Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrating Papa's Birthday at Shogun Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

Recently in mid-August, Mommy treated Papa to a Japanese buffet lunch for his birthday at Shogun Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. Why Mommy chose this restaurant? Because the birthday person gets to eat for free, the paying person enjoys a 30% discount since the birthdate day falls on a weekday and children below 6 years old gets to eat for free! So all in all, after adding whatever tax and service charge, Mommy only had to pay RM43.70!

We arrived in Shogun just as soon as it opened at 12.00 pm, so there were not much people yet. This is the ambience....

There were lots of cooked dishes and sushi as well. Well, basically customers are spoilt for choice. There were desserts, drinks, soups and Kings ice-cream too. Anyway, both Papa and Mommy like cooked dishes, so we had soft shell crab, crab, prawn in tempura and other prawn dish style, bamboo lala, cod fish, lala, baby octopus, oyster baked in cheese, some Japanese fish and a whole lot of seafood!

The plus point about Shogun's food is that the seafood served is fresh and the cooking is good! Papa and Mommy had many rounds of servings with each serving being full plate! By the way, the cooked dishes are in various styles - Japanese, Western, Chinese, Malaysian or fusion. However, their shark fin soup is definitely no good! Mommy also took the opportunity to eat a lot of this seaweed and hotate frills which Mommy saw are being sold in Jusco for an expensive price....

As usual, while Papa and Mommy were busying walloping as much as we can, Juan Or was busy playing with the tea and utensils. French fries were offered in the buffet too, however, Juan Or refused to eat or even try Shogun's French fries. So in the end, Juan Or merely drank tea and ate nothing else in Shogun. Luckily, Mommy brought a container of plain pasta as his backup lunch and he finished everything! *Slap forehead*

The creative part of Shogun is that every customer's place mat is not just a paper, but a paper printed with interested facts or jokes for customers to read while eating, that's if customers have run out of topics to talk with each other!

Luckily too, Shogun provides free wifi to 'entertain' customers who have to wait for others to finish eating......just like in the case of Juan Or and Papa having to wait for Mommy to be satisfied with walloping the food! Papa managed to check stock prices and Facebook updates while Juan Or gets to watch snippets of Family Guy cartoon while waiting for least they won't bore themselves to death during the wait.^_^

Overall, we (except for Juan Or) ate till it reached our necks, so Mommy didn't have to cook dinner as we were still feeling full by night time. So the RM43.70 was really well-spent for 2 adults' lunch that spanned till well beyond dinner time! ^_^


Hayley said...

I've never try Shogun before... Looks interesting!

prince n princess mum said...

I wanna go again!~~~~

Alice Law said...

Tht was indeed a good buy! Shogun's shashimi is the yummiest I ever tasted so far, lol!

Wishing Ko Lua a wonderful belated Birthday, may his wish come true!;D

Small Kucing said...

very good offer wor. Too bad i dont take japanese food else i will kiasu and eat there too

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, do try it if you have the opportunity. Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, the birthday offer is till end of year 2011.

Prince n princess mum, hahaha! Go for it!

Alice Law, actually at first we were narrowing our choices of where to go and among the choices was Jogoya, but after considering the price difference, convenience and cost of parking, possibility of traffic jams and distance from our home, we decided that it is most worth it to eat in Shogun. regrets. Also the Kings ice-cream dunno somehow is very tasty woh even though it's not Haagen Daz or Baskin & Robbins type.

Small Kucing, yes, in fact I'm thinking of taking advantage of the birthday offer-cum-weekday makan for my birthday, but check, check, check, turns out my coming birthday falls on Saturday pulak....tarak cantik loh! Even if you don't take Japanese food like sushi also still OK one becos all the cooked dishes they serve are Malaysianized for your case still can go for the offer!

yvonne said...

Wow, RM43.70 Japanese buffet is worth for a family lunch. I had it at 1U with my hubb and daughter. My girl was under 6 years old then, but she was charged as kiddy price. %**$&% Ended up our bill was around RM120.

I like Japanese food, just that both hubb and I are not suitable for buffet style. We are small eaters. Kinda wasted when we have a little and are already full to the max.

Mummy Moon said...

This was a good buy! Paying little and eat all you can!!

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, yes, indeed, buffet deals are for big eaters. If small eaters, then rugi loh.

Mummy Moon, yup, that's why I snapped on that deal on hubby's birthday! ^_^

Shenny's mommy said...

That was a very good deal.
I want to go there too..:)

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's Mommy, hehehe....go for the deal while it's still there! :-)

Bananazஇ said...

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