Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mommy Gone Crazy! 3rd Round at Big Bad Wolf Books Warehouse Sale!

Yes, it's true! The urge and temptation to see what have been replenished or topped up is so great, Mommy just has to go to Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Sale again, now for the 3rd time!!

This time, the crowd is still a lot but way lesser than Mommy's 2nd round visit. Indeed, true to BBW's update in Facebook, they have replenished with some new titles, both for the adult (fiction and non-fiction) and children sections. Mommy recall seeing a few BBW staff carting a trolley-ful of children ready-for-kindergarten type of hard-cover workbooks to be placed at an empty rack...that was something like 4.40 pm. By then, Mommy was busy filtering Mommy's pick because the hoard (no doubt cheap!) was going to burn a big hole in Mommy's pocket!! ^_^

Here are some snapshots of what appear to be newly replenished stock.

Here are Mommy's purchases for the day....

Recipe books, spiral bound hard cover, each for RM10. What Mommy likes about these recipe books is that the steps are in point form and not wordy at all, unlike other Western-published recipe books that are so wordy and not friendly to the eyes especially when you have to take a quick glance at the recipe book while cooking. Other kinds of cooking (especially Western style ones) are available from this series, but Mommy only chose those Asian cooking ones, simply because Mommy is not a fan of Western food! ^_^

Each book at RM8 with the top row ones being recipe books again and the bottom one a children non-fiction in hard cover. The recipe books are in soft cover and same like the recipe books just now, the steps are in numbered point form and not written in a wordy manner. As for the Flying Machine book, Mommy recall seeing the same series of book (not the same title though) sold in Popular Book for close to RM50 and in soft cover some more!

Winnie the Pooh books for Juan Or, each sold at RM6. These are in full-color, hard cover and narrates science principles (e.g. evaporation, bouyancy, growth, sound)  in the form of a story.

More junior-level storybooks for Juan Or, each at RM3 only, but in soft cover! Mommy purposely chose those that has the super heroes or favourite characters from his favourite cartoons/movies. As for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, be careful though that some similar ones (though not the exact title) are priced at RM5.

Hard-cover junior storybooks and non-fiction, each for RM3 only - really value buy! The non-fiction ones and Puss in Boots are Ladybird books. Again, be reminded that the price tags are not consistent - most bear the RM5 tag - so it's your luck whether you get the RM3 ones or not! ^_^

And finally, some adult books for Mommy's own reading/viewing, each for RM15. The Power book is in hard cover and Mommy finds this little book a bit pricey, but judging from the contents (it's a mind, body and spirit self-help book), Mommy thinks Mommy can benefit from reading it. The book on Life is actually a coffee table book with no much text to read - just photos and captions. It's in hard cover, very thick (many pages) and printed on excellent quality paper. Mommy bought it because of the excellent photography of things associated with life such as the internal parts/chambers/sections of organs, embryo and fetal development at different weeks, gametes at pre-conception and conception stages, chromosomes and the likes which are the things Mommy studied for degree last time. Here's a sample of a very beautiful and detailed image of the early-stage human fetus.

As part of BBW's effort to pull the crowd during weekdays, BBW is giving out 5000 freebies starting from 10th October (Monday) to 14th October (Friday) or while stocks last, only limited to one set per book receipt. For those who came before 10th October and got nothing, do not despair nor be frustrated because the freebies are nothing more than just two pieces of paper: one is a fun activity map (more for children) whereby you are asked to spot all 31 wolves hiding in there and the other paper is merely a DIY bookmark called "Book Buddy". So for those who didn't get these, do not go banging your head because you didn't lose much - in fact, it's negligable. ^_^

By the way, total damage for the day amounts to RM182.40 (after 5% discount from original price of RM192).

Ah-wooooooooooo! (*Wolf howling*)


Alice Law said...

I think I will hv to settle for e-books. If I ever go 4 the 3rd round, I don't think someone will we very happy.:(

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, hehehe.....I know what you mean. ^_^

suituapui said...

Thank goodness we do not have such sales here... No more place in the house - all my daughter's books... Buy some more we'll be sleeping in the streets.

eugene said...

Sigh....we don't have it here either,if ada,sure will be like you woinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng again and again,,

Sheoh Yan said...

I was just saying Alice Law never seems enough of buying books, now I know you are even more. I wish I am there too.

Rose said...

Wish I were there!! So many books on sales!!

Little Kit Boy said...

wow wow wow...Alice.. so shiok lah you. every trips also so fruitful.

Mom Daughter Style said...

your little boy has grown a lot. My daughter loves books too, everyday we have a storytime.


Alice Phua said...

Suituapui, LOL, you are right, I'm running out of place very very soon to store the books. Hehehe....got to keep my urge for books down.

Eugene, LOL! Any book lover will sure go gila one!

Sheoh Yan, actually, Alice Law, SMall Kucing and myself are just the same! Gila buku murah! If you have the chance to go to BBW sale, I'm very sure you will end up with a lot of book purchases too. The prices and titles are irresistable!

Rose, yes, if you have a chance to go for this sale, I'm very sure you will have a lot to buy!

Little Kit Boy, well, just my luck that those books that catch my eyes in terms of contents and price are still there even though it has been several days into this most sought after and reputable book sale.

Mom Daughter Style, yes, it's good to have storytime everyday between parent and child - it builds relation, and it's good for the child's future mental and academic development.

cheeyee said...

I like that Life book.... oh I can't resist not to buy that book. Looks like I have to drop by MAEPS tmr. LOL!

mNhL said...

My god! u r so into books! haha... and your house can turned into a mini library already.

prince n princess mum said...

Wow! So many ppl grab so many books from BBW.. :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi Alice,

The sales sounds funny. Why do they call it as Big Bad Wolf sales? Anyway, I've never heard about this sales. I've only been to Popular Bookstore .

free goodies? u mean...the sales was bad? Although simple, i think you are still lucky to get the freebies .

I wish they have this sales in Kuching.

Mrs Shyza said...

waoo...banyaknya u beli buku alice...ni yang buat i nak pegi lagi skali ni...BBW sangat best kan :)

Small Kucing said...

wah lau eh i kalah liao la..i baru 2x go

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, hope you manage to get what you want! :-)

mNhL, hehehe....yes, already got 2 big book-shelf cupboards. Now I'm tempted to buy some more book-shelf cupboard before going to run out of storage space soon!

Prince n princess mum, indeed, this sale is gila!! ^_^

Willie, oh, the sales is overwhelmingly good even on weekdays. In fact, this is a very highly rated and very reputable book sales. I heard some people one whole year purposely don't want to buy any books from any other bookshops, instead they wait for this Big Bad Wolf Sale to buy in huge amount and $$$$ of course.

Mrs Shyza, oh, so far this is the best book warehouse sales ever. Even MPH and Popular warehouse sales kalah.

Small Kucing, hehehe...part of the reason is becos I'm a little freer in work already compared to last year when I was really highly stressed out (blame it on preparing MQA documents).