Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeing Monkeys Again! (Part 1)

Last Sunday was a last minute decision to head the car towards Kuala Selangor. Both Papa and Mommy decided to let Juan Or visit the monkeys again at Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor. Just like last time, Papa parked the car at the foothill of Bukit Malawati and Juan Or was still asleep. So Mommy woke him up and he ended up fretting and crying! Luckily there was the Bukit Malawati tram passing by and lo and behold, Juan Or's teary face immediately turned into a smiling face!

This time round, Papa and Mommy decided to let Juan Or experience the ride on the tram. The ticket for an adult costs RM3 and is free-of-charge for children 3 years old and below. So Papa asked Mommy to accompany Juan Or in the tram ride while Papa waited at the bottom of the hill since the RM3 fee can be quite costly for merely riding up and down the hill - or so we thought at first.

Juan Or and Mommy then got up the tram and Mommy managed to snap a photo of Juan Or before the tram started moving.

And here's the tram from the passenger's view.

Then when the tram started moving, Mommy can't help taking some more photos, and Juan Or kept on uttering,"Train, train!" Probably he was very excited about actually riding on the so-called 'train' since all trains he has seen before are merely toy trains.

Here we go up the hill!

Still in the tram, this photo is Mommy's favourite self-portrait of Juan Or and Mommy. This angle really made Juan Or looked like a young boy, rather than a toddler.

Finally we are at the top of the hill to see the main attraction - the monkeys!

And more monkeys sitting in a row!

Juan Or was very excited about seeing monkeys and kept on calling,"Monkeeeey! Monkeeeeyy!"

At the hill, there was an ice-cream man selling bananas, longs beans, and peanuts for people to feed the monkeys. The most expensive item was the banana - a small bunch selling for RM4! And the bananas didn't look good either, but anyway, who cares, it was after all for the monkeys' consumption. Even bananas meant for human consumption (like the tasty pisang berangan) cost much cheaper for that same amount! Hahaha....if you intend to feed monkeys with bananas, might as well buy bananas from a fruit stall first before going up Bukit Malawati - it's cheaper that way!

By the way, when Juan Or saw the monkeys peeling bananas to eat, he looked at Mommy and insisted that he wanted to eat those bananas too! ^ ^ So Mommy had to console him by saying that those bananas eaten by the monkeys actually don't taste good. They are not the pisang berangan that Mommy usually buys for him (Juan Or only eats the berangan breed and nothing else!).

It would be a waste if you only go there to see monkeys, so Mommy pointed Juan Or to the scenery from the hilltop and of course, the famous Kuala Selangor lighthouse.

When the next tram appeared, Juan Or and Mommy boarded the tram to go down the hill. However, the tram didn't seem to stop the moment it reached the foothill. The tram went on much to Mommy's surprise. First thing in Mommy's mind was probably the tram was making extra circles to give passengers their money's worth, but turned out, the tram was actually taking the passengers to another destination, Taman Alam, which Mommy will narrate in the next blogpost. Stay tuned!


Sheoh Yan said...

It is so good that you have settled into new home and new routine, at the same time having outing on weekend. Glad to know that you are settling down so fast.

Alice Law said...

Wah~!! You really are a fan of Bukit Melawati! Nice picture of Juan Or you have there, looking forward for your new Taman Alam post ya! Till then bye~!!

Mom Daughter Style said...

looks so much fun. He did not seem to be scared of the monkeys. I have to take RC to the zoo sometime. Your little man looks so adorable.

smallkucing said...

I am scared of the monkey snatching my specs :( . Juan Or brave pulak :)

Looking forward to Part 2 of the story :)

mNhL said...

Oh my...that's left hubby alone? (because he did not take the tram).

Waiting to read your part 2.

prince n princess mum said...

Looks like he's very enjoy...

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, hahaha, yes, we have settled into our new routine and more or less in our new home, but shy to say, there are still bundles of plastic bags of 'rubbish' still not unpacked yet! Will take my time in unpacking them whenever I have free time after work hours. Hehehe....weekends I strictly keep it for family outings :-D

Alice Law, thanks! One main reason why we are sort of a fan of Bukit Malawati is becos Kuala Selangor is sufficiently far as a joyride trip in the car (good opportunity for Juan Or to catch his sleep first before landing), but not too far until you have to spend time overnight in order to enjoy the place.

Mom Daughter Style, thanks. The monkeys there are tame.

Smallkucing, hahaha, don't worry, if your specs are not edible, then no need to worry about the monkeys snatching them. :P

mNhL, yup, hubby didn't get into the tram.

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, yup! :-D

Serline said...
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Serline said...

Looks like Juan Or was ready for an adventure with his camouflage outfit. We are planning to visit Safari World next week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow...a fun place for a child to explore the nature. Btw,I have moved my blog domain to Please do amend yr link ,cheers!

Papa Eric

Alice Phua said...

Serline, LOL! Have a wonderful trip to Safari World. I'm sure Narelle and your older children will enjoy that trip. Have a wonderful weekend and outing too!

Papa Eric, ok, will do!