Monday, September 13, 2010

Waterfall Trip to Lata Kinjang

This is an outdated post dating back to 30th August 2010. Papa and Mommy purposely took leave to destress from work and also to go there as a family trip since Juan Or loves waterfall places very much.

We set off from home at somewhere around 4.30 to 5.00am. Juan Or managed to fall back to sleep again in the car during the wee hours car ride. We went via the old road to reach Bidor first for breakfast, by then was about 7.30am. We went back to the marketplace where the Bidor locals frequent as we missed the chance to do so when we were on our way to Cameron Highlands recently in which Juan Or fretted and cried during the stopover. Papa ordered 2 glasses of red sugar cane drink, chee chong fun stuffed with prawn and pork and a bowl of kueh teow soup, altogether for about RM8 which is considered cheap for Klang Valley standard. Both Papa and Mommy agreed that the chee chong fun tasted good, but the kueh teow soup was just average. However, Juan Or refused to try any of these dishes, but only drank the sugar cane drink. Whatever it was, Juan Or was actually more interested in playing with the chopsticks, spoons and sauce plates rather than trying new tastes (*slap forehoead*).

After the breakfast in Bidor, we headed for Lata Kinjang which is after Tapah. Lata Kinjang is the waterfall that Mommy badly wanted to visit during the recent Cameron Highlands trip but was not possible due to time constraint. Lata Kinjang is the majestic waterfall that is easily visible to highway users of the North-South Highway.

We reached Lata Kinjang at about 9.00am and there weren't any other visitors there, probably due to it being a working day. The only people around were the maintenance workers. Good thing too that Lata Kinjang doesn't charge visitors any parking fees nor entry fees unlike the waterfalls in Selangor.

First, we had our feet dip in the stream (before the waterfall). The water was very refreshing and cooling. Juan Or put on his Japanese rubber slippers and had a good time dipping his feet in the stream water. He even dipped his little hand into the water to pick up the small rocks and threw them back into the water, then laughed heartily to see and hear the 'plop' sound! Mommy can see he really enjoyed himself.

Then, we left the stream to go venture at the actual waterfall. Here's a silhoutte of both father and son bidding the stream goodbye. Juan Or was rather reluctant to leave the stream, but Mommy managed to persuade him that there's a big and beautiful waterfall right ahead. ^_^


Now here's the Lata Kinjang waterfall. This waterfall is not as approacable as the Lata Iskandar in Cameron Highlands. Reason? Because this area has rougher, steeper and higher terrain than Lata Iskandar. If you want to reach for the pool of water where the water falls into, you will have to sort of climb your steep way down. Because of this, only Papa ventured to the higher (but not too high) part while Mommy stayed with Juan Or at the safe platform to see, feel and listen to the waterfall.

See the tiny figure of a man in orange shirt? That's Papa climbing the terrain to capture photos of the waterfall using his SLR camera.

And here's Mommy on the safer side with Juan Or.....

There were also many Rajah Brooke butterfly in Lata Kinjang. Papa managed to capture a photo of it but not sufficiently near to get a close-up look because the butterflies just couldn't keep still.

Can you spot where is the Rajah Brooke butterfly? (Hint: look for something with luminous streak).

Finally it was time to say goodbye to the waterfall. We left the waterfall and walked towards the car, but along the way, we sort of passed the stream where we stopped by just now. So Mommy decided to let Juan Or have one more chance to dip his feet in the stream water (and to throw river rocks as well!).

See how this boy enjoyed dipping his feet so much until his shorts were all wet!

We left Lata Kinjang at around 10+ am and headed for Tanjung Tualang which is famous for its fresh big-headed prawns. So stay tuned!


smallkucing said...

wow...Juan Or smile so wide.

Hope your tarak pantang coz i see Juan Or looks like he had gain some weight. So no more worries about underweight?

Alice Law said...

I love the waterfall, it's beautiful! I thought Juan Or were looked like you, but now he seems more like coming out from his father's mould... lol! Anyway, happy and cheerful boy as usual!

Have a great week!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, no worries, I'm not the pantang kind of person. Glad to know he has grown chubbier. Yup, I no longer worry or concern myself with the underweight issue although the last time (1 month ago) I got him to stand on the home weighing scale, his weight was almost touching the 12kg mark. Whether or not 12kg is considered the right weight or underweight for his age, I don't bother anymore so as long as he eats well, doesn't always fall sick and is his usual self (happily talking, laughing, running, walking, climbing and disturbing things).

Alice Law, can try asking your hubby to bring you all there. I notice when Juan Or laughs cheekily, he looks more like how his papa looked like when he was a little boy. Have a great week ahead too! :-D

prince n princess mum said...

nice waterfall trip!~

Shenny's mommy said...

Nice, waterfall trip again! It's indeed a good place to soak in such hot weather.
Juan Or's smile is very sweet.

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, oh, yes, we all enjoyed it! :-D

Shenny's mommy, yup, and plus taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thanks! :-D

mNhL said...

you guys are so hardworking. haha... to drive all the way for a short getaway early in the morning. But I believe it is a wonderful trip.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, hahaha....actually hubby is not keen on the idea of staying overnight in hotel if it is a place that is not too far away, yet not too near. Unless it's visiting places like Penang or further north, then yes, the idea of staying overnight will go down better with him.