Friday, August 20, 2010

Juan Or Attending Little Sprouts' Birthday Party

The Little Sprouts (Juan Juan and Ah Xuan) held their birthday party on 15th August 2010. And Juan Or, being their paternal cousin was invited to the party.

We arrived at their home at around 11.45 am. The entrance of the house was beautifully decorated with an arch of balloons. Mommy got to know that the party setting (except for food catering) was all do-it-yourself by the Little Sprouts' parents (Mommy really salute them for the wonderful effort!). So that means the beautiful arch of balloons was a masterpiece of their parents! Wow!

Before the food-eating session starts, Juan Or was busy playing around with the pool of balloons with Juan Juan and of course, as usual, fighting for attention from their paternal grandparents.

There was also a moment when Juan Juan starting messing the balloons around so much so the balloons flew out of the pool. On seeing the fun of messing around, Juan Or joined in as well, so now two toddlers were messing the balloons around while their paternal Grandma diligently picked the balloons one by one to be put into the pool again - here in, there out! ^_^

There were party games for children as part of the party's progamme. Juan Or was the first and earliest to 'register' for the games, but when the time came for playing the games, somehow Juan Or started fretting and crying whenever Mommy tried coaxing him to join.

The first game was ice-cream eating competition. A gobletful of ice-cream was given by Juan Juan's mummy to Juan Or, but don't know, somehow he just started fretting and crying even though during normal times, Juan Or loves ice-cream. Funny boy! So in the end, Mommy had to 'wallop' the ice-cream on his behalf (but not joining the competition to rival the other kids, of course!)

The next game was 'Treasure Hunt' whereby the kids had to hunt for 'treasure' in the pool of balloons. Mommy was actually eager for Juan Or to participate in this because he showed his enthusiasm for messing the balloons around earlier. However, his paternal Grandma wanted to use the toilet upstairs and Juan Or insisted on following her too. So Mommy was actually disappointed that Juan Or deliberately missed this game. Ah, never mind. Then came the third game and Juan Or was still not downstairs yet. So Mommy went upstairs to check what he was up to and turned out, he was lying down on the mattress laid on the floor hugging an adult bolster, the air-conditioner turned on,  and with his Grandma entertaining him! Mommy coaxed him to follow Mommy downstairs but he refused to budge. Mommy guessed he had probably got himself too comfy with the mattress and air-cond already! So in the end, Juan Or missed all the party games but Little Sprouts' mummy was kind enough to still give Juan Or consolation prizes (conical goody pack with teddy bear key-chain, pencil with cute figurine and jigsaw puzzle) for all the games even though it was a zero participation on his part.

After the cake-cutting ceremony, Juan Juan's mummy packed us some cake and we packed home some of the catering food to be eaten for dinner. We were among the earliest to leave the party because Juan Or seems to become fretful and restless. At one stage, Juan Or saw Juan Juan's Thomas and Friends' train, grabbed it and refused to let go. Any attempt in getting him to part with the train resulted in him screaming, shouting and crying. At one point also, his doting Grandpa even took out a RM10 banknote from his wallet to exchange with the train (Juan Or loves money!). Juan Or allowed the exchange but soon he realized that he was 'tricked' into parting with the train and started crying, screaming and shouting again! So in the end, Mommy had no choice but to ask Juan Juan's mummy to lend us the train for the time being and Mommy returning it during the weekdays when it went out of Juan Or's sight and mind.

After leaving the party, we managed to window shop briefly at Giant Bandar Kinrara but soon we noticed Juan Or seems to be getting fretful again and by the time we were in the car heading home, Juan Or had already dozed off.

Here's wishing Little Sprouts a Happy Be-early Birthday! (Actually the party was held earlier than their actual birthdates for convenience purpose). And here's Juan Or thanking Little Sprouts' mummy (who is the Third Aunty) for generously giving out the goody bag and consolation prizes although it turned out to be zero participation.

"Happy Be-early Birthday, Little Sprouts!"


smallkucing said...

wow so syok. Happy Be-early Birthday to Little Sprouts too.

Juan Or loves his hoard so much ah? The espression very cute

Shenny's mommy said...

Syoknya Juan Or still receives so many goodies eventhough he is zero participation.' behaviour at this stage are just like weather, it is unpredictable. Does Juan Or attend any playgroup to socialise with other kids?

Merryn said...

wow.. the balloon arch is WOW!!! :D

Nice celebration there... :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

What a coincidence that both you and the Little Sprouts' mama are called Alice :)

What a great party! I'm sure Juan Or had a swell time although he seemed to be rather fretful on that day.

Puan Isah said...

What a nice time for the kidos and families! :)

Alice Phua said...

Small kucing, you see like he loves his hoard so much ah, then when I relly opened up those goody snacks for him to eat, he ate little bit, then don't want already, or some he tengok terus don't want already, don't even want to try. So in the end, most of the goody snacks end up in hubby or my stomachs! ^_^

Shenny's mommy, nope, he doesn't join any playgroup, but his only playmate is one 4-year-old boy that the babysitter is also taking care of, and also the babysitter's own children (ages 7 and 10) if they are back from school.

Merryn, yes, the ballon arch is WOW for me much effort in tying them in a coil-like manner!

ChloeRuoyi, hahaha, I think it's real conincidence too that 2 SILs can have the same English name. ^_^ So ngam one!

Puan Isah, indeed!

mNhL said...

Beautiful balloon arch!

Wow...Juan Juan's mummy really took the effort to organised some games for the kids and with prizes too. So fun.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, I really have to salute Juan Juan's mummy for her effort in organizing the party plus the games. If ask me to organize a children's birthday party ah, oh, I bendera putih already! :-D

Alice Law said...

Glad that you all(especially Juan Or) enjoyed the party! Thanks for coming and sorry for any incoveniences!:)

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, oh, don't worry too much, there was no inconvenience whatsoever on our part! :-D