Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Juan Or and His Thomas & Friends

Last week Thursday, Mommy took out the Thomas & Friends set that Mommy bought for Juan Or some time back (when Juan Or was about 6 months old). What Mommy bought was the starter set - more of the basic and introductory set type - for RM55 from Litt Tak Warehouse Sale. Mommy was not keen to buy the more complex set because Thomas and Friends toys are costly (the more complex ones cost RM150+ to RM300 in the warehouse sale) and what's more, children may find the toy boring after playing it for a short while.

Of course the toy box did mention that the toy is suitable for children ages 3 years and above, but anyway, Mommy merely wanted to try it out with Juan Or just to see how it goes. As Mommy was laying out the train track, Mommy just couldn't do it properly because as soon as a track piece was put on, Juan Or either grabbed it away or dismantled it! So finally, Papa took Juan Or upstairs to occupy him while Mommy fixed the set and put a battery into the Thomas train. After everything was fixed, Mommy brought Juan Or downstairs again. So Mommy instructed Juan Or to sit down and Mommy quickly turned the lever to 'on' position (before Juan Or could even get up and destroy it again!) and the train started moving. Turned out, a moving train seemed to be an amusement for Juan Or - he started laughing as the train moved and continued laughing as the train circled the track many times. Juan Or even used his leg to stop the moving train and burst out laughing to see the train still chunting but not moving anywhere. Here are snapshots to capture Juan Or's reaction to a moving Thomas.
Anything that starts has to come to an end, and so was the moving Thomas train. When Mommy switchd it off, Juan Or went and grab the train and started knocking it on the floor! Fearing the train will crack, Mommy quickly grabbed it away from him and Juan Or protested by crying! Then he got hold of the track and started moving it around till the track got dismantled. So Mommy had to quickly grab everything and put into the box. Mommy's verdict? This Thomas & Friends set has better sit in the cupboard first till Juan Or is past the destructive stage!


mNhL said...

Hahaha....Juan Or had a fun time, but mummy worried the toys will be destroyed! hehehe...And can see Juan Or really happy when seeing the train moving. Btw, voted the Digi.

smallkucing said...

He looked so happy :)

little prince's mummy said...

Having fun with Thomas & friends wor.. :)

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, yes, I have to admit, I'm more worried that the toy gets desttroyed before he reaches the age where he will appreciate it better. And thanks for your vote :)

Smallkucing and Little Prince's Mummy, thanks for visiting!