Friday, October 16, 2009

Crescent News Book Warehouse Sale (13th-22nd October 2009)

Oooohhh yes, it's the book warehouse sale again! This time, Crescent News is doing it for the second time. The first time was a good warehouse sale with nice, colourful, hard-covered and glossy-page children books at bargain prices (RM3/book)! So finally, Mommy found time to go visit this sale yesterday.

(Not much people going to this sale.)

This time round, the warehouse sale is held at the Kompleks Sukan Kelana Jaya. How is the sale like this time? Well, not much people (Mommy went on the 3rd day of the sale) and on the whole, majority of the books are more expensive than that of the previous one, though there are certain books (but limited) still sold at the same price as the previous one. In terms of variety of books (children books especially!), if you talk about books at bargain prices, then there's not as much variety compared to the previous one. Mommy can NO LONGER find those nice, glossy pages, hard covered, and colourfully illustrated children books at RM3 anymore! :-( Even funnier, some children books here are sold at a way more expensive price compared to MPH Bookstore's normal price. Hhmmm.......Mommy wonders whether Crescent News did any market survey first before price tagging their books for the warehouse sale? Some snippets for you to see:

(These are Brown and Watson books in large print sold at RM19 each. Mommy recall seeing MPH Bookstores selling them cheaper at RM14.90 and at normal price some more!)

(Mommy bought these range of books before in the previous sale. In the previous sale, each was priced at RM5, but now it's RM9!)

(These books are sold at RM79 each, but MPH Bookstore is selling them at RM29.90 and RM39.90 at normal price.)

(This time, Crescent News sells all their Ladybird books at RM6.90 each. But in the previous sale, some Ladybird titles went to as low as RM3 each!)

(If Mommy didn't remember wrongly, the board books to the left side are priced at RM15 each, the right side RM10. The publisher is Dreamland, a publishing company from India, but the photos/pictures of objects are of high quality.)

What about Mommy's purchases? This time, Mommy bought only very little because Juan Or already has lots of books at home. But this time, Mommy bought herself a book. All in all, Mommy spent RM39 only. Here are the bargains books that Mommy bought for Juan Or:

(Two colouring books with word-learning aspect and a paper model book where you tear out the animal parts and shapes in cardboard to build animals, each at RM3.)

(Origami book with step-by-step colour illustrations for RM11, and a large print, hard-covered animal story book for RM6.)

(Dr. Spock's baby and childcare bible, still in plastic wrapper, selling for RM5 only! But sorry, this is the only book left among the disorderly pile of books. The other one is a board story book where children can wipe clean whatever they have coloured with the crayon, for RM5.)

There were certain other things too that went up in price, for example, a PhP Publishing dot-to-dot activity book (with good quality paper pages) sold at RM3 previously, but now at RM5. So the lesson here is if you know this is the first time a company does warehouse sale, then better grab the good deals because chances are, when they do it the subsequent time, the price won't be as good as the first anymore.


smallkucing said...

hmmm...the sale seems not very attractive .....

smallkucing said...

Beh tahan...went there yesterday. Managed to get quite a number of books for J. Thanks a lot for the review :)

little prince's mummy said...

Hope you grabs lots of nice books from the warehouse sales with cheap price.. :)

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, hahaha....I knew it, you sure beh tahan one! :P Glad to know that your visit there was a fruitful one after all!

Little prince's mummy, yes, sure did, thanks! :-)

reanaclaire said...

hello...greetings from IPOH.. very cheap sales there.. too bad they dont hv this in ipoh..

mNhL said...

oh.. I just bought 2 ladybird book for YX at RM9.90 each. So expensive..but he was so happy flipping thru the book. So, ended is worth spending afterall.

Alice Phua said...

Hi Reenaclair, thanks for visiting and greetings from Kuala Lumpur! Too bad, but sometimes I do see some warehouse sales publicity in Ipoh or Penang in the website.

mNhL, yes, I agree, the Ladybird books are on the expensive side, but never mind lah, since your son really enjoys the book, so it's OK to spend on it.