Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Working Sunday and Steamboat Buffet at MaChiano's

Just last week Sunday (or first Sunday of July to be exact), Mommy was required to report for duty because it was UCSI University's Convocation Day. So Juan Or and Papa tagged along with Mommy in the office. Papa was busy playing with Internet while Juan Or was busy watching Transformers' DVD cartoon series on Mommy's old laptop. Not to mention too, Juan Or did some 'fooling around' in Mommy's office like this....

 Anyway, we were there as early as 7am due to potential parking problems and left the uni at 12.15pm when the event ended. We headed off to Plaza OUG to have MacDonald's for lunch. At MacDonalds, Papa ordered only one McValue set (Big Mac) just so that our stomachs don't go empty prior to the 'big walloping' session at MaChiano's steamboat buffet later for dinner. After the lunch, we window-shopped at the mall itself and also at Central Supermarket before heading off to Juan Or's paternal grandparents' place for a stopover. Over there, Mommy took the opportunity to have a thorough nap (*Well, Mommy woke up at 3.30am to wash clothes first before going to work!*), Juan Or had his nap as well in his favourite spring cot while Papa chatted all the way with his parents and younger brother.

Finally the time has come for Papa, Juan Or and Mommy to head off to MaChiano's for our steamboat buffet dinner. MaChiano's is situated along Old Klang Road, somewhere opposite an international school and is at the same vicinity as Old Town Kopitiam.

The steamboat buffet fee  is RM28 per person. However, Papa bought online coupons from www.everyday.com.my website that offers RM28 for 2 diners (drinks included), i.e., RM14 only per person! Now that's a deal! The plus thing about this also is it's free for children under 4 years of age and Juan Or fits that condition! ^_^

There we were at MaChiano's  - a table already reserved under Papa's name and with a baby chair prepared.

And here was Juan Or waiting eagerly for Papa to take the foodies for steamboat while Mommy stayed on to take care of Juan Or.

The waiter came to pour two kinds of soup into the steamboat pot - chicken stock soup and tom yam soup.

Now, here's comes the steamboat foodies ready to be thrown into the soup.

Here's the steamboat-ing process!

How's the taste like? Well, both Papa and Mommy found the tom yam soup to be delicious and Papa found the chicken soup to be not as good as the tom yam. Mommy enjoyed it the most because there were the clams seafood that Mommy loves - big lala, bamboo lala and green-shelled mussels! Another of Mommy's favourite are the mushrooms - shitake and grey oyster. Only thing is that the staff did not snip away the bottom end of the shitake's stalk that sometimes still has the woody remnants. There was a barbeque section also, but because it took quite long for your turn to be served, so Papa only managed to get some beef strips and lamb chop barbequed. Papa particularly loved the barbequed lamb chops because the marinate recipe was good! By the way, Mommy ate and ate and ate to get money's worth (*yes, Mommy was eating Papa's share as well!*) while Papa ate just enough to satisfy his taste bud because of his gouty condition. What about Juan Or? Well as expected, he ate only a little because he is not adventurous about trying new food. He only ate the yee mee noodles - that also he played with the yee mee by stringing the noodles all along the wall of the bowl so much so the bowl appeared to have grown hair at one glance! (Sorry, no photos of the 'hairy bowl' because Mommy's hands were too oily and dirty to hold the handphone camera!)

Overall, this steamboat restaurant is a good place to dine in and cheap since we used the special deal online coupon and the ambience is nice too. Parking? It was RM2 since the parking area around the blocks of shops there are managed by one private company.


Sheoh Yan said...

Working Sunday was tiring, luckily you took a nap in the afternoon before the steamboat buffet dinner.

Hayley said...

I love steamboat! But I prefer to eat in a bigger group =)

Bananazஇ said...

That's one hectic day but end the day need to let the go of the steam and it gotta be in MaChiano..haha. Wow buy one free one so to speak great deal getting the coupon online. Have not done any of the coupons thingy as yet. Used to like dual soup but lately realised the tomyam always 'kill' the taste when the tongue gets 'numb' so settle for 'cheng tong' most of the time. Juan Or getting so excited over the food guess must be hungry.

yvonne said...

That promotion is a steal! RM14 for a steamboat buffet, where else you can find this fair deal?

I prefer tomyam soup for the spicy kick and assorted mushroom. Like Hayley, I like to have steamboat in larger group :)

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, oh, yes, indeed, the nap is really what I need to recharge since I had to wake up at 3.30am to do housework first before going to work.

Hayley and Yvonne, both of you are really people person! :-) As for me, I like small group setting....just within family members, easier to manage and no need to be shy especially when I eat like a glutton! ^_^

Bananaz, oh, yes, this is a good deal since most Chinaman steamboat restaurants nowadays price tag it at RM20-something per person. As for me, if I am to go to eat there again, I'll just ask for tomyam soup.

Yvonne, me too, love tomyam soup becos got kick! ^_^

Alice Law said...

Ohhh, I love steamboat but I prefer a bigger group too, the more the merit, lol!

We bought Japanese buffet coupons frm Everyday too(RM46nett per pax), if u were interested can check on my wall post!;D

prince n princess mum said...

Steamboat, I likey!

cheeyee said...

Wah the deal very dai! I think 2 more years Juan Or will be charged too and if he's not eating much you will rugi! So better eat more now before he needs to pay. :P

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, oh, yes, I heard from hubby too about the Japanese buffet offer. He says he heard it from you all when he went to pick Juan Or up on Saturday.

Prince n princess' mum, :-)

Cheeyee, yes, it's indeed a very good deal, otherwise people like my husband who is very thrifty won't buy at all....hehehe! Oh, yes, true, give another 1-2 yrs, then Juan Or can't go for free anymore!

BoeyJoey said...

i love steamboat too... and buffet some more, lagi best :-). My kids are picky eaters too, but now that they are older, they prefer to eat out now *shake head*

Pete said...

Good Deal, plus BBQ stuff as well!

Alice Phua said...

BoeyJoey, LOl, so have to spend money loh! ^_^

Pete, yes, this is memang good deal! :-)