Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommy's Yield at Toys R'Us Members' Clearance Sale

Recently, Mommy got an SMS notification about Toys R'Us holding a members' clearance sale at The Summit, Subang Jaya from 21st to 25th September 2011. Since both Juan Or and Mommy are Transformers fan, Mommy took the opportunity to see what good deals are in store for Transformers toys.

Here's how it looked like for the section selling Transformers toys.

And here's how the discount scheme is like for Toys R'Us Star Card members.

However, not all toy items have these colour-coded member discount stickers. Meaning to say, this clearance sale is also opened to non-members, only thing is that if the toy bears no colour-coded sticker, then everyone buys it at the price-tag price regardless of whether you are a member or not. As for the Transformers toys, none of them have the colour-coded stickers, but the tags' prices already show prices that are lower than the normal price. However, beware that there are still some Transformers toys which are priced no different (or only slightly lower) from what you can find in Parkson or even the Toys R'Us chain stores. All in all, if you want to know whether you are buying at a bargain, then you have to really know the normal retail price!

Here's Mommy's yield....

The Power Core Combiners consisting of 5 individual robots combining into one big robot is priced at RM49.90 (normal price is RM99.90) and that's an attractive 50% discount compared to most other places who don't even offer discount or even Parkson at Plaza OUG that offers only 10% discount. Funnily though, in this clearance sale, Toys R'Us does not label the price consistently. That means, other exactly same units of Power Core Combiners bear the price tag RM99.90! For non-members, do not despair as this item does not bear the colour-coded stickers  - that means both members and non-members get to buy it at RM49.90.

As for the front row robots in the photo, from left is the deluxe range of yellow Cybertronian Bumblebee (RM29.90, normal price RM49.90) and purple-and-white Autobot Skids and Mudflap (two robots in a set combine to form an ice-cream vendor's vehicle, RM29.90, normal price RM49.90). There are other deluxe class Transformers robots too (all are from the Revenge of the Fallen or even older Transformers), but they are priced at RM39.90 and some even at RM41.90 which Mommy feels is still not a good clearance price.

Some cartoon movie books (Cars, Toy Story, Ben10) and magazines are on sale too, selling at flat price of RM5 each. So Mommy chose these Cars' storybooks (normal price RM9.90 each). However, not all the books are in tip-top condition - that's if you are particular about the condition of the book (e.g. slightly crumpled pages, dented book cover corners, etc., yes, Mommy is one such person! ^_^)

The sale is on from 10am to 8pm only. Both cash and credit cards are accepted (no minimum amount required). There are only two cashiers on-duty but there is no long queue at all. By the way, parking at Summit is RM1 on weekdays for first 3 or 4 hours (can't remember) and RM3 for weekends for the same duration of time. Overall, a good sale if you are specifically looking for a particular toy and have good knowledge of the toy's normal price in order to know if you are in for a bargain.


Hayley said...

Wow, Juan or is one happy boy now!

Sheoh Yan said...

ToyRus on sales, Juan Or got many loots. Envy!

Small Kucing said...

hey...thanks for the info. Not really follow Toy R Us retail price. So in your opinion worth going or not? Got a lot of Cars related toys ka?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Is there any reasonably priced safety gates and playmats?

Mummy Moon said...

Warehouse sale also got member and non memeber... anywhere is just too far for me to go check it out..

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, LOL, when Mommy is happy, he is happy too!

Sheoh Yan, hehehe.....that becos so happen I share the same interest as him! Otherwise I tak mampu buy also! ^_^

Small Kucing, I can't really tell for sure whether it will be worth going in general or not becos it really depends on what toys you are looking for. As for "Cars" toys, sorry, too bad, I don't see any there. By the way, the "Cars" phenomena is still new, so chances are you won't find such toys in warehouse or clearance sales. Even the Transformers Dark of the Moon toys are not found in this clearance sale simply becos it's still considered a 'new' thing.

Anonymous, I saw (from a distance) a section of baby items/gear (e.g. strollers, baby car seat, etc) in the clearance sale, but don't know whether safety gates and playmats are included or not. By the way, currently till 2nd Oct (I think), Toys R'Us chain stores are having deals on baby items. Otherwise is wait for My Dear Warehouse Sale at Tmn Meranti Jaya, Puchong.

Mummy Moon, hahaha....nowadays all kinds of things/concept also got. THanks for visiting anyway. Will visit your blog soon.

Alice Law said...

Thanks for the Car's book and the hair accessories. My kids love it so much and my boy kept telling everyone "Be Nin bought him Lightning Mcqueen" while my girl wanted to decorate her hair with the accessories frm time to time.

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, you are most welcome! I'm glad they like what I bought for them. Hai-ya, if I had known that Juan Juan is 'vain' (all the while I thought Juan Juan is tomboyish and so won't really fancy hair clips!), then I would have bought more of the hair accessories for her in different colour combination to mix and match with her dresses.