Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trip to Cameron Highlands (Part 1)

On 30th July 2010, both Papa and Mommy decided to take leave from work to go for outstation trip to Cameron Highlands We felt this is the best time to go to Cameron Highlands, reason being it is not a weekend nor a school holiday season, so there shouldn't be any traffic jams which Papa hates so much. This will also be Juan Or's first ever long-hour trip. Both Papa and Mommy were keeping our fingers crossed as to how much or how long Juan Or was able to withstand such 'long' hours of travelling in the car.

We set off from home at 4.30 am, went through Old Klang Road to reach Kuala Lumpur (Jln. Kuching area), then off towards Rawang direction, then went up towards Perak and headed to Cameron Highlands via Tapah. Before we reached Tapah, we stopped by at Bidor to have breakfast because we have been longing to eat chee cheong fun with prawn filliings in one morning market where locals frequent. However, Juan Or was still asleep, so Mommy tried to wake him up gently to minimize the possibility of him crying non-stop. Turned out, he cried and fretted which pissed Papa off, so we decided to cancel the plan and head straight to Tapah and then to Cameron Highlands. So Papa merely made do his breakfast with a frankfurter bun that Mommy had packed for him.

By about 8.00am, we reached Lata Iskandar - the big waterfall that Mommy had been telling Juan Or a few days before the trip and which Juan Or has been longing to see. Papa handled Juan Or all the way at the waterfall because Papa is known to be very steady in his movements (unlike Mommy who is known to be clumsy!). The moment Juan Or saw the big waterfall, he started squeeling in delight - his usual way of reacting to something that he likes very much.

We allowed him to dip his feet in the cooling waterfall water and he enjoyed the feeling very much! Well, Papa and Mommy enjoyed the dipping too!

And here's the waterfall..... a video recording of the waterfall ambience.


Stay tuned for Part 2!


prince n princess mum said...

nice relaxing trip..

smallkucing said...

waaaa.....syoknya...uan Or fret or not during the trip going up. Glad he doesnt have motion sickness

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, oh, yes, it's a getaway from work stress! :-D

Smallkucing, fret at all throughout the journey except for that stopover for breakfast at Bidor. Yes, am glad too he didn't have motion sickness at all. He was happily looking out of the car window most of the time during going up and down the highland, hoping to catch sight of another waterfall again! :-D But then I still prepare lah a potty lapik with plastic bag in case he vomits.

Shenny's mommy said...

Yes, another good adventure and eye-opener for little fellow Juan Or.

Alice Phua said...

Shenny;s mommy, yup! :-D

ChloeRuoyi said...

We brought Chloe to CH when she was about Juan Or's age too. I made her sleep throughout the journey, esp on the winding-roads. Lata Iskandar is beautiful! We also dipped out feet in it only... too cold to swim in it :)

Alice Law said...

LOL! Glad you enjoy your Cameron trip, you should go there more often ... it's a fantastic place to visit(We went there almost twice a year)!^-^

Looking forward for your next post! Have a beautiful morning!

Sheoh Yan said...

When thinking of Cameron, I will miss having steamboat there, as I can consume as much veggies as I can.

Alice Phua said...

ChloeRuoyi, hahaha...about dipping feet in waterfall water, we can high-five!

Alice Law, wah, you are a real Cameron Highlands fan! You too!

Sheoh Yan, wah, didn't know there is a steamboat restaurant there. You are a veggie lover? Me too! Just about 2 days ago, I was on a veggie-eating spree because I was finishing up all the stock of Cameron Highlands veggie in the fridge....scared rosak if keep some more longer.

mNhL said...

My childhood holiday destination. How I miss that place. Have non been going to Cameron for almost 20 years ! Yea...the waterfall can be very slippery. Glad that Juan Or enjoyed himself so much.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, hahahaha.....then it's probably time to tell hubby "Come, let's go to Cameron Highlands!" ^_^
Oh, this Juan Or is a waterfall fan.