Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Story of Juan Or and the A&W Bear

Yes, Mommy is back after a long hiatus with work and a battle with autorun worm infection issues on Mommy's micro SD card (yes, Mommy was virtually 'sick'!). So the posts you see from now on will be a little outdated, nevertheless Mommy has to catch up from somewhere, right? Forgive Mommy, ya? ^_^

Juan Or, Papa and Mommy attended The Little Sprouts' birthday party not too long ago (on 21st August 2011) held at the A&W Restaurant at 3K Complex, Subang Jaya. In the party, the main attraction was the A&W Bear's appearance. At first, Mommy thought that with the bear around, at most is that the children would go all joy and laughter to see the A&W bear come alive, and when the bear disappears, the excitement subsides. Period. But no, there was something more to it for Juan Or that prompts Mommy to blog about Juan Or and the A&W Bear. Here....let the photos tell you the story.

The bear appeared from a door and Juan Or was all ready to pose with both Juan Juan the birthday girl and the bear.

It was like love at first sight for Juan Or! Other children have sort of 'deserted' the bear when the bear walked to the centre stage,  but Juan Or faithfully escorted the bear!

The bear was all ready to start the children activities but Juan Or still sticked to the bear like leech so much so the A&W staff had to purposely separate Juan Or from the bear and led him into the group of children. If the A&W staff didn't come to separate them, then the song and dances wouldn't have started. ^_^

Finally, the song and dance started, led by the bear and the A&W staff. So the other children followed suit and Juan Or paired with Juan Juan in dancing.

After the dancing, all the children were rewarded for taking part. So here's Juan Or receiving his present from the A&W Bear, but first he had to kiss the bear - left cheek, right cheek, and the nose!

Next came the birthday song session to celebrate both Juan Juan and Ah Xuan's birthdays. However, Ah Xuan dared not go near the bear, so Juan Or gladly (and unashamely) took over his place at the limelight! *Slap forehead!*

All the children there had their share of the ice-cream (with Sesame Street-like faces) that also served as decoration for the ice-cream cake.

But Juan Or was not too exactly bothered about the ice-cream at hand. Instead, he was more concerned about spending time with the bear! How? He held on to the bear's paws, kept on telling the bear "Come! Come with me!" and led the bear to meet and greet his family members! Haha, Juan Or is really a public relations (PR) boy! Watch his PR-ness in this video!

Notice too how in the end Papa has to separate Juan Or from the bear? If not, Juan Or would have held on and led the bear to God-knows-where so much so the bear cannot perform its actual official duties! Anyway, many cheers to the A&W bear for being so sporting and obliging to entertain Juan Or's antics! ^_^

Here are more photos to record the joyful event of The Little Sprouts' birthday bash.

Notice how both Juan Juan and Juan Or are similar in the sense that they tilt their heads a little when posing for photo?

Cousins sharing a happy occasion.

A pose with paternal Grandma.

Ah Xuan loving his birthday present to bits!

Posing with paternal Grandpa!

There were A&W hot dogs, fried chicken, French fries and root beer to indulge in, but Juan Or only settled for the French fries and refused the others.

Juan Or and his beloved bear.

Now with Juan Juan in the picture as well.

A closer view of the Baskin and Robbins ice-cream cake.

A family photo with the bear!

Here's Juan Juan the birthday girl showing how much she enjoyed her ice-cream!


Hayley said...

The photo of Juan Or kissing the bear is so sweet~

Shenny's mommy said...

Haha...Juan Or is really a big fan of A&W bear. Love to see how he kiss the A&W bear.

prince n princess mum said...

Wah! Kissing the big bear somemore!~

yvonne said...

Juan Or's cute. Both my kids are afraid of mascots.... They aren't as brave as Juan Or to have a moment with Bears or Clowns, sigh....

Sheoh Yan said...

A very nice write up of the celebration. Very beautiful cake and very entertaining programs, sure make kids forget their own names.

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, Shenny's mommy, and Prince n Princess' mum, well, I love to see him kiss the bear like that too!

Yvonne, my son is not consistently brave/fearful of mascots. For this A&W one, he seems all for it. But there was once (somewhere in July 2011) he faced the Toys R'Us giraffe mascot and he got scared! LOL!

Sheoh Yan, thanks for the compliments! :-)

mNhL said...

hahaha...your boy can't get enough of the bear.... he is so cute and brave! What a nice birthday cake!!

Alice Law said...

LOL, Guess Juan Or really wish to bring the bear home! Glad u all had a great time!

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, yes, indeed! ^_^

Alice Law, LOL, I think if given a choice, he would want the bear to come home with him too! Yes, we enjoyed ourselves very much that day! :-)

Quay Po Cooks said...

Looks like a great family outing. Thanks for sharing your precious moment with us.

Alice Phua said...

Quay Po Cooks, thanks for visiting my blog! :-)