the name of the farm. Many types of cacti were displayed for sale, even pitcher plants were offered.

The plants are the main attraction of this farm, well, at least for the adults, but for Juan Or, his main attraction at the farm would be.....

.......the kiddy rides!

There was also a small plot of strawberry plants at the back of the cactus section.

After that was time for lunch, so we decided to stop over at a popular Chinese restaurant which Papa googled in the internet before but Mommy couldn't recall the name of the restaurant. We found the restaurant but too bad Juan Or was already asleep, so we decided not to have lunch at Cameron Highlands because we did not want to wake Juan Or up from sleep and end up having a fretful and crying baby! So we went on to exit from Cameron Highlands via the Simpang Pulai way. On the way down, Mommy reminded Papa to make a stopover if he sees any Orang Asli stall, but distance after distance, we couldn't see any stall and Mommy's heart began to sink. Finally, after quite long, we spotted one stall and Papa immediately made the stopover to buy for Mommy.

Petai in 3 small bunches for RM5.  

 Six pieces of bamboo shoots for RM5 (very cheap!).

Once at the lowland, Papa decided to stop at a Chinese restaurant in Kampar for lunch. We have eaten at the restaurant before in a trip long time before Juan Or was born. Once there, again our heart sank to see the restaurant closed. So we went on down towards Bidor's direction and found many restaurants closed along the way. Finally we stopped at Bidor and was glad to find at least a Chinese restaurant open. By then it was already something like 2pm already. This was what we ate there.

Mantis shrimp cooked with salted egg yolk and sweet potato leaves in belacan.

Fish slices stir-fried with spring onion.

Papa also bought tau sar peah from the restaurant - 3 packs for RM7. This restaurant's tau sar peah has a limey taste to it.

We reached Kuala Lumpur again by around 4 or 4-plus pm, just in time before the traffic-jam started (we went on a weekday, remember?) and stopped over at Haji Samuri's satay stall at the KESAS highway to buy satay for dinner before heading back home to Puchong.

Overall, how successful did Mommy consider of this trip? Mommy would consider it a 98% success because Juan Or was able to withstand the long distance with minimal fretfulness (fretted when we stopped at Bidor in the morning), plus Juan Or did not vomit at all nor show any sign of dizziness. In fact, during the journey up, Juan Or teased Mommy by saying that he wanted to vomit, but he laughed after that, so Mommy knew he was trying to pull Mommy's legs! Since Juan Or has passed his first long distance trip test, so there will be more long distance trips for Juan Or in the future! Yippy!


smallkucing said...

Day trip ah? Not bad la considering Juan Or enjoyed himself very much and you managed to buy a lot of vege.

I dont buy vege coz only two person eating. Cant wallop the vege so fast.

Alice Phua said...

Yup, day trip, didn't stay overnight. Ooohhh....for me, buying vege at Cameron Highlands is a must although hubby kept on reminding me by saying dunno whether the vege can tahan the heat in the car or not since we cannot really stop the sunlight from shining into the car. But I don't care lah becos I know I'm able to wallop vege like crazy one!

mNhL said...

The vege all so cheap ya.

Good that Juan Or cooperates and make this trip a successful one. He is a big boy now. :)

Sheoh Yan said...

What a wonderful trip that you have with Juan Or and hubby. Juan Or is getting mroe cheeky now. Definitely more trips that I can foresee in future.

reanaclaire said...

alice.. so u went to Camerons.. looks like u had a wonderful time..
btw, an email for u.... :)

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, hahaha....that's why going to the vege market in Cameron Highlands is a must for me! :-D

Sheoh Yan, oh, indeed, he's getting cheekier nowadays (which brings both smiles and laughter to me, but sometimes makes me very angry when I have lots of things to do at home)!

Reanaclaire, yes, Juan Or and myself enjoyed the trip very much. Maybe not so for hubby because he's practically driving non-stop for 12+ hrs! OK, will check my email! :-D THanks!

Shenny's mommy said...

It is one very fruitful trip for Juan Or. But a very tiring trip for his daddy because oughtta drive for so many hours, I think.

cheeyee said...

Hehe Juan Or big boy liao, no longer a baby. :) Nice family trip. And the vege is so cheap! The strawberry looks very big size too.

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's mommy, oh, yes, it's enjoyable for mother and child, but very tiring for Papa....hehehhe....been driving non-stop (except for makan and stopover to buy things) for 12+ hrs! Yes, you are right about that. :-D

Cheeyee, oh, how I miss his baby looks now that he already has boyish looks. ^-^ Hehehe...ya, the vege is very cheap, that's why I see already cannot tahan.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, I can't believe you went all the way to CH and didn't put up a night there. The journey is so tiring! Juan Or is such a good traveler. Can plan more of such trips :) Looks like you really enjoyed shopping for the fresh produce there.

I just looked back at our trip in Nov 2008, Chloe was so little then hehe

Alice Law said...

LOL... the vege in cameron is the best I have tasted so far, specially its broccoli and salad! Oh yes, more long distance for Juan Or, next time you could probably bring him to Singapore, it's a wonderful place for kids to pay a visit!^-^

Serline said...

All those fresh produce are just about enough to entice me to make the trip... maybe not. I hate long drives, and with Narelle in tow, I'll have to wait a few years for her to get to a more manageable age to take such trips ;-)

Alice Phua said...

ChloeRuoyi, hehehe....both hubby and I are not very keen on overnight trips unless it's very, very far like going up to Penang or beyond. Hahaha...for me, the fresh produce market is a must, even if we don't get to go to other places like strawberry farm or cactus nursery, etc, also never mind, but the morning market is a must! :-D I checked your blogpost, I think Chloe was also 2 or 2+ yrs old back then, right?

Alice Law, lately I have been making mental fantasies of bringing Juan Or for overseas trip, hehehehe, but don't know whether the idea will go well with hubby or not if put to reality.

Serline, if the fresh produce can entice you, then you must be a vege lover! Me too!

Ann said...

will like to ask, whether they have local taxi from tanah rata and how is the charges for a half day trip by taxi? tQ -Ann

(p/s i just google and saw ur post)