Friday, August 13, 2010

Juan Or's First Time at a Wedding Banquet

This is an outdated post dating back to 1st August 2010 (Sunday).

The owner of the music centre where Mommy is teaching piano held their wedding banquet that day. Mommy planned to bring Juan Or along just to test out this boy's adaptability in such event. There's something in Mommy's heart that Juan Or might be ready for this, but of course Mommy was mentally prepared to deal with a fretful Juan Or if he really turned out like that, whereas for Papa, he thinks that there's no way Juan Or could adapt himself there.

The wedding banquet was supposed to start at 7.30pm, so Mommy made sure Juan Or had his nap in the late afternoon and drank his milk just before going. By nearly 6pm, we starting making a move because Papa wanted to stop by at an electrical shop in SS2 which is quite nearby the place where the banquet was held (the banquet was at a Chinese restaurant near Rothmans Roundabout and on the way to Sea Park, Petaling Jaya).

At the electrical shop, Juan Or was well-behaved. While Papa was enquiring about some television set, Juan Or and Mommy got ourselves comfy by sitting on some high-stools watching animation trailers. There was only one very short Toy Story trailer, and that immediately got Juan Or excited so much so when the trailer ended, he kept on begging Mommy to show him the Toy Story trailer again. Hahaha.....this boy seemed to think Mommy has to authority to do anything even in other people's place (*shake head*). So Mommy told him to ask the nearby Uncle (the shop's staff) instead and much to Mommy's suprise, Juan Or, without any shyness, said,"Uncle, ai (want) Toy Story!" But the 'Uncle' paid no attention and was probably not even aware that Juan Or was talking to him!

After the electrical shop, we headed for the restaurant and reached there by 7.00pm. Turned out, this restaurant is the worst Mommy has encountered so far because patrons have to pay to park in the restaurant's own compound! The dinner did not start until 8.30pm, so we had a lot of time to kill. When we first got ourselves seated, Juan Or appeared apprehensive towards the guests who were already seated at the same table as us. To counter his apprehensiveness, so Mommy put Juan Or to sit at the suitable spot where he would be furthest away from the guests. Soon his apprehensiveness ceased, and he kept himself busy playing with the chopsticks, fork and spoon, cake door gifts, and plates. Mommy even asked the waitress to give a plastic plate instead but the waitress said there was none, so Juan Or had to settle for a ceramic one. But luckily the floor was carpeted, so even if the plate fell, it wouldn't break! ^_^

And this boy also went ahead to have his drum-jamming session! First he did it with the chopsticks (but too bad, Mommy didn't manage to capture that!), then later with the fork and spoon.

Along the way, Juan Or couldn't sit still and kept on pestering Mommy to bring him to walk around the place. Finally, the dinner started at 8.30pm. The first dish was the four seasons type of dish and the only item Juan Or knew how to eat was the seafood beancurd. Then by around 9.15pm, Juan Or's eyelid became heavy. On seeing that, Mommy became worried on whether he might end up fretting for not being able to settle down to sleep. Turned out, Juan Or was a very good boy that day - he settled down to sleep by himself, no fret, nothing, just like that. And seeing him sleep in such a crooked position in the baby high chair, Mommy decided to use a cloth bag that Mommy used for carrying his toys, snacks and his smelly towel as his 'pillow' to minimize his crooked sleeping position. So happen Mommy put the handphone camera into the clothbag as well, so Mommy didn't have the chance to capture a photo of Juan Or sleeping without risking him waking up being fretful.

Later, at near 10pm, came the yam seng (cheers) session and Juan Or was already awake (though not fully awaken) by then. Luckily also, the loud and noisy yam seng sound didn't bother him at all. Finally, by 10pm, Papa wanted to make a move already because Papa needed his beauty (or rather 'handsome') sleep to keep awake for tomorrow's working day. And leaving at 10pm meant only finishing 5 dishes out of 9 dishes which left Mommy feeling half-full only!

We reached home by around 11.30pm. Papa dozed off to sleep immediately after that, Juan Or was awake but later went to sleep as well after drinking milk and halfway in the midnight, Mommy had to go downstairs to eat some chocolates because the stomach was growling already!

All in all, Mommy considers this wedding banquet outing to be a success for Juan Or, so Mommy won't hesitate to bring Juan Or along next time! ^_^ By the way, Papa did mention to Mommy that he would faint if Juan Or does not fret and cry during the banquet, so looks like Papa has to faint for Mommy to see! ^_^


Sheoh Yan said...

So good that Juan Or slept in middle of the wedding dinner, and made no fuss at all. He is such a good boy.

smallkucing said...

Hahaha...the uncle didnt notice him ya..

Juan Or Guai can sleep during the banquent

Alice Law said...

Kiahahaha! Congratulation Juan Or for another outstanding performance(being 'proactive' in the electrical shop and able to smooth sail the wedding reception), papa should have really stunned, lol!

Wow... only 5 courses were out at 10pm, that's drop dead slow~! Poor you...

p/s: Thanks for coming to the party, I'm impressed that Juan Or didn't really fret during the event despite the crowd of strangers... his tantrum is understandable since he likes Train and Barney so much!^-^

Have a nice day!

mNhL said...

For the love of toy story, Juan Or doesn't mind to speak to a stranger ya. Too bad that uncle did not hear!

Clap clap...good that Juan Or did not fret during the wedding dinner. Chinese wedding dinner can be very noisy and really takes up a lot of time! But that's our chinese culture. :)

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, hahaha, that's exactly what I was hoping for, though at that time, I still kept my fingers crossed.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, yalah, the 'Uncle' buat acuh tak acuh only! :-(

ALice Law, hahaha....yes, Papa was stunned and Mommy managed to prove Papa wrong! Actually the moment we stepped out at 10pm, the 6th dish came which was braised bailing mushroom with broccoli - one of my favourite, but too bad, hubby kept on saying,"Don't want already!! Cukup!!" Next time, in future wedding dinner invitations that I receive, I'll take Juan Or with me alone, no need to take him along, waste money only! Then he can stay in the comfort of the home, watch TV and fall asleep as early as he wants to.

P/S: THanks for the invitation. Btw, I myself was looking forward to the event too and eager to see how long Juan Or can last in there. You too.

mNhL, hahaha....actually it's not just Toy Story that he asked from the uncle. Later after that shop, hubby went to another electrical shop and Juan Or saw the shop owner's calculator. And again he asked for that calulator from the "Uncle' tanpa rasa malu. About the CHinese wedding dinner, ya, I can't help agreeing with you!

cheeyee said...

Haha Juan Or is growing well. Looks like Papa need to change his mindset on his own son. And I think more surprises are coming. :)