Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls' Shoes and School Children Shoes at

Mommy loves to shop for shoes for Juan Or, just the same like how Mommy loves to shop for clothes, books and toys for Juan Or (see the blogposts on all the kids-related warehouse sales that Mommy went to previously) . Mommy thinks probably this is a norm for most mothers, .i.e., mothers love to shop for their children, mothers want their children to look good, mothers want their children to have all the good things in life that they can afford to buy, mothers want their children to be comfortable in every possible way, mothers want their children to be at better edge, mothers want their children to be healthy, happy, smart, intelligent and most of all mothers want to provide the best they can for their children! Don't you all agree? :-D

When it comes to buying shoes for children, one important issue to consider is the fitting of the shoe. Children's feet are continuously growing, so buying shoes of the correct fitting is important so as not to affect the foot health for years to come. Just like the jelly slurry being pourred into the mould, the baby's feet can take on whatever shape they are forced into. So the shoes' shape should always match the shape of the feet. And the fact is that the shape of children's feet are continuously changing since infancy. So it is important that children wear shoes of the correct shape according to the natural shape of their feet and this practice rightfully should start when babies already start to crawl and take their first tentative steps. Choosing the right fit of shoes should still continue even during the child's schooling years.

This is Juan Or's right foot when he was 5+ months old.

For that matter, Mommy found this interesting website of a specialized manufacturer of children's footwear - Start-rite. This company has a long history of making footwear dating as far back as 1792 in Norwich. The company did not start making children's footwear until around 1900 to 1930 when the public became increasingly aware that children's footwear need to be of a different shape from adults' footwear. That was when the company made children's footwear that fit the natural shape unique to children's feet, yet allowing room for growth. In 1952, the company took the bold step to stop manufacturing adult footwear altogether and concentrate on making only children's footwear specialized for children's needs. Today, the company is a well-known manufacturer of superior quality children's footwear and has even received the Royal Warrant twice from England's Royal Family. Children of the Royal Family have been fitted with over 1500 pairs of Start-rite shoes to date.

After browsing through Start-rite's website, Mommy is spoilt for choice of children's footwear. The collection boasts of footwear of various shapes, sizes, colours, width-fittings and designs for both boys and girls and for every stage of the child's development and activities ranging from the pre-walkers to the first walking shoes, to non-school shoes, school shoes, canvas, sandals, boots, trainers, slippers, wellies, and English classics - you name it! Mommy is particularly attracted to Start-rite's children school shoes and girls' shoes (yes, you may be surprised even though Mommy doesn't have a daughter yet!). Why the school shoes? Simply because Mommy loves the classic look of Start-rite's children school shoes! How about the girls' shoes? Well, the thing about girls' things is that they come in so many interesting, varied, colourful and even fanciful but beautiful designs and styles unlike boys' things that usually come in so-called styles that don't differ much from each other. That's why the girls' shoes prick Mommy's interest even though Mommy doesn't have a baby girl yet. But again, maybe, one day when the right time comes, a baby girl will pop out! (Papa, are you reading this!?) ^_^

By the way, Mommy found this interesting tutorial in YouTube on how to measure your own children's feet using Start-rite's programme called Click 'n'  Fit. By using this programme, you can accurately measure your child's feet, determine the footwear size appropriate for your child and make your order from Start-rite. Yes, it's that simple. Easy-peasy.

And perhaps for mummies (or daddies) out there who feel they have the lucky aura, they can enter a draw at Start-rite's website for a chance to win free shoes for a year! Mommy has entered the draw already. Have you?


smallkucing said...

well done...:D

Juan Or is always so lucky

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, thanks! Yours is an interesting and cute read too!

Well, I provide for Juan Or sekadar that I mampu. :-D

Shenny's mommy said...

Yeah, the website does provide a lot of very nice shoes. My hubby goes to bring Shenny do an annual visit to her grandma in The Netherlands ends of this year, so probably will ask him to drop by one of their dealers to check out the shoes. Hehe..still feel a bit sceptical to buy shoe online.

Sheoh Yan said...

When come to buy shoes for my daughters, my husband is very particular. He doesn't mind to spend a bit more to get a more comfortable shoes for them.

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's mommy, hehehe, I perfectly understand what you feel when it comes to buying things online. Well, yes, the company does have its real stores too, so can check it out since you are more comfortable seeing the real thing instead of something virtual.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, it's true, it's better to get a better fitting and comfortable footwear even though may have to spend more becos if turns out your girls refuse to wear them anymore becos of feeling uncomfortable, then it becomes a waste (and expensive too!) spending that money even though it's cheaper.

Alice Law said...

Another paid post? I personally don't keen to shop shoes or clothes for my kids, but somehow or rather I found our cars and shoes racks are stuffed with numerous of tot shoes... 60% bought by MIL!!=_="(20% are hand-it-down by relatives)

Maybe after Juan Or starts schooling you can consider a 2nd one, atleast you could have someone to dress up like a princess if you had a girl!^-^

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, yes, bingo! About having a 2nd one, hahaha, I have no choice but to leave it to fate. If there is windfall, I won't hesitate to have a 2nd one. Or if out of the blues one day, something snapped in hubby such that he starts to love babies or perhaps an accident happens....then hehehe, I'll see what hubby says! *Evil grin*

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