Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is Juan Or Really Watching?

Mommy has been 'missing' from the blogging scene for quite a while due to tight work deadlines, but the work has not really finished yet at this time of writing. So Mommy's blogpost today is going to be a short one.  And Mommy will resume bloghopping activities again once Mommy is really back on track. Thanks a lot for visiting and leaving your comments! :-D

Lately, Juan Or is getting very obsessed with choo-choo trains. It doesn't matter whether it's Thomas and Friends or some other China-made or brandless toy train - so as long as it's a choo-choo train (doesn't matter whether it's diesel or steam train), he's satisfied already.

Some time back, Papa downloaded Thomas and Friends in Misty Island Rescue from the internet. Initially, Juan Or was indifferent towards it, but gradually he learnt to love watching it. Now that he's obsessed with choo-choo trains, he will arrange his choo-choos on the laptop's keyboard and watch Misty Island Rescue. And mind you, those choo-choo trains arranged on the keyboard are partially blocking the screen.

And this is a closer view......

So what is Juan Or really watching? The toys or the show? You decide! ^_^


Hayley said...

Halo there, its been a while! Hope you're doing well ^^
Haha, I think he feels better when he sees the toy is there ;)

Sheoh Yan said...

Oh boy, how could he see the screen clearly with a toy training blocking this way? Did you ask him this question? I am curious at what will he reply.

Alice Law said...

Aiyar~! I should have bought him a choo choo train for his birthday present!:D

Wa actually thinking you were attending seminar at Cherating, but afterwards I recalled you informed earlier that you will be rather busy by the end of the year!

Keep well and all the best! Thanks for the blog hopped despite your hectic work load!;)

Puan Isah said...

Hello Alice :) It has been quite a while..ha ha understandable Juan Or seemed obsessed with his choo choo train. Mak isah thinks it is common for boys around his age, like mak isah's grandson, I noticed he only wants his crane cars around him.

Have a good day!

Kiasu Mom said...

Kids nowadays also can multitask one.. I bet he is watching both! hehehe

smallkucing said...

wa...like Taikor kakakaka

hey, Alice. Drink a lot of water ok. Very bad weather. Oh ya... KT side monsoon season. Maybe Kuantan will be rainy

eugene said...

Alice, dont worry about blogging, it can wait..ya.

don't over stressed, like they say work can wait,,,,hahah take care now

cheeyee said...

Hahaha I think he's watching both! Can see that he loves choo choo train so much. :)

prince n princess mum said...

Both maybe......

Alice Phua said...

Thanks for all your comments. Will reply your comments in more detail when I'm back on 18th Nov 2010. :-)

Shenny's mommy said...

Haha, I think Juan Or just wants his train within his sight. He watches both actually.

mNhL said...

hahaha...Can't gets my eyes of you!

Hmm......should be 2 in 1 ?

yvonne said...

Haha, maybe he wants his toys to be part of the show? Imaginary guest train in Thomas and Friends :)

Yin Yue said...

Hahhahaa... We can't understand kids' imagination sometimes.

2ma said...

this is so funny!!! maybe you should just switch off the tv, and leave the train thr. if he complains, he is probably watching both!!! *haha*

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, thanks, yes, had been busy and is still busy now....never ending work matters in the office.

Sheoh Yan, I have asked him before and his reaction? He merely replied "Umm", paid little attention to what I asked and continued watching. Hahahah....I guess he's watching both! :-D

Alice Law, hahaha...never mind, next birthday...heheheh! Oh, yes, will continue to be busy even after the trip till year end and opening of the new semester in Jan 2011 as there are other depts. to inform about some changes in the programme that requires coordination. Also the MQA auditors are coming in Jan 2011, so lots of preparation work to do besides day-to-day office/student matters.

Puan Isah, Juan Or even wants his choo-choo train together with him when sleeping in bed.

KiasuMom, I think so too.

Smallkucing, thanks for your concern and advice. Yes, turned out CHerating had rain on the 2nd night of the trip.

Eugene, thanks for the comforting words. Appreciate that! :-D

CHeeyee, I think so too!

Prince n princess mum, I think so too!

Shenny's mummy, I think so too!

mNhL, I think so too!

Yvonne, yup, maybe. As long as both are there, he's happy already.

Yin Yue, hehehehe!

2ma, hahhaa....good idea! I think he's likely to complain if I switch off the show which means he's watching both!