Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Home, New Life - (Part 1)

The day before yesterday (i.e., Sunday, 4th April 2010) was the first day we moved into our new house. That morning, Juan Or was still sleeping soundly in the spring cot (in his paternal grandparents' house) while Papa and Mommy packed some more things (or rather 'rubbish') into our cars to be brought there. Papa drove to the new house first because his car was already full. Mommy would only get moving later because Mommy had to wait for Juan Or to wake up and drink milk first.

Finally at 10.20am, Juan Or woke up but he refused to drink milk, so Mommy fed him with banana. Mommy still had some 'rubbish' to pack into the car, plus some real rubbish to clear from our soon-to-be ex-bedroom. After making a mental checklist, finally Juan Or and Mommy set off to the new house at around 11.30am. On the way, Mommy stopped by at a stall to buy chicken rice  for lunch.

Upon reaching the new house, Mommy unloaded the 'rubbish' from the car while Papa watched over Juan Or. Unloading 'rubbish' from the car was just the beginning of the effort. The rest of it laid in unpacking them and deciding where to put or keep them or even to find a place to keep them. Along the way, Juan Or took his afternoon nap which was very surprising to Mommy because from Mommy's experience, Juan Or wouldn't want to sleep when he's at a new place - only wants to play and play and play.

Later on, Papa went out to buy economy rice for dinner because Juan Or was still asleep and Mommy still has lots of 'rubbish' to unpack. Actually Mommy already planned to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, but too bad, the timing just wasn't right simply because Juan Or was still asleep and the evening was getting late, so is prone to being fretful and a cry-baby.

The unpacking of 'rubbish' more or less stopped by night time because Juan Or seriously wanted Mommy to pay attention to him playing and reading and all the what-nots. Of course, along the way, Mommy did other things that were not to do with unpacking such as boiling water and soaking dirty laundry to be washed the next day. By the way,  Mommy was very anxious to try out the new washing machine for the first time - more of a trial run of sorts - and even got Papa to install the washing machine's water hose socket which looks rather complicated to Mommy.

Juan Or's playfulness went on till around 1.10am when finally, Mommy told him that playtime's over and that it was time to go to bed. By the way, Mommy is determined to wean Juan Or off the habit of sleeping through the night in the spring cot - a habit that Juan Or developed because of interference from his paternal grandmother. Because of this habit, the hall (in the in-laws' house) became like Mommy's 'bedroom' whereby Mommy would sleep in the hall every night to accompany Juan Or sleeping in the spring cot (which is located downstairs). Ok, back to the story where playtime's over. So Mommy asked Juan Or to sleep on his bed (Papa and Mommy bought him a queen-sized bed to last him till adulthood) and much to Mommy's surprise, Juan Or willingly climbed onto the bed and laid down. It was like he seems to know this is a new place, new room and new bed for him! Then Mommy switched off the light, turned on the air-cond and laid down next to him. Mommy pretended to sleep but actually was watching how he settled himself down to sleep. In the darkness, Juan Or played with his fingers, flapped his arms and legs, lifted up his legs to play with his toes, spreaded his legs opena and close repeatedly and then did the same with his arms. Just within 15 minutes of restlessness, Juan Or became quiet. Mommy peeped over and found his eyes already closed - sleeping already! Good!

Juan Or behaved very well that night. He slept through the night without waking up - so very much unlike the time when he was still sleeping in the spring cot in in-laws' house. Mommy woke up at 7.10am (Mommy took a day's leave from work), Juan Or was still sound asleep, so Mommy quickly went to wash clothes. After scrubbing and throwing the clothes into the machine, Mommy went up to check on him, turned out he was still sound asleep! So Mommy continued with unpacking some of Juan Or's 'rubbish'. Later somewhere around 8.30am to almost 9am, Mommy was greeted with the babyish voice of Juan Or calling "Mama". Mommy turned around and Juan Or gave Mommy the most lovable and cutest smile! Indeed Juan Or is very happy to be waking up in his own new room!

Sleeping so peacefully! Papa has arranged his bed in such as way that one side is surrounded by the corners of the wall to minimize the chances of him falling out while Mommy slept on the open side of the bed.

A closer view of the sleeping 'B'.

Mommy put a pillow against the wall to prevent him from 'lodging' into the narrow gap between the wall and the bed.

Juan Or's bedroom.

Ha, that's what the pillow is for too! To prevent him from turning and knocking onto the wall!

Mommy then took him downstairs and  fed him milk to which he drank almost the whole bottle (only 1 oz left) although he was a little hesitant to drink at first. Nevertheless, Mommy was very happy with his progress! After drinking milk, Juan Or continued with watching his favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Mommy hanged the laundry to dry. After the laundry, Mommy fetched Juan Or to the babysitter's house while Mommy went to run errands (servicing the car which was a week overdue, buying a little groceries and baby necessities). After running all errands, it was time to pick Juan Or up, bought economy rice for dinner and headed back to the new house.

Once back home, Juan Or was very playful and by bedtime (it was 11pm), Mommy switched off the light and told him to settle to sleep. This time round, Juan Or was very much the opposite. He refused to lie down in bed, instead wanted to go downstairs. Mommy didn't entertain his request, so he cried and cried and cried and then started asking for the spring cot! Mommy didn't give in and he still continued crying. Later, Papa came over to scold him to which he immediately ceased crying (he seems to be more afraid of Papa when Papa is angry!). After Papa left, Mommy explained to him why he should settle himself down to sleep and that new house comes with new rules - no longer like how it was at his paternal grandparents' house. Juan Or was trying hard to hold back his tears but he did it successfully - no more crying. Then, in the darkness of the room, but with curtains opened, Juan Or asked to see outside through the window. It was a beautiful sight - though not of natural scene but very serene and peaceful. Even Mommy enjoyed gazing outside through the window. So both of us sat on the bed in the darkness of the room watching the lights from the lamp post shining onto the houses. Mommy continued explaining to him about how things and rules have changed - no longer the old ways like in paternal grandparents' house. He seemed to understand, even nodded his head. After all the explaining, Mommy asked Juan Or where was the moon, stars, clouds and birds. His answers were,"Moon tau loh (Hainan dialect for 'gone already'), stars tau loh, birds tau loh" except for clouds which were clearly there. Juan Or continued gazing outside, Mommy was already feeling very sleepy and finally dozed off. Moments later, Mommy woke up shortly to find that Juan Or had also dozed off but still in sitting position!

So there goes out first two days of our new home, new life.


Sheoh Yan said...

Lol! Dozed off in sitting position. How ah? You should take a pic of him then. Bravo to Juan Or and the mommy, both of you will definitely settle in the new routine soon.

Cynthia said...

congrats! Juan Or's bed is very big hoh... hehehe.. :D good to hear that you all finally settling in..

smallkucing said...

Nice new room for Juan Or.

cheeyee said...

Nice room for Juan Or. I'm sure very soon Juan Or will learn all those new rules set by mommy and behave well. :)

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, hehehe...the head was dangling loh. Ya, should have taken a picture of him in that position, I myself forgot, some more the room was all dark, and I was still feeling very sleepy.

Cynthia, hubby and I thought the bed (and bedroom furniture) should last Juan Or till his adulthood, that's why loh sekaligus buy queen size for him. So by the time he is as big size as his Papa, then the bed will look small already. Then next time if he's married and still staying in, then still got place for his wife loh (hehehhe.....think too far already! :P) But for now, I sleep there first loh in case he falls out of the bed.

Smallkucing, thanks, hahaha....just a humble bedroom for Juan Or. So far, the only deco for his room is the alphabet and number foam mat.

Cheeyee, thanks. Yup, so far so good with his behaviour - no major uncontrollable issues.

mNhL said...

Congrats on your new home! Sooner or later, Juan Or will get used to Mummy's new rules. haha..no matter what, everything we do are for the best of our child. I'm happy for you to have a new home = new life. You will have more freedom and am sure you are very happy. All the best to you and hubby to bring up this 'new' family and sure Juan Or will be very happy growing up in this warmth little family.

Alice Law said...

lol! So happy for you that how Juan Or behaves in his new house! With MIL and FIL around, am sure it will be more difficult for you to settle him down (afterall they are good in "giving in")... now he can only rely on you!

Please enjoy your new life!

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, thanks for your support and words of encouragement! Appreciate it! Yes, I'm indeed very happy to be moving in to this house even though I have to do everything myself now and despite having to brave thru the traffic jams when coming back from work.

Alice Law, yup, yup, agree, it's definitely more difficult to settle him down especially when he knows his grandparents are around to 'support' him.