Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Picking up Debris

This is a late post.

One day, Juan Or told Mommy he wanted to eat the Mamee noodle snack. Since he had already eaten his dinner, Mommy allowed. So Mommy opened the snack packaging for him and handed the whole packet to him and Mommy went off to do some household stuff.

Some time later, Mommy came back to where Juan Or was and found the Mamee noodle all over the floor and in small bits and pieces some more! So apparently this boy had a good time playing with Mamee instead of eating it! Grrrr! Mommy immediately ordered Juan Or to pick up all the bits and pieces of Mamee and put them into anything to contain them, otherwise Mommy would beat him up!! *Wink* So happen the most convenient comtainer to put them was his toy wash basin. Juan Or then went ahead with picking them up. After continuous picking (mind you, the bits and pieces were not only all over the floor, but also on the carpet and on the tea table!), Juan Or realized that it was not that convenient after all to pick and then walk or move back to the toy wash basin repeatedly. So he 'innovated' a bit by holding a disposable spoon (which was one of his play items scattered on the floor), then picked up the bits and pieces and placed them into the spoon. And once the spoon had about quite a lot already, then only did he transfer them into the toy wash basin. And the same process repeated. See photos of this boy at work.....

Because his toys are also scattered on the floor, sometimes in the midst of picking, he would temporarily be distracted from his work by playing with the toy. ^_^

But never mind, so as long as he gets back on track to continue picking, Mommy doesn't mind. It's OK to have a bit of distractions once in a while. ^_^

Now it's back at picking from the tea table again.

But oops, sometimes he forgot that all these bits and pieces were to be disposed off (since he had stepped on them and mixed with dust on the floor!), instead he put them into his mouth to eat! *Slap forehead*

After eating, he went on with his picking again.

The end result? Well, yes, he did a good job for a toddler his age. All the bits and pieces of Mamee were meticulously picked up and now ready for Mommy to sweep away the MSG particles. Good job, Juan Or! *Muah!* ^_^


*Mommy is in the midst of clearing leave for this year, so off and on, when Mommy finds the time and chance in office, Mommy will post up something here. Currently Mommy is very busy with finishing up work so that Mommy can go on leave with a more peaceful mind. Thanks for visiting, keep your comments coming and most of all, thanks for your understanding. Mommy will go bloghopping again whenever possible. Sorry for not being able to visit your blogs in return as often as Mommy wanted to.*


Small Kucing said...

good boy wor...new hair style? I like :D

Alice Law said...

Dusting while having fun, simply ingenious!

p/s: Thank s for the goodies you brought from Muar, enjoy your holidays!^-^/

Hayley said...

Good boy, at least he picked up the pieces..

eugene said...

Now spring cleaning initiative comes from the little boy,,how nice,,,

good boy and well done,you mess up you clean up,,,hahahah

Ann said...

hahaha...so innovative in cleaning up. When we leave them at the job and don't disturb them, they will start to think for themself.

Good job to mummy. Good job to Juan Or!

prince n princess mum said...

Wah! Help to clean up.. so nice!

cheeyee said...

Haha well done in cleaning up! If not I bet mommey won't allow Juan Or to eat the mamee snack again. Hehehe.

Kiasu Mom said...

Not bad for his age leh.. my daughter can never finish her task without getting distracted. She will pick up 1 then play, then I have to yell, then she pick up another one and play and this goes on and on. Sigh..

Shenny's mommy said...

Well done, Juan Or. I think as he is the first son, it is good that you train him to help cleaning thing. In future, he would be a good example for his sisters and brothers (hehe, if you plan to have more to come.).

Sheoh Yan said...

Juan Or is very cute and cheeky.

mNhL said...

Good boy! At least he did as told. AND CLEVER TOO! haha...

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, still the same hair style, no change.

Alice Law, you are most welcomed.

Hayley, yup, luckily he denhar cakap.

Eugene, yup, he's reminding me that I should start spring cleaning the house anytime soon! LOL!

Ann, thanks! :-D

Prince n princess' mum, I'm happy that he's a good boy.

Cheeyee, yup, correct! ^_^

Kiasu Mum, yes, I can imagine that! ^-^

Shenny's mommy, hehehe....currently hubby only wants one child woh (but my heart wants two!). So never mind, even if I'm not training him to be a role model for his siblings, then consider it as I'm training him to be a good and helpful husband next time! ^_^

Sheoh Yan, :-D

mNhL, I'm glad he is obedient enough to pick them up without me pressing on and on. :-D