Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fedora Hats! Anyone?

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Everyone knows what is a hat and how a hat looks like, but Fedora hats? Probably not many people know this type of hat known by the name 'Fedora'. Perhaps you have seen a Fedora hat before, it's just that you never knew all along that it's called 'Fedora hat' (well, Mommy is one such person! ^_^). You probably refer to it as just a hat. To give you a hint what are Fedora hats, remember the famous King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson? Remember the kind of hat that he normally wore? Yup, that's the Fedora hat.

(Photo courtesy of Emeryn)

You may be wondering then why the name 'Fedora' for such kind of hats. It all began when this talented actress by the name Sarah Bernhardt played the role of Princess Fedora in an 1882 stage play. Well, nobody even remembered about the stage play, but what stood out most was the actress herself and the hat that she wore (now known as Fedora hat)!

For Mommy, wearing a hat was not part of Mommy's fashion, but more for practical purposes. For Mommy's case, it's to protect the already headache head from the scorching sunlight. Mommy remembers buying Mommy's first hat from a hawker at the foothill of Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang Island (that was some time back in year 2005 when Mommy was still courting with Papa). That time was already afternoon and the sun was very, very hot (blame it on global warming!). Mommy's head had already been exposed to the sun for quite long (the sun was already very bright since 10+am) so much so by noon, the headache appeared. And too bad, Mommy didn't bring any Panadol to relieve the headache. So what's the next best option? Buy a new hat, of course! Luckily the place where Papa and Mommy went to is a tourist spot, so most likely you will see a hat on sale. So Mommy bought one and it has been with Mommy till today. The hat has been left in Papa's car so that Mommy can use it whenever Mommy go for outings that expose Mommy to excessive sun.

This is the photo where Mommy wore the hat at the Kek Lok Si Temple.

Can you imagine how hot the sun was? Not only did Mommy have to put on a hat, Mommy still had to carry an umbrella!

Later on, when coming back from Penang Island and heading back to Klang Valley, we decided to stop by at the Lata Kijang waterfall that is somewhere before reaching Tapah. At the waterfall, Mommy decided to put on the hat again. The sun was not very hot then but Mommy decided to put on the hat anyway merely for fashion purpose (*Ahem!*) (No, mommy was not having a headache either!)

Now when looking back at this photo, Mommy thinks Mommy will look better and nicer in a Fedora hat! Now that Mommy knows the existence of this online Fedora hats store (known as, Mommy knows where to source for fashionable-looking Fedora hats to match the clothes that Mommy wear and the events or occasions that Mommy is in. This online store offers Fedora hats for women, men , unisex ones and even for kids (no wonder the company puts the number '1001' in the website's name)! Mommy knows where to look for Fedora hats for Juan Or should Mommy want to take Juan Or for kid's studio photography next time! ^_^

For readers out there, even if you do not plan to shop for a Fedora hat yet, still, browsing over articles about Fedora hat's history, interesting facts about its history, celebrities who wore Fedora hats, interesting pointers about Fedora hats for men and women, how to select a Fedora hat to suit your style and personality, its popularity, and the first male to ever wear a Fedora hat make interesting reads during your past time and also as general knowledge. So, what are you waiting for!? Hop on now to! ^_^


smallkucing said...


Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, hehehe! :-D

mNhL said...

Din know you got yourself a hat! haha....It is good to shade the face as well......

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, hahahah.....that was long time ago! Bought it out of necessity. :-D

Alice Law said...

Ahhhh... I actually don't look good wearing hat, it would rather mess up my hair though...:)

Have a nice day!
p/s: Juan Juan loves hat, and lil bro doesn't... but if we praised him by simply saying he is handsome wearing hat, he will 'guai guai' let us put it on!^-^

Serline said...

I'm still waiting for my hubby to get me an over-sized Mexican hat!

eugene said...

In fact i have been looking for this type of hat,,,wanted to buy one,,,,,i love caps and hats,,

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, wah, Little Brother small-small already 'ai sui'!? LOL!

Serline, wow, didn't know you like big hats like the Mexican ones! :-D

Eugene, can browse this website loh :-D

Sheoh Yan said...

Yesh! MJ definitely was the best model for Fedora hat.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, yes, I think so too! His image is very iconic.