Friday, December 10, 2010

Thomas and Friends Books at Bargain Prices at Bookalicious

Mommy accidentally found this interesting bookshop at The Summit, Subang, called Bookalicious. This bookshop has something like the concept of  Book Xcess whereby it sells books in excessive prints for a cheaper price and of course it still sells some current titles for normal retail prices. Maybe you can call it as a hybrid concept of that of Book Xcess and the bookstore giants like MPH and Borders. Only thing is that in terms of variety of books, it cannot fight Book Xcess or the bookstore giants, but still some books there may interest you if you pay a visit.

Currently, Bookalicious has the "Buy 2 for the price of 1" and "Buy 3 for the price of 2" promotions plus a host of books that are sold at irresistable prices. Mommy found the complete set of Thomas and Friends books under the "Buy 2 for the price of 1" promotion. One Thomas and Friends book costs RM13.90, so Mommy got two of such books for RM13.90 only, i.e, actually RM6.95 per book! Woo-hoo! Later, when Mommy checked MPH's online bookstore website, Mommy found the exact same book is selling for RM13.90 also. Woo-hoo! So the Thomas and Friends books are really a bargain! ^_^

Not just that, Mommy first bought altogether 6 Thomas and Friends books, and the shopkeeper gave Mommy a paper bag. Then later, after paying and after loitering around the area waiting for Papa, Mommy decided to add two more Thomas and Friends books, so now the shopkeeper gave Mommy a bigger Christmas Edition paper bag to contain everything!

That day, Mommy could see Juan Or was very happily holding the paperbags of Thomas and Friends books. You can see the happiness from  his face and the way he walks and moves that day, but too bad, Mommy forgot to snap a photo of this happy boy.

Later, about one or two weeks after, we went to The Summit again as our weekend outing and Mommy bought two more Thomas and Friends books to complete the set (a complete set consists of 10 books). Mommy also saw this hardcover storybook compiling stories of not just Thomas and Friends, but also Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and one postman character (can't remember his name though!). However, this book is more expensive - RM39.90 - supposedly reduced from the original price of RM49.90. But Mommy thought never mind, don't need to calculate so much since the book looks very nice, the pages are of very nice texture, has very vivid colours and pictures plus the book was printed in Italy.

Here's how the compilation storybook looks like in two of the pages. It looks very nice so much so Mommy can't resist buying! ^_^

You may notice also that Mommy bought another book, a non-fiction one on Chinese emperors from the Xia to the Qing Dynasties, all in English! All the while, Mommy only saw such subject of book written in Chinese Language to which Mommy doesn't know how to read! So call it good luck that Mommy found this book in Bookalicious! ^_^ However, this book is quite expensive - RM38 - and no original price was indicated on the sticker tag. Anyway, this book is in hardcover and thick glossy and full-colour pages, which is what Mommy likes.

So if you would like to visit Bookalicious one day, here's the address:

Lot G35, Ground Floor,
The Summit,
Subang USJ.

As for landmark, Bookalicious is situated near a tenant selling pianos called Piano Station. You can also see the Facebook page of Bookalicious here.


Hayley said...

Wow, so many books!
The only book I read is FaceBook, hahahaha :D

Sheoh Yan said...

After investing in clothings and toys, and now you also invested in books. All the stuffs you get were in good bargain, so you were actually saving money with more shopping.

yvonne said...

Wah... Choo-choo train again! This time is in printed one :)

Alice Law said...

The other day I saw the similar Thomas book series at Popular bookstore seeling at RM9.90 for two, do check it out... I'm not aware whether it's member price. Since each paperback booklet only consists of a short story, I didn't buy any for the little sprouts.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! Yyou should check out the Book Xcess Xmas bargain, a few books are really worth it!^-^

Have a nice day!

Mummy Moon said...

The thomas books are really good bargain leh!

Kiasu Mom said...

All these book fairs so tempting. Thanks for sharing..

Small Kucing said...

I have been there before. Quite pricey when i compare it with BX. For fic, buy 2 free 1, i end up aying like rm20/book. Dont really like this offer coz it's like forcing to buy 2 bks when i actually wanted 1 lor.

cheeyee said...

Good investment on the books. :) Btw if you like those books in a series, especially the phonic sets, try look out those phonic sets bargain by Scholastic. Normally during promotion it is around RM30 for 10 or 12 books in a box.

prince n princess mum said...

Lots of books!

Alice Phua said...

Thanks for all your feedback, comments and input. Appreciate them! :-D Would like to answer each and every one of you personally, but things in office are really hectic now. Thanks for your understanding.