Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1-day School Holiday Programme at UCSI-Child Development Centre (UCSI-CDC)

It was the eve of Hari Raya (i.e., 29th August 2011) and the UCSI-CDC held another session of school holiday programme but for one day only. Since Juan Or has been expressing his desire to start schooling, Mommy has no qualms to enrol him for such short classes since time is still well ahead of Mommy's plan to start his school from January 2012.

This time round, only two classes are offered in the one-day programme: martial arts (9am-10am) and cooking class (10.30am-12.30pm). So as usual, Mommy would park the car at Southwing, took Juan Or to sit around in Mommy's office first, and after that boarded the UCSI shuttle bus to Northwing where the kindy is. Here's Juan Or enjoying his bus ride.

We arrived quite early at the kindy, so Juan Or had the chance to play with the kindy's building blocks set with other children before the martial arts class started.

Finally, the martial arts class started, but Mommy hid somewhere so that Mommy can take some photos of Juan Or doing his punches and kicks. ^_^

The teacher first went through some warming-up exercises. Notice there were only 3 kids including Juan Or? Turned out too that Juan Or is the youngest of them all.

During the warming-up, Mommy noticed Juan Or was not very good at following the actions of others. Instead he would rather stand and watch what others were doing. Because of that, finally the martial arts teacher had to go to him and guide him in moving his body parts!

After that Mommy left the kindy to go back to office while Juan Or stayed on for his morning break snacks and cooking class.

Here's Juan Or's yield from the cooking class - teddy bear-faced sushi plus other sushis!

For him, it's more like playing rather than eating.....

....and as expected, he only ate the teddy bear-faced sushi simply because he is only interested in white rice and nothing else! Even the seaweed and tiny ham pieces that make the eyes, nose, ears and mouth were all peeled out before he ate the sushi! *Slap forehead!*

Looks like Juan Or is one classic example whereby those parental tips on decorating children's food to make it look more attractive to eat does not work at all! To put it simply, Juan Or is not easily taken in by decorations, frills and the what-nots on the food.

After a whole morning at school and right after eating his sushi for lunch, Juan Or went ZZZZZZ......

Sweet dreams, baby! 


Small Kucing said...

so long never see him. LOst bb fat jor. Wa..martial artist ah? Good. wont be bullied

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Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, yup, he's looking like a little boy already. Even the baby stomach bulge also went down already. Bullied!? LOL, I think he bully people is more like it! ^_^ He likes to do martial arts stance when watching shows like Kung Fu Panda, that's why I sign him up for this class just to let him have some fun.

yvonne said...

It's so nice for the school to organize a school holiday programme for its students. Martial art lesson is good, but hopefully it's not mis-used by them to bully others :p

And every kid I met loves cooking class.... can play and eat at the same time, haha!

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, yes, I hope Juan Or won't misuse it to bully others! ^_^

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Alice Phua said...

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Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore said...

I actually studied in UCSI before and the child care department is newly established I believe? Seems like they are doing a great job organizing all these programs as well.

And that is a cute teddy there :D