Thursday, September 30, 2010

Juan Or's First Time Joyride on the LRT

26th September 2010

This day marks the first time Papa brought Juan Or for his joyride on the light rail transit (LRT) which Juan Or fondly calls as "Choo choo train" or "Toot-toot train-train". Our starting point was at the Bukit Jalil station. We parked our car at the Bukit Jalil stadium's vicinity too which was RM2 per entry.

Now let the photos tell the story....

Here we were at the LRT station and waiting for an LRT to arrive. So here's Juan Or waiting gleefully for the LRT.

In the meantime, there were beautiful buildings and scenes to see from the LRT station, like the Bukit Jalil Stadium....

.....and a nearby river.

But Mommy still insisted on both Papa and Juan Or taking a photo with the stadium in the background.

Papa brought Juan Or to get a closer view of the "toot-toot train-train's" track as well.....

....and another cheeky face shot as well!

Finally, the LRT had arrived and in we hopped!

Luckily there were not many people yet in the LRT (that was around neaar 10am), so Mommy could snap some more photos!

After about 20 minutes' ride, we hopped off at the Bandaraya LRT station. Mommy managed to snap a photo of the "toot-toot train-train" itself.

The nearest shopping complex to the Bandaraya LRT station is Sogo. Partly why Papa chose to stop at the Bandaraya LRT station was because of Sogo and why Sogo was because the Malaysia Mega Sale was just over, so the shopping complex should be quite empty and therefore safe for Juan Or to 'roam' around.

'Roaming' around at the bedding section.....

....then at the kitchen appliances section.....

.....and ooops, at the breakable cookware section! Be careful! *Mommy won't have the money to pay for damaged goods!* ^_^

Think you are run and hide away from Mommy? ^_^

After Sogo, Papa said,"Come on, let's go back to the LRT station. Juan Or has already used all his energy to run here and there, plus it was already 2+ hours ago since he last woke up from sleep, so his fretfulness may appear anytime now!"

When is the "toot-toot train-train" coming?

Still an empty track.....

Yay, the toot-toot train-train is finally here!

In we hopped and ready to go!

Juan Or loves looking out from the window. There were office buildings.....

......station stopovers.... complexes....

.....and the KL Tower!

Oops, we heard the driver announced that if we were heading to Bukit Jalil or Sri Petaling, we had to change "toot-toot train-train". All the while Papa thought it was all the way without having to change anything!

OK, never mind. Here we go - stepped out from the "toot-toot train-train" at the Chan Sow Lin station.....

....and waited at Platform 2A of the Chan Sow Lin station.

Still waiting.....

After waiting, finally we were in the "toot-toot train-train heading back to Bukit Jalil!

By about 11.30am, we reached the Bukit Jalil station and when we were already in the car, guess what Juan Or said? "Ai (want) toot-toot train-train again!" Guess if given a choice, Juan Or would want his LRT ride to be moving all the time without having to make any stops! ^_^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juan Or's First Time at Mommy's Office Room

25th September 2010 (Saturday)

This day marks Juan Or's first time coming to Mommy's office room at Faculty of Applied Sciences, UCSI University (Cheras, KL). How did Juan Or end up in Mommy's office? Well, that day, Mommy had to attend a one-day in-house workshop at the university itself. It was a workshop on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) on learning about different personality types, identifying them and tapping on the strength of the personalities of colleagues, subordinates, superiors and even students (and that includes Juan Or as well! ^_^).

The workshop started at 9.00am and Papa came together with Mommy to office. So while Mommy was at the workshop, Papa stayed in Mommy's office room to make use of the internet facility (and that included downloading movies as well since UCSI's internet line is known to be very fast if there are not many users that day!). Since the workshop only ended at 4.00pm and Mommy had to start teaching piano in Puchong at 5.00pm, so Papa left UCSI University at about 2.30pm to go pick Juan Or up from the grandparents' house, then made their way back to UCSI University again to wait for Mommy to be done with the workshop and then straightaway made our to Puchong to drop Mommy at the music school's place.

So at 4.00pm, Mommy came back to the office room and Juan Or was pleasantly surprised to see Mommy! Guess what was Juan Or doing? He was watching a Disney cartoon downloaded through the internet. By the way, using UCSI's internet line, Papa managed to download 5 complete cartoons within just 3 to 4 hours!

And here's Papa appearing at the door!

Look at the 'Big Boss' - so engrossed with his cartoon! ^-^

More poses of the Little 'Big Boss'! ^-^

Well, Mommy also asked Papa whether or not Juan Or was hesitant to step into Mommy's office room since it could be a strange place for him (Juan Or has been known to be fearful of going to unfamiliar people's house/room), to which Papa said Juan Or was ever willing to step in! Looks like Juan Or is a big boy now! ^-^

Friday, September 24, 2010

Playing with Food

Yesterday night, after finishing dinner, Mommy went upstairs to the master bedroom to get ready to take a bath. Along the way, Juan Or asked Mommy to give him some Honey Stars cereal. Knowing that Juan Or was in a sort of playful mood, Mommy asked him whether he actually wanted to eat or to play with Honey Stars, to which he replied to eat. Fine. So Mommy scooped some into his kiddy bowl. Then Mommy went off to take bath.

Once done with bathing, Mommy went back to the master bedroom and found his Honey Stars were not finished yet. Instead, Juan Or was playing with it! How? Well, just the day before yesterday, Little Sprouts' mummy (they went to Singapore for a vacation) bought for Juan Or a tube-shaped container containing chocolate candies (looks like M&Ms) with a polar bear head deco at the upper part of the container. Then there is this lever for you to press so that the polar bear's jaw moves repeatedly with some roaring-like sound. You know what Juan Or did? He took a piece of Honey Stars, placed it between the upper and lower jaws, pressed the lever so that the jaw munched the Honey Stars and then laughed at it! Ooooooh, Mommy never thought of such a way to play with the polar bear head! ^_^

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Juan Or and His Buzz Lightyear Prize Win

It all started during the Toy Story 3 craze in July 2010. Mommy learnt of Malaysia Milk organizing a Toy Story 3 Contest via their Marigold milk product. That time, Tesco was having offer price for Marigold UHT milk with 6 x 125 mL selling for RM6 which was the cheapest in the market in terms of brand and the place selling it. So without further thought, Mommy bought the milk product both for consumption and also with the hope of winning something for Juan Or.

In the contest form, it was stated that there would be 200 units of Toy Story backpacks up for grabs for early bird entries and 200 units of Buzz Lightyear figurine with remote control worth RM399.90 each as Grand Prizes. Since Mommy never have any luck before with winning any kind of grand prizes, but Mommy did have luck before in winning Dutch Lady backpacks for early bird entry, so Mommy's aim was merely for the Toy Story backpacks only. To increase the chances of winning and also the contest rules mentioned that only one person was entitled to one early bird prize, so Mommy submitted four entries, one each under Mommy's name, Papa's name, Juan Or and Juan Or's paternal grandfather's name. And guess what? None of us received any early bird prize but Juan Or's paternal grandfather's name won the Buzz Lightyear toy! Woo-hoo!

On the eve of Hari Raya (i.e., on 9th September 2010), Juan Or's paternal grandfather received the prize winning notification letter, but Mommy could only fetch father-in-law to Malaysia Milk at Section 19 of Petaling Jaya to claim the prize on 22nd September 2010. Reason? Because shortly after the Hari Raya public holidays, apparently the person-in-charge was still on leave for that entire week.

Finally the prize is in our hands already - all wrapped up in white paper. Now comes the 'officiating ceremony' to unwrap the prize done by Juan Or. Ta-dah!

But before Mommy allowed Juan Or to open the box, Mommy insisted that he must pick up all the pieces of torn wrapping paper and throw them all into the waste paper basket, to which Juan Or obediently did. ^_^

Only thing is that Juan Or still doesn't know how to crumple and compact the wrapping paper so that it will fit into the waste paper basket, so the 'mess' was left just like that at the waste paper basket! ^_^

And now it's playtime!

This Buzz Lightyear  figurine has even been programmed to speak in Spanish with one phrase ending with "Aiya!". Before Mommy started aiming the camera handphone at Juan Or, he consistently shouted out the "Aiya!' word whenever he hears the Spanish thing, but once Mommy started shooting him, the "Aiya!" word somehow became silent, instead it was only his excited facial expression lip-saying it.

Anyway, this boy was too engrossed with his new toy so much so when Mommy asked him something, all went unanswered unless Mommy persistently pushed for an answer!

As for the Buzz Lightyear remote control, Mommy won't let him play with it yet because he is still very rough and destructive with his toys (Hahaha......that was exactly what was depicted inToy Story 3 whereby Andy's toys were made to stay in the room occuppied by destructive toddlers whereas Lotso and his gang who have the upper hand assigned themselves to be played by older children who already know how to play gently with toys). By the way, Mommy also won't try the remote control yet until Mommy has the time to peacefully sit down and read the instruction manual and then learn how to use it! See.....Mommy wants to play with the toy too! ^_^

P/S: Mommy was surprised to learn that apparently this Buzz Lightyear toy prize is made by Thinkway Toys which seems the common toy company for merchandizing under-licensed cartoon characters in the US market. In Malaysia, the market for Toy Story action figurines seems to be held by Mattel. Even CIMB Bank has this Toy Story promotion (told by one of their officers) that to redeem a Buzz Lightyear action figurine with remote control (Mattel) worth RM1199, the parent has to deposit minimum RM150,000 in fixed deposit for 1 year plus maintain at least RM5000 per month (or was it RM3000? Can't remember!) in the CIMB Junior Account for at least one year. Mommy has personally seen the Buzz Lightyear figurine worth RM1199 displayed in Taman Connought's CIMB branch before and the height of the figurine is the same as the one Juan Or received for his prize. Woo-hoo! So Mommy doesn't have to think of the CIMB one anymore! And many thanks to whoever-it-is in Malaysia Milk for picking father-in-law's contest entry! ^_^

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Tsk, tsk, tsk......this boy!"

This post dates back to 30th August 2010, i.e., the day we went to Lata Kinjang Waterfall and ate big-headed prawns in Tanjung Tualang. What Mommy is going to blog about now is the time when we had already returned home and it was 7.00pm.

Mommy was busy doing food preparation in the kitchen and getting ready to start the actual cooking. Papa was already sound asleep at the sofa (he must be very, very exhausted from driving!) and Juan Or was watching VegeTales DVD on the TV. Just before Mommy started the cooking, Mommy peeped to see what Juan Or was up to or doing because he seemed very quiet. From the kitchen, this was what Mommy saw:

At one glance, it seemed like Juan Or was standing by the coffee table (blocked by the sofa) watching his show, right? Then when Mommy went closer to peep, apparently this was what he was up to......


So this boy was actually sitting on the coffee table itself, and on Mommy's paperback dictionary like his seat pad, like an 'emperor' - too engrossed and comfortable with his position and activity so much so he didn't realize Mommy snapping his photos! Notice the mess on the floor too? This mess was created by Juan Or. He actually swept all the things down (except for the dictionary) from the table onto the floor, thus adding more mess to the mess he already created on the floor previously.

Here's another view of the boy 'emperor' - still too engrossed to even realize Mommy being near him already. ^_^