Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looney Tunes Comforter Set for Juan Or's Bed

It all started when Mommy first saw a Home's Harmony advertisement in newspaper on 11th June 2010. The advertisement mentioned about 70% discount for Looney Tunes comforter set plus a free gift in conjunction with school holiday season. That got Mommy's saliva drooling because it has been Mommy's dream to get an under-licensed type of cartoon design comforter set for Juan Or's bedroom. And Mommy is fine if the cartoon designs come from either Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse or Toy Story, plus the comforter set must be queen size and 100% cotton (if not, then it's going to be hot and stuffy to the skin). So, Mommy called up Home's Harmony to enquire about the price and the specification first. But before heading off to Home's Harmony, Mommy also consulted Aunty Small Kucing (who has lots of experience in sale prices!) and a close collegue of Mommy about the price of such item versus its specification. Both of them were of the opinion that for the price offered based on the specification, and considering that it's the under-licensed kind of product, the comforter set is reasonably cheap, but not too cheap though.

So off Mommy went to Cheras Leisure Mall (which is nearest to Mommy's workplace) to get one set for Juan Or. The price, after 70% discount was RM172.50, and comes with 2 free gifts of the same kind - 2 sets of Looney Tunes face towels whereby each set contains 3 pieces of face towels that are very much larger than the typical face towels. So all in all, there are 6 pieces of Looney Tunes face towels as gifts.

Although the Looney Tunes comforter set was purchased in June 2010, however, it was only on 28th July 2010 that Mommy took it out for first time use. Reason? Simply because it was time to wash the older bedsheet! ^_^ 

When Mommy took out the Looney Tunes comforter set from the cupboard, Juan Or was very excited. He seems to know it's something new! Look at his cheeky face when Mommy asked him to pose together with the set!

After Mommy had finished laying out the bedsheet and comforter, this boy seemed to be enjoying himself very much - rolling from left to right, right to left of the bed - so much so it was so difficult to capture sharp photos of him on the bed!

And our little conversation went on like this....

Mommy: Juan Or, got Bugs Bunny picture on your bed, song bo (enjoy or not)?
Juan Or: Song (enjoy)! (Spotting a cheeky grin)
Mommy: Juan Or, is your bedsheet and blanket nice?
Juan Or: Nice! (Still spotting a cheeky grin)
Mommy: You like this set?
Juan Or: Like! (Still the cheeky grin and happy smile)

Mommy sleeps on the set too, and it feels comfortable. By the way, it's 280 thread count. Just a few days ago, Mommy spotted Papa lying down on the set next to a sleeping Juan Or. Mommy asked Papa how does the set feel on him. Papa also said it feels comfortable. Ah, Mommy is very happy and contented with the purchase! ^_^ (By the way, this is not an dvertisement!)


smallkucing said...

wa...good choice. Better than the SS that I bought. Yours is more worthwhile

prince n princess mum said...

nice one!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Nice set but it's still a bit on the expensive side for me hehe. I usually don't buy comforter set cos it's too difficult to wash (I'm just too lazy haha).

Shenny's mommy said...

Wow, this comforter is very beautiful and surely comfortable with 280 thread count. At home, we only use bedsheets with 350 thread count, very comfortable. My hubby said this is a reward for a good night sleep after a day work.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, I'm glad I consulted your opinion first (thanks!). Hehehehe....Juan Or and myself love this comforter set very much! But hubby is neutral (hehehehe....he's too practical a person!). No regrets buying this set.

Prince and princess' mum, thanks! :-D

ChloeRuoyi, I do admit too that it's a bit on the expensive side, but again, what's life without a bit of pampering ourselves? Every time is work, work, work, work, work.... sometimes must spend a little more on something we fancy. Then when come back from work, the eyes get to see the things we like, the heart also becomes happy! ^_^ About washing comforters, for me, that problem is solved as I have a 10kg load washing machine (hehehe....purposely buy a big one to wash this kind of stuff and curtains). So straightaway can dump the entire set inside to wash one shot.

Shenny's mommy, wow, 350 thread count would be even better! But of course the price is also more. Agree, as I mentioned to ChloeRuoyi, ya, sometimes we have to reward ourselves a bit after a hard day's work.

mNhL said...

That's a very beautiful comforter set. Personally, I don't like comforter because they are too bulky. I prefer those patches blanket. Those our grandmother will hand sew type.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, thanks! Yes, I have used those patchwork type of blankets that my mum made last time. They are beautiful too in their own way.

Sheoh Yan said...

Very lovely comforter. Such a big bed, is Juan Or sleeping there alone every night?

Alice Law said...

Seriously, I don't think it's expensive. I had 2 sets of Looney Tunes myself when I was a teen, my mom bought it for RM120+(a single betsheet set) and later I bought another for RM100+(single set)... it worth for the price because it's darn soft and comfortable, feel like lying on the fluffy clouds after a few wash!

I still keep one for Juan Juan and the other one my sister took it liao...

p/s: Juan Or likes Lotso? The other day I showed it to Juan in Jusco, she chucked it away and continued playing with Buzz, Jessie and Woody.T-T

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, well, he's not sleeping alone in his bed every night, only once in a while when he is in 'anti-social' mood, then I'll leave him to sleep alone while I go sleep with hubby.

Alice Law, it's not expensive? Hahahaha....makes me feel very tempted now to go get some more of other Looney Tunes cartoon design! ^_^ The one you keep for Juan Juan to use later on will be with sentimental value then becos Mama used it when she was younger! Actually Juan Or is indifferent towards Lotso, but he prefers (and touches and kisses!) Buzz, Woody and Jessie. Becos he favours the three more, that's why you don't see them on his bed becos he has scattered them on the floor already whereas Lotso remains untouched (that's why he's still on the bed and got captured together in the photo!). During the earlier stage when I first bought the Toy Story plush toys, his favourite is Buzz, but now becomes Jessie pulak (not Woody, I pengsan!). As for Bullseye, he merely sees the horse as 'accessory' to the three main characters.