Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juan Or's First Time at Mommy's Office Room

25th September 2010 (Saturday)

This day marks Juan Or's first time coming to Mommy's office room at Faculty of Applied Sciences, UCSI University (Cheras, KL). How did Juan Or end up in Mommy's office? Well, that day, Mommy had to attend a one-day in-house workshop at the university itself. It was a workshop on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) on learning about different personality types, identifying them and tapping on the strength of the personalities of colleagues, subordinates, superiors and even students (and that includes Juan Or as well! ^_^).

The workshop started at 9.00am and Papa came together with Mommy to office. So while Mommy was at the workshop, Papa stayed in Mommy's office room to make use of the internet facility (and that included downloading movies as well since UCSI's internet line is known to be very fast if there are not many users that day!). Since the workshop only ended at 4.00pm and Mommy had to start teaching piano in Puchong at 5.00pm, so Papa left UCSI University at about 2.30pm to go pick Juan Or up from the grandparents' house, then made their way back to UCSI University again to wait for Mommy to be done with the workshop and then straightaway made our to Puchong to drop Mommy at the music school's place.

So at 4.00pm, Mommy came back to the office room and Juan Or was pleasantly surprised to see Mommy! Guess what was Juan Or doing? He was watching a Disney cartoon downloaded through the internet. By the way, using UCSI's internet line, Papa managed to download 5 complete cartoons within just 3 to 4 hours!

And here's Papa appearing at the door!

Look at the 'Big Boss' - so engrossed with his cartoon! ^-^

More poses of the Little 'Big Boss'! ^-^

Well, Mommy also asked Papa whether or not Juan Or was hesitant to step into Mommy's office room since it could be a strange place for him (Juan Or has been known to be fearful of going to unfamiliar people's house/room), to which Papa said Juan Or was ever willing to step in! Looks like Juan Or is a big boy now! ^-^


mNhL said...

Yay! Another milestone achieved.

Good that Juan Or can concentrate to watch cartoon. At least can keep him busy.

Wah...from your schedule, you are so busy le.

cheeyee said...

Looks like Juan Or is growing well! Bravo!

Wah so good you can download movies from the office! Haha I guess I would be fired if I do so at my office!

Alice Law said...

LOL! I can see he really enjoyed watching cartoon, soon he will be a movie maniac like his father!

Getting use to unfamiliar places, big boy now Juan Or, well done! Cheers and happy weekend!

Sheoh Yan said...

Juan Or is growing up day by day, get smarter and smarter.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, I know already, if indeed one day comes when the babysitter and the grandparents are really, really unavailable to babysit Juan Or and I can't take leave from work, then at least I can safely tumpang him in my office room and occupy him while I attend to my work. ^_^

Cheeyee, thanks! Hahaha....thank goodness this is an educational institution type of company, otherwise, as you say, can get fired! Hahaha! Of course being an educational institution which even offers programmess like mass communication, psychology and music, the company cannot stop students from downloading movies or anything entertainment- or media-based! Hahaha....that's why the IT Dept. didn't block such URLs. Anyway, hubby downloaded movies was on a Saturday afternoon, which is officially an off-hour already (official working hours on Saturday is 9am-1pm). So the HR cannot come and question me...hehehehe!

Alice Law,thanks, LOL, I think this movie maniac thing actually runs in the Lok family - the Great-Grandma has it, Grandpa has it, hubby has it too. Only difference is what kind of things they like to watch. Great-grandma is fond of Chinese shows only, Grandpa is news, movies and serials, and hubby is movies, animation and serials. Even the 2nd Uncle is fond of watching news and cartoons. Juan Or leh? Cartoons! ^_^ CHeers and happy weekend to you too!

Sheoh Yan, I'm happy that he's growing up day by day, but I know I will definitely miss his baby-ness that will fade day by day too!

reanaclaire said...

hello have you been? I have been busy as hopping and busy blogging..sigh.. guess this is what i love to do whole day long..
so your son is having a "fee" on how it is like being a boss! hahaha...

Alice Phua said...

Reanaclaire, I have been fine but busy too....struggling to find time to blog plus juggling with keeping with up with work deadlines. Hohoho....yup, he's also the 'boss' at the homefront....hubby and I both plan our time and activities around him (and not the other way round)! ^_^

smallkucing said...

really big boss pose LOL

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, LOL!

Shenny's mommy said...

Haha, Juan Or treats his mommy's office like home liao.

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's mommy, yup. Even when we were about to leave, he had to at the last minute, dig out some knick-knack (in this case, a multi-coloured highlighter given by one book publisher) from one of the boxes on the floor to take with him. :-D