Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toddler Clothes Hunting at Hytex Warehouse Sale

Recently Mommy noticed that Juan Or's homewear singlets for 2-year-old toddlers are getting tight and short already - something similar (but not as bad as that!) to how it looks like for the T-shirt that Winnie the Pooh wears. Then came the Hytex Warehouse Sale from 2nd to 11th December 2010 which got Mommy's saliva driping! Previously Mommy bought a substantial number of Winnie the Pooh T-shirts (both with and without sleeves) and shorts from the Hytex sale. But unfortunately what Mommy stocked up for Juan Or's 3rd year of age was not sufficient for homewear. So with this sale, Mommy was very excited and hopeful to get more T-shirts/singlets for 3 year olds.

This time, Hytex holds their sale at a multi-purpose hall - no longer at their factory's vicinity. Parking-wise, it was quite diffucult to get parking because the hall's compound itself has limited parking space. So Mommy parked at the roadside in front of a school. Others parked in front of people's house but not blocking their gates though.

There were many people there. Sad to say, this time, everything looks so messy - messy in the sense the racks were merely identified by the price tag of the clothes in it. Even then, you can still find clothes of other price range in the wrong rack (no thanks to some customers who simply chuck their 'loot' at their convenience when they changed their mind)! There is nothing to indicate what age group of clothes the rack contains. So in the end, customers really have to go to each rack to see exactly what kind (e.g. adult, teens, older children, younger children, toddlers, babies) of clothes are there before deciding whether or not to dig further into the rack.

Not just that, all the racks have clothes in heaps - nothing is organized unlike last time. As for toddler and baby clothes, Mommy could see lots of girl clothes whereas boy ones are so hard to find. Also, you can easily find clothes for 1-year-old girl toddlers but it's so very hard to find clothes for 2- and 3-year-olds. It's just so different now for Hytex sale. Last time, you didn't even have to dig deep just to find what you want and the quantity for each T-shirt design and for each age was plentiful. There were also a number of selfish customers who 'usurp' whatever they can reach without thinking whether in the end they are really buying them or not, and then they go to one corner, sit on the floor and start choosing what they want one by one. Those that they don't want they just leave aside on the floor so much so you can see a number of hills of clothes on the floor! So in the end, other customers don't really get what they want or don't get those nice ones since they are searching from the racks.

In the end, Mommy only managed to find one piece of Baby Looney Tunes T-shirt for age 3 for RM5 and a Pooh shorts for RM3. Mommy also bought one pair of toddler socks and 2 pairs of children socks, each for RM3, all are Looney Tunes design. This time's yield is really disappointing! *Sigh!*

In order to make the trip to Kepong more worthwhile ( since it's so far away from Cheras or even Puchong!), Mommy decided to buy some T-shirts for Juan Or for ages 6, 8, and 12! Only the green Tigger design (RM5) is for age 6 while the rest are for age 8 (blue one for RM5 and the rest are RM8 per piece).

Here are the Mickey Mouse T-shirts for age 12, each at RM8. And mind you, Mommy only managed to find these nice Mickey Mouse T-shirts (both for ages 8 and 12) from the hill of clothes on the floor left behind by those selfish customers! However when Mommy was still searching at the racks, Mommy cannot find anything like that. This goes on to show that basically these selfish customers grabbed all the good and nice ones without really thinking whether they really buy them or not and in the end just left them on the floor when they decided not to buy them and then led other customers into thinking that there is nothing really nice to choose from the sale! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

The queue at the cashier counter was long but still manageable and clearing quite fast. Only cash payments are accepted. Mommy's total damage for the day was RM59. 

So, bottom line is that if Hytex doesn’t want to lose the trust of their old warehouse sale customers, they had better hold it in their own premise just like the good ‘ole days!


Sheoh Yan said...

OMG! The warehouse sale is so worthy. I wish I were there too.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, if for girls' clothes, then maybe it's worthy but trust me, this sale is not worthy to go if you live far from Kepong and if you are looking for toddler boys' clothings. It's just so hard to find what I want, have to dig and dig and dig and still not necessary can get what I want.

Hayley said...

Dont we just love warehouse sales? Can grab some nice clothes with good price!

Alice Law said...

Good news for you and Juan Or that he has no longer fit in his shirt, I notice he has put on quite some weight recently!

Perhaps you can pay a visit to ioi puchong for its Jusco member day tomorrow(9 dec), they have loads of branded outfits for tots and boys(Poney and MIKI), which is very stylish and nice !:)

Have a nice day!

BoeyJoey said...

i can never last long in warehouse sales. love the prices but hate the digging! warehouse sales should seriously be more efficient in segregating their things by sizes!

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, so far all warehouse sales that I went to, I came out satisfied even if I end up not buying much, but this one really make me tak puas hati. :-(

Alice Law, too bad, I'm not a Jusco card member :-( I seldom buy things from Jusco, so I never bother to apply to become Jusco member. Anyway, 9th Dec I have to go to Eastin Hotel for a conference, so the whole day's gone. THanks for the suggestion...maybe I should go look at the general Jusco sale see if got good deals or not.

BoeyJoey, I love the prices too, don't mind the digging, only thing is that this time's digging is too much already unlike last time one when I don't even have to dig already can get what I want.

Small Kucing said...

aisay.....like that i think i go for sogo better. Price more or less the same as the warehse sale and go aicond some more

J kenot wear 3 yr old punya already . He starting to wear 4yr old

cheeyee said...

I also look at the size not look at the age, especially for home wear I usually buy slightly larger so can wear longer. Very "calculative" hor. Hahaha!

yvonne said...

It's a steal, Alice! All the shirts from Mickey and Pooh are so cheap and nice. Too bad I'm not staying somewhere in Klang Valley, otherwise I would be able to stock up.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Not too bad lah, at least you managed to grab some. I love the prices of warehouse sales but cannot tahan the crowd! Like you mentioned, the people who hoard the goods and dump them on the floor are so selfish and inconsiderate.

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