Monday, October 17, 2011

Juan Or's First Time at the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

16th Oct 2011 is the last day of the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale and is Mommy's 4th visit there for the season, but is Juan Or's first. Mommy is eager to bring Juan Or there just for him to experience riding on the tram, but buying books is secondary though.....hehehe!

We reached the parking lot at around 9.30 am and didn't have to wait before three trams came by. So we chose the third one because it is the least crowded tram.

Off we went into the tram!

Since the sale only opens at 10 am, we still had to wait after getting off the tram. But not to worry, there were lots of chairs to sit around because the chairs were provided by the food stalls nearby (KFC and Pizza Hut).

Juan Or as usual, cannot sit still for long. Well, old Chinese folks say kids like Juan Or have worms in their anus, that's why cannot sit still! ^_^ So Mommy took him for a short stroll somewhere near the sale area - first, to see how long the crowd has queued up long before we even arrived.....

...and lastly is more of Juan Or's fancy for the alien spaceship and the Big Bad Wolf figure itself, seen as a big display board.

Finally when the sale is opened, Mommy could see that most , if not all of the tall pile of books at the children section last seen on Tuesday were gone! Basically, there are not much choices left where chuildren's books are concerned. Anyway, Papa gave Mommy only 30 minutes to browse and buy - it's either 30 minutes only or nothing at all! So Mommy made a quick dash here and there to check out books and finished buying within the stipulated timeframe! Phew! And Juan Or was very happy that the cashier gave him the Big Bad Wolf in alien spaceship bookmark! Juan Or was even delighted to see that the plastic bags containing Mommy's purchases had the Big Bad Wolf figure on it! Such innocent delight!

Here are Mommy's purchases within the 30 minutes timeframe......a book on Thailand's temples and traditions in hard cover and excellent photography and paper for RM12 only - more for Mommy's general interest.

.....children's (and also family's) non-fiction book on wildlife in hardcover with excellent photography, text and paper plus DVD (mind you, it's not even VCD) for RM10 each (cheap!)...

....storybooks for Juan Or, each for RM6 (but Mommy finds the dinosaur one a little pricey, but
never mind-lah, just close one eye since Juan Or likes the book)....

...and an Ironman make-a-scene vinyl sticker set for RM5 (again, quite pricey but never mind, close one eye-lah since Juan Or loves Ironman!) and a storybook on Stanley (from Thomas and Friends' storybook box set) for RM3 (cheap!).

Total damage? RM68.40 (after 5% discount from RM72).

Here's Juan Or enjoying his Ironhide vinyl stickers at his grandparents' house. :-)

By the way, here's a closer look of this season's Big Bad Wolf bookmarks which are Juan Or's favourite (even after coming back from the sale!) because of the alien spaceship and the wolf's growling look! ^_^

P/S: Actually Juan Or expected to see a Big Bad Wolf figure appearance at the sale - not so much about the books though! ^_^ Must suggest this to Big Bad Wolf's management.....hehehehe!


Alice Law said...

30 mins for book browsing, tht's pretty strict, lol!

Hayley said...

Salute you Alice, visited the same sales four times! Hehe :P

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Hi Alice,

The first time seeing your husband in your blog (for me la). Why do they call it the Big Bad Wolf? I have never heard of this sale. I only went to Popular Bookstore sale. From the price you wrote, I think those books were cheap. Worth going.

Ok then, enjoy reading yeah?

Small Kucing said...

I wanted to buy the Thai Temple and tradision book too on the preview but it was too heavy. Love the photos there.

Sheoh Yan said...

Since it is already 4th visit, 30 mins should be able to locate what you like.

Yee Ling said... top up? Hahahhaha...

prince n princess mum said...

Wow!~ Really grab a lot of books!~~~~~

Geng. Visit so many times~

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, yup, 30 minutes only, nothing more! ^_^

Hayley, heheheh!

Willie, why they name the sale as Big Bad Wolf, I don't know why, but the name itself is the name of the subsidiary company of Book Xcess, a book shop just like MPH, Popular, etc. But I guess they give that kind of name becos the sale gives very, very good discounts and prices such that people buy their whole supply of books to last a long long time such that other book companies' sales drop for a substantial amount of time, i.e., the 'wolf' wallops all the book sales such that other book shops don't get their share of the sales! ^_^

Small Kucing, hehehe....I also have my fair share of books that I should have bought when I went for the earlier trips, think, think, think, at first don't want to buy, then later change the mind, but when get to go again, no more left!

Sheoh Yan, yup, I was familiar already with where they place the different genre of books.

Yee Ling, yup....heheheh! I really gila hor!

Prince n princess mum, yup, a lot of books grabbed......and pocket got burnt with a very big hole too! ^_^

Little Kit Boy said...

Alice, really salute you.

Alice Phua said...

Little Kit Boy, ^_^ hehehe....