Monday, July 4, 2011

Bloggers' Sports Carnival at CityGolf, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Recently Mommy participated in a Nuffnang contest and won a pair of invites to the Bloggers' Sports Carnival at CityGolf, Bangsar Shopping Centre. What does CityGolf has to offer? According to Nuffnang, CityGolf is actually an indoor golf park and the F&B section is managed by La Bodega. Nuffnang also mentioned in their blogsite that La Bodega's tapas (or snacks) are 'to die for'. So let's see how far is this true! ^_^

The day of the sports carnival was on 2nd July 2011, i.e., a Saturday whereby Mommy had to teach piano. So for that day, Mommy only taught for 3-and-a-half hours and left the music school at 3.30pm sharp. The sports carnival was supposed to start from 4pm and end at 7pm. However, Papa, Mommy and Juan Or only arrived there at about 4.20pm after going through some mad Saturday afternoon traffic-jam.

After asking the shopping centre's guard for some directions to CityGolf, we headed to the 4th floor with a "My Play Room" board and CityGolf tag (far left) directing us to an escalator that will lead you directly there.

After reporting attendance with Nuffnang representatives, we were ushered inside to have some food and drinks (2 complimentary drink coupons were also given) first before the indoor sports programme began. There was a long table spread for the food but Mommy was taken aback to see the serving plates empty or almost empty! The foodies served were mostly refreshment-type food  - cute and square-shaped cakes, tuna sandwiches, cube-shaped omelette-like thingy and hard bread with chopped tomato and onion toppings.

The only dish that can be made into 'dinner' is deep-fried chicken drummet in tomato sauce.

But sad to say, the chicken drummets especially (and the other food items) are almost finished or totally wiped out everytime the staff come to top up the food. But then this is no excuse for La Bodega to be under-prepared with the required amount of food since the Nuffnang-CityGolf arrangement has 50 pairs of invites coming in, i.e., you can expect 100 people! Perhaps you may be wondering if the food is outstandingly delicious such that most of them get snapped up within a short period of time? No, wrong - the taste is just so-so only. Nothing to shout about, yet is not a failure either.

After taking the food, we headed for the outdoor seats because there were no more empty seats left on the inside.

Juan Or only ate the cube-shaped cakes, probably because they looked cute to a kid's eye.

Other than that, Juan Or didn't eat at all (Mommy expected that!), instead merely played with the chicken drummets and sandwiches, to which Momy walloped everything that he didn't eat.

Then, here came Mommy's complimentary drink - orange cordial drink.

Then finally came the announcement of the starting of the indoor sports programme. There were 4 types of indoor games arranged for the bloggers - dart, snooker (or was it billiard! Don't know! ^_^) and the other two being indoor golf type of games. Almost all the bloggers congregate around the games stations except for you-know-who (Answer: Papa, Mommy and Juan Or!) simply because Mommy was still not done with eating! ^_^

Anyway, by then, many of the indoor eating tables were vacant already, so we moved to eating inside. By then also, many were no longer eating already, so the newly topped up food supply did not quickly get snapped up. By the way, Papa and Juan Or sat and waited while Mommy ate and ate and ate because we didn't feel like going for or cooking dinner anymore. Here's Juan Or making agony faces to pressure Mommy to hurry up eating! ^_^

Here are some random shots of the insides of CityGolf before we headed out (Yes,  Mommy did not join the games at all!).


CityGolf even provides a computer terminal for patrons to surf the Net. 

Here's an overview of the benefits if patrons sign up for membership.
Finally, we were out. "Bye-bye, CityGolf!" 

Where were we headed to next? To take Juan Or to see his favourite - toy shop tenants, particularly to see Transformers and/or Thomas and Friends toys! Mommy noticed there is one toy shop by the name "York Home" that seems to be owned by one old Chinese man and the Transformers Dark of the Moon range of toys are sold at about 3% to 5% cheaper than in Toys R'Us! Mommy personally finds it hard to believe that a posh area like Bangsar can have Transformers toys sold slightly cheaper than what Toys R'Us has to offer, but it's true!

All in all, we only spent about one-and-a-half hours in Bangsar Shopping Centre (including at CityGolf) and by 6pm, we headed home already. The parking fee at Bangsar Shopping Centre? Expensive - RM4 for almost 2 hours of parking! Overall, this is not a very worthwhile trip to make. 

Back home, Mommy decided to cook Chinese cabbage soup to supplement what we ate at CityGolf just so that we can have a more balanced diet since the food there lacks vege. 

And for Juan Or's sake, because what he ate there was negligable, Mommy threw in a handful of macaroni to cook together with the Chinese cabbage. That would be his dinner for the night (besides milk). 


Small Kucing said...

ooo....too bad about the food. Maybe some took more than their share of the drumsticks.

Yours is a very honesty and matter of fact review. It's good.

I seldom go there too not just because of parking fees but also the traffic

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, haha....perhaps. Thanks.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice city-golfing experience...

Alice Phua said...

Princ n princess mum, LOL, I merely saw golfing but only very briefly, didn't get my hands on it though. :-D

Alice Law said...

I saw a few blogger has been there, did u manage to meet any of thm?!!! Wow, wht a great experience!

gillette said...

cooking and shoping with family
its really amazing thing
nice post

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Alice, wow! You teach the piano? I am impressed! Outstanding!
When I was looking for a life partner, wanted one who could play the piano.
Nope, couldn't find one, but found one who could sing like a canary, ha ha.

Nice your boy's smile.

Sheoh Yan said...

Noticing that Juan Or was wearing her favourite Ben 10 watch to all his outings. He is relly a die hard ben 10 fan.

Rasan said...

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