Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trip to Cherating: Day 2 - Morning Sunrise, Beach and Stuff Crabs

On the second day, Mommy woke up early, at around 6.30 am and managed to capture the morning sunrise at the beach. Beautiful sight! Wish Mommy can wake up everyday to the sound of waves beating the beach and the beautiful silhoutte of trees at the beach.

By 7.00 am, we went for breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and after that we headed for the hotel's swimming pool. Mommy had purposely bought a float for Juan Or from Mr. DIY's shop for this purpose. Juan Or was very eager when he saw the swimming pool. But as soon as he realized that Mommy wanted to take off his diapers and change into his briefs, he started crying in protest, holding on to this his pants tightly! So in the end, Mommy gave up coaxing him to try the swimming pool, instead Mommy changed into swimming suit and took a brief dip.

After that, we headed to the beach. Once at the beach, Mommy attempted to remove Juan Or's slippers. And this boy seemed to be a 'clean freak'. Since one side of his slippers was already removed, he didn't know where or how to put his bare foot when Mommy tried removing the other side! ^_^ But finally he realized he was supposed to go barefeet on the sand. You can see his reaction that it gave him a funny feeling to walk barefeet on the sand, but eventually he got the hang of it.

We took some photos too at the beach just for memory's sake.

Here are some beach photos captured by Papa on his handphone (which is more capable than Mommy's handphone to get better quality photos!):

Then by 9.00 am, Mommy went for two more meetings, i.e., the Annual Programme Review meetings for Food Science and Nutrition and thereafter for Biotechnology degree programmes, this time merely as normal participant. While Mommy was away for meetings, Papa took Juan Or for a rounding at the Kemaman area, to which Papa bought back some satar (fish paste dumplings of their local Malays).

After lunch at the hotel, another meeting went on and then followed by team building activities. Luckily only two games were arranged for the team building activities, so by 4-plus pm, it ended. So Mommy quickly rushed back to the room so that Papa can take us out for rounding around the Kemaman town and to look for stuff crab.

Indeed we found the restaurants for stuff crabs at Kemaman. However, the more famous one (can't remember the name of the restaurant) was closed, so we settled for second best at Restoran Stuff Crab Kemaman.

Stuff crab is supposed to be the specialty dish of Kemaman and Cukai area, so we were eager to give it a try. The dish finally came and was very tasty - very pure, i.e., lots of crab meat in the stuffing, but it was quite expensive - RM7 for one stuff crab. Papa ordered four, so the whole dish was RM28.

After that we headed back to Cherating and on the way, Mommy asked Papa to stop at the same keropok lekor stall again to buy some lekors to eat, some seafood snacks and a packet of not-yet-fried lekors. The not-yet-fried lekors were selling for RM5 for 10 long strips (of the lekor). Mommy only bought one packet to try because Mommy wasn't too sure whether it will still remain good when we transported it back to Klang Valley without any refrigertion the next day.

Turned out, the not-yet-fried lekors still tasted good after three days since the last day of the trip (of course it stayed in the refrigerator after we got back home). Mommy regrets not buying more!

This is how it looked like before it's fried.....

.....and after deep-frying.

Here's the lekors eaten with the chilli dipping provided.

Now back to the trip again. We got back to the hotel, had a barbecue dinner (which did not taste nice at all!) at the hotel and then went back to our room., though not at the same time because Papa took Juan Or back first while Mommy continued eating. There was a meeting going on at 8.00 pm on the laboratory's strategic management, but thankfully Mommy was not required to be involved, so it was yippy time for Mommy to get to rest and relax in the hotel room! Same thing, Mommy tried reading newspaper, but because of the hotel room's dim lighting, Mommy felt very sleepy and went off to sleep by 9.30 pm. Same goes for Juan Or - he slept early too (in fact he already fell asleep when Mommy got back to the room) without needing any coaxing, and that's probably because of the room's dim lighting. So aren't hotel vacations good for both Juan Or and Mommy? Juan Or is able to go to sleep early and easily, and Mommy gets to have plenty of sleep and rest - something so rare for Mommy if in own home! ^_^

That sums up our second day at Cherating. Stay tuned for the third day.


Inspired Momx1 said...

The last time we had stuff crabs in Kemaman was three years back and also at RM7 each though I can't remember which one we went to.:)

prince n princess mum said...

Enjoying your trip wo..

Small Kucing said...

ooo u like keropoklekor ya...

normally we freeze it the baru bring back KL

Alice Law said...

I love keropok lekor too! Yeah, I normally freezed it and wrapped the whole packaging with newspaper before bring it back... too bad you didn't buy more, else I would have got to taste some of your loot! LOL!;D

Have a nice day!

Sheoh Yan said...

Stuffed crab looked very unique. Keropok lekor also looked yummy. You may consider to invest in a lamp and set to dim light in the room, so that Juan Or and you will sleep better. My girls too love staying in hotel.

Yin Yue said...

Aiks, why he didn't want you to take off his diapers lerh?
Very cute la walking barefeet on the sand.
The keropok and stuffed crab looked so yummy. *drooling*

eugene said...

Bet you are enjoying your holiday to the max.... share more pictures with us ya

Broccoli Ginger said...

Good to hear that you have a great time! Relax and rejuvenate!

yvonne said...

Wow, that stuff crab sure looks tempting. I never had one before and I wonder whether is it available here, in north?

Anonymous said...

You can get stuff crab in Thai restaurants. I had them before in Penang.

Hayley said...

The stuffed crabs look really tempting! Very special also...

Kiasu Mom said...

Oh how I missed the sea and the beach and Cherating.. looks like you guys had a nice trip :-)

Alice Phua said...

Inspired Momx1, 3 years back? Wah, looks like they have not increased the price for that long. that case, the RM7 per piece price better stay like that for as long as possible! ^_^

Prince n princess mum, yup, enjoy, but later when come back that time, not enjoyable loh becos of the loads of unpacking and laundry to do.

Smallkucing and Alice Law, oh, both hubby and I love lekor and satar too. Yes, the unfried lekor I put in the hotel room's freezer compartment. Later when about to go back then only I wrapped them in newspaper. Too bad, I was not too confident whether by doing like that the lekor can tahan all the way or not, so in the end dare not buy a lot of lekor. Now after coming back and found the lekor still tahan, I start to feel wasted for not buying more. :-(

Sheoh Yan, good idea! Thanks!

Yin Yue, well, I don't really know why, but I guess maybe Juan Or feels malu to be stripped or exposed in public! Hehehe! Sometimes at home when I change his diaper, he will use his hands to cover his penis and then laugh cheekily.

Eugene, oh, yes, definitely enjoy although I wouldn't say it's optimal (becos there were meetings to attend). Yup, will share more pictures. :-D

Alice Phua said...

Broccoli Ginger, oh, yes, indeed!

Yvonne, Anonymous has answered your question. GO try it if you have the chance.

Anonymous, thanks for your input! :-D

Hayley, go try it if you have the chance.

Kiasu Mum, oh yes, I enjoyed myself, Juan Or too.