Monday, October 12, 2009

Demanding Boy

These days, Juan Or has been getting more and more demanding and hard-headed as well. These are such situations:

1. It was at Giant Kinrara that Juan Or sat on a kiddy ride. Finally when Papa decided that it was time to make a move, Juan Or refused to budge. When Papa tried taking him out of the kiddy ride, Juan Or held on tight and made fretful sound that ended up with tears. Finally when Papa managed to make his little hands let go of the kiddy ride, Juan Or cried even louder.

(Juan Or crying in protest when lifted out of the kiddy ride.)

(Juan Or settling himself down after the protest, though with a more sober look, but still with a hint of the crying face expression.)

2. In the car, Juan Or always likes to be playing with something in his hands. So usually, Juan Or, when sitted on Mommy's lap (with Mommy holding him firmly at both armpits), will open the dashboard drawer and ransack the things Mommy put in there. Among the things Mommy put in the dashboard drawer are the mileage notebook, a pencil to write mileage and petrol fillings, an empty business card box, keychain, hands-free kit, office keys, leather business card holder-cum-pouch and a stationery kit consisting of a highlighter, mechanical pencil and ball-point pen held together in a container (courtesy from Nikon). Sometimes, when Juan Or got hold of an object which Mommy deemed to be dangerous (such as the pencil and mechanical pencil), Mommy would take it away from him. That's when Juan Or started crying out loud. Even if Mommy offered other objects in exchange of the ones that Mommy took away, Juan Or cannot accept it.

3. This happened a few days ago. It was already night, but not yet time for Juan Or to go to sleep. On that particular night, Mommy had already put Mommy's laptop into the car ready for next day's work (Juan Or didn't see Mommy doing that!). Then later in the night, Juan Or went to the spot in the house where Mommy usually put the laptop to look for it but couldn't find the laptop anywhere. First, Juan Or looked at Mommy with a kind of fretful look as if to say,"Where is Mama's laptop? I can't find it anywhere!" So Mommy told Juan Or that the laptop was missing already (actually Mommy was lazy to take it out from the car again!) and that if he still wants to see the laptop, he has to wait till the next day. Juan Or just couldn't accept Mommy's answer, so he went deeper into the nook and cranny of the place to look for the laptop but couldn't find it! His fretful face gradually became a crying face!

4. This happened in the wee hours of this morning. Juan Or woke up from sleep at about 2.50 am and insisted on getting out from the spring cot. So after giving a drink on the sippy cup, Mommy helped him out and he started playing with his books and walking around in the dark (only the staircase has some light). Some time then, Mommy sipped some water from Mommy's working water bottle (space bottle type) and on seeing that, Juan Or insisted that he wanted to drink water from Mommy's bottle. Since Mommy was still feeling sick and feared in case Juan Or got infected as a result of drinking from the same bottle, Mommy refused his request. Juan Or cried out conitnuously and loudly so much so his Second Uncle came down to see what's up with him! Later on, Juan Or went over to Mommy's laptop and started opening the laptop bag's zip - indicating to Mommy that he wanted to watch the laptop. What!? Just the night before (that was something like 4 to 5 hours ago), Mommy had switched on the laptop for Juan Or to watch and here he is, wanting to watch again like a computer addict!? So Mommy shook the head while telling him no and Juan Or started crying! Later on, Juan Or's Grandpa also came down to help to handle Juan Or. Grandpa also refused Juan Or's request to watch the laptop and again he cried out loudly! Later, Grandpa tried putting Juan Or into the spring cot again, but without success because Juan Or was crying and struggling vigorously! What a demanding boy!

5. These last situations were narrated by the babysitter and is not so much of demandingness, but more of Juan Or's selfishness! The first was when Juan Or wore the crocs-look-alike sandals to the babysitter's house. Since it was a new thing, another boy of about 3 years old that the babysitter was also babysitting, went to touch and hold Juan Or's new sandals. Guess what? Juan Or shouted some baby words at the boy as if reprimanding him for touching the sandals! The second was when the babysitter shuts off Juan Or's favourite TV programme. Juan Or would shout baby words at her as if asking her why she stopped his favourite programme! And the third was the case of the baby cot at the babysitter's house. Actually, the baby cot was contributed by the 3-year-old boy's mother. The 3-year-old boy is the only child and has been babysat since infancy, so his mother has decided to leave the cot in the babysitter's house as baby facility. Juan Or, who knows (and understands) next to nothing about the origin (and ownership) of the baby cot, can even reprimand the 3-year-old boy for touching the baby cot! It's like as if Juan Or thinks that Mommy bought the baby cot for him just because he slept and played in the cot since his infancy! How-lah...what to do with this boy!?


smallkucing said...

Yay! finally got blog. Miss you. Quite a few days didnt see your blog.

It's like that la. Juan Or is growing up and starting to test your limit. Time to reprimand him. Tell him "No! No!" with a serious face and dont pujuk so soon when he cry.

Soon he will start to pit you against your hubby. You scold him, he run to hubby and vice versa.

little prince's mummy said...

Suddenly become so demanding huh?

Serline said...

Give him a stern look and explain to him. That's what I usually do with Narelle. They will eventually understand...

Alice Law said...

Children like to test their boundaries, to deal with such situation...

Rule No.1, Don't give in!!
Rule No.2, Stern and firm!!
Rule No.3, "Crying?! Fretting?!" Walk away, ignore them!
Rule No.4, Explain right after they cool down
Rule No.5, If anyone backup the child, rule No.1-4 were simply "Bullshit"!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, yes, lately I was very busy meeting up with work deadlines, so my blogpost frequency also dropped :P . Yes, true, Juan Or is starting to test my limit, but so far he has not yet pit me against hubby, and I hope he never will! (Dunno wishful thinking or not!).

Little prince's mummy, yes, he has become so demanding of late.

Serline, yes, did that on him before. His reaction? From the look of his eyes, he became sort of nervous, so his eyes start looking elsewhere, trying to avoid my stare. And then he will try to distract my anger by acting cute.

Alice Law, hehehe.....understand what you mean ! :P