Monday, October 5, 2009

Juan Or the Young Gardener

About a month ago, Mommy was 'infected' with gardening sickness, so Mommy bought planter boxes, packets of black soil and vegetable seeds for this new hobby. In one particular planter box, Mommy sowed three ladies finger seeds and all sprouted and grew into young plants of about one feet in height. Unfortunately, due to very hot and sunny weather of certain days, one of the ladies finger plant couldn't stand the heat stress and so withered and died. Later on, when the weekend came, Mommy attended to the plants. Juan Or was around too, walking at the porch. So Mommy asked Juan Or to come and see Mommy's home-grown vegetable plants. Juan Or, as usual, with his itchy hands, touching and grabbing at whatever within his reach, wanted to grab the leave of one of the healthy ladies finger plants. Luckily Mommy managed to stop him in time. Then Mommy had an idea - why not get Juan Or to pull out that dead plant! So Mommy guided Juan Or in pulling out the dead plant. Of course for Juan Or, the dead plant was just another 'toy' for him, so he swang the dead plant around so much so the soil held by the roots flew everywhere! After that, Juan Or got himself busy by holding the dead plant and meddling with the things Grandma kept at an open rack in the porch. Here are some snapshots Mommy got of Juan Or acting like a gardener!
(After pulling out the dead plant, Juan Or went to touch Mommy's car with his soiled hands.)
("Hehehe....let's see what treasure can I find Grandma's pot?")
("Hmmmm.....maybe I can boil this dead plant as soup!")
("Ok...before I drop this dead plant into the pot, let me do some ritual dance first! Oo-la-la!")
("Oops....on second thoughts..... I think I better not make soup out of it.")
("Let's see what I can do with the dead plant.")
("I can be the knight in shining armour! Arm myself with a shield and presenting a flower to my lovely maiden!")
("Ooops.....cut the crap.....I'm no knight in shining armour! to get rid of the dead plant?")
("Simple.....just dump it into Grandma's pot! That will do the trick! Easy-peasy!")


little prince's mummy said...

Such a cutie!

mNhL said...

He is busier than the mummy. heheh... Looking at him so curious, sure bring smile to your face.

smallkucing said...


Alice Phua said...

Yes, I must admit Juan Or brings me smiles and laughter everyday (although there are certain days he made me angry). Anyway, there are more smiling days than angry days with Juan Or! ^ ^