Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mommy is Going Choo-choo Train Crazy!

Woo-hoo! It's the Litt Tak Toys Warehouse Sale again which started on 1st December 2010 and ended on the 5th. And Mommy is really going crazy already this time. Yes, Mommy is going choo-choo train crazy!

It all started like this. You may remember reading blogposts here not too long ago that Juan Or's latest interest is the choo-choo train. He loves looking at real choo-choo train photos in books, loves looking at real choo-choo train exhibits at the National Museum, loves looking and riding on the LRT type of 'choo-choo train'. loves watching Thomas and Friends' Misty Island Rescue, loves playing and parading his Thomas playset train as he sleeps or watches cartoons and loves his Thomas and Friends storybooks. Then somehow this choo-choo train thing also got into Mommy's head as well as a result of sitting down together with him to watch Misty Island Rescue over and over again plus a host of other choo-choo train-related activities! Not just that, Juan Or is still at the destructive stage whereby he handles his toys roughly and his Thomas playset train is no exception. His Thomas train has endured all kinds of falls from all possible domestic distances and usually these are hard and uncushioned falls onto the floor! Yet his Thomas train is still in one piece, the electronic part is still functioning well, and no parts of the train is chipped or cracked or got dislocated. Conclusion is the Thomas and Friends playset made by Takara Tomy or Tomy is of very good quality and is really the you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of thing. And boy, Thomas playsets are costly too and so to get it cheaper, Mommy bought a starter set from a previous Litt Tak Warehouse Sale (Litt Tak is the distributor in Malaysia for Tomy brand)  for RM55. That also Mommy was gambling with the possibility that Juan Or may not be that keen on Thomas. But now it's confirmed that Thomas trains are indeed Juan Or's interest (and Mommy's interest too! ^_^), so Mommy went looking for more Thomas and Friends sets for this round of sale. By the way, previously, Mommy bought a China-made cheap cartoon train set for only RM10 (from Litt Tak as well) but unfortunately (and as expected too), the train cannot withstand Juan Or's roughness. The joints started to break and so the components fall apart.

Here's Mommy's yield for the day. You can call Mommy crazy.....hehehehehe! 

This time, the starter sets have gone down in price - from RM55 to RM50 per box! So Mommy bought Percy (green train) and James (red train) to complement and expand the existing Thomas train set.

Since Mommy's objective now is to expand the set with different kinds of trains, Mommy got Stanley set (off-white train) for RM75 and a black colour train (don't know what's his name) that comes together with Thomas train set for RM90.

This is a racing train set  - Thomas the steam engine racing with Spencer the diesel engine - for RM85.

Mommy added these single-type trains as well - Gordon (the blue train) comes with 4 straight tracks for RM35, and Thomas with the Chinese dragon and a Troublesome Truck that comes with DVD for RM45.

And then Mommy can't resist buying these as well, RM8 per box. These sets come with tracks as well but of course the tracks are not compatible with Tomy's. Yes, Mommy knows although these are those China-made and not-so-good-quality type of train sets, but Mommy bought them more for their design being  very realistic, classic and detailed. It's more for display and collection, not really for Juan Or to play with because these will definitely fall apart under his hands! By the way, Mommy saw the same train set (and same brand too!) selling in Tesco currently. The only difference is that Tesco's has all the coaches and cargoes that are also found in the ones Mommy bought, altogether in one box selling for RM29.90 (before discount is RM45.90)! Woo-hoo, what Mommy bought is a bargain!

Anyway, Mommy will only be introducing the sets or trains to Juan Or one-by-one, depending on him showing outstanding good behaviour or good deeds. ^_^ You may be wondering, what then if Juan Or's interest in choo-choo trains doesn't last? Well, these will become Mommy's collection then and become exhibits in Mommy's future home-made 'Toy Museum'!

By now, you must be thinking that Mommy has really gone crazy, huh!? ^_^

By the way, Mommy's close colleague bought a toy bow-and-arrow set for Juan Or from the same Litt Tak Warehouse Sale. It was selling for RM5. As expected, Juan Or still doesn't know how to shoot the arrow despite his Papa demonstrating many times. Instead he played with the arrows' suction ends only and to date he has already bended one of the arrows. So Mommy has confiscated the bow-and-arrow set from him before more damage is done! ^_^


Sheoh Yan said...

Warehouse sale on toys again. The toys are cheap and worthy. Juan Or is so blessed.

yvonne said...

Another warehouse sales?! *pengsan*

eugene said...

Looks like Juan Or will be chugging down with laughter,joy and excitement this Christmas lol,, choo choo train, chugging down the track,,,,,

You know sometimes all this little gesture of parents speaks volume of how much we really go the distance to make the children happy,,,, happiness is to see them happy,ain't it?

Broccoli Ginger said...

wow!!! so many choo choo trains!!

Alice Law said...

Wah... early Xmas pressies for Juan Or!

LOL! Nice train collection though, 'someone' must be nagging for the fortune you spent right now!;p

Small Kucing said...

hahaha so many new toys for Juan Or :D

Kiasu Mom said...

You will probably need a bigger storeroom to store these trains soon :-P. BTW, next time let me know when the warehouse sale comes about ok? I didn't know got such warehouse sale also.. very left out la :-(

Shenny's mommy said...

Wow, Juan Or is very lucky to have you as his mom. How nice if the toys warehouse sale is all year round!

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, are piling up in my house already! ^_^

Yvonne, LOL!

Eugene, oh yes, I agree with you! I feel very happy when I see him enjoy or happily playing or using the things I buy for him. :-D

Broccoli Ginger, LOL! I have gone nuts about choo-choo trains already.

Alice Law, LOL! Surprisingly when I came back home yesterday, hubby didn't nag me about buying so many sets. But then i gave some benefit of the doubt that he probably did not read about this blogpost yesterday. So this morning, I checked StatCounter and found that he has already read it! Ok lah, maybe you can say he excused me for buying them becos it's not only Juan Or who minat it, but the mummy also! LOL!

Small Kucing, LOL! If Juan Or lose interest alreaady, never mind, Mommy will 'play' with the choo-choo trains instead! Hehehehe!

Kiasu Mom, ok, will let you know when the toy sale is round the corner. Or you can also check this website:
It has a range of warehouse sales or sales of all sorts happening in the Klang Valley. LOL, about storage space, I managed to keep them all in Juan Or's closet (4 doors type meant for couples). Now little bit space left only.

Shenny's Mommy, oh, yes, I do admit he is a lucky boy. As for me, I missed a lot of childhood things becos my mum is a disciplinarian and she hates anything to do with TV, idle time and entertainment. She even feels entertainment is not something worth spending money on. So now, all those kiddy things I'm doing them with my son ( it as I'm compensating my childhood!). We watch cartoons together every night and I play his toys with him as well. :-D

ChloeRuoyi said...

So it was mummy who went crazy and not Juan Or, eh? Thomas is every boy's wish come true. Juan Or is a very lucky boy indeed :)

cheeyee said...

Wow so many trains! And how much you have spent altogether with so many sets?

I think one good thing about being a working mom is, we can buy things that we like, without asking money from our partner. :)