Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Claws at Manhattan Fish Market

Shortly after the Cherating trip, Papa and Mommy were still on leave (15th November 2010). Recently, Papa saw an advertisement by Manhattan Fish Market on a dish called 'SANTA CLAWS' which was actually the claws of those huge, expensive crab that you normally see in those Chinese restaurants that offer live seafood with aquariums (of exotic live seafood) decorating their shop. Manhattan is selling the dish for RM35.90. Papa reasoned that since such giant crab is very costly to eat in Chinese restaurants and also there's no guarantee whether the crab tastes very good for such price paid, Papa said why not go to the Manhattan Fish Market in Sunway Pyramid to give it a try (at least we don't have to buy the whole crab just to taste it!), so off we went as the family outing of the day.

We reached Sunway Pyramid early, partly because Papa wanted to make use of free wi-fi to check prices of shares.So while Papa 'internetted', Mommy looked over Juan Or as he fooled around with a piece of bendable straw that Mommy took from a muffin kiosk.

After that we headed off to Manhattan Fish Market but found the restaurant was still not open yet. Never mind, so we took Juan Or to loiter around and we found this choo-choo train deco at the M&M's stall. Since we had a lot of time to kill, we allowed Juan Or to linger at the choo-choo train to his heart's content.

See the smiling M&M's figure at the choo-choo train? Juan Or loved to put his hand into the figure's mouth to be 'gobbled'.

Finally at 11 am, the Manhattan Fish Market resturant opened and Papa ordered for a plate of 'SANTA CLAWS. Here's how it looked like!

A closer look at the claws......

Both Papa and Mommy shared the dish while Juan Or looked on and fooled around. Don't be deceived by this photo below as if Juan Or was waiting to eat his share! Not at all. He refused to try anything from the dish, instead he climbed up and down the bench, walked here, walked there, so much so the Manhattan staff had to give him Mentos candy to keep him at bay! Well, that's good service by Manhattan! ^_^

So how did the crab taste? Well, nothing to shout about, really. Taste-wise, the flesh is naturally salty, but as you continue to chew the flesh, the saltiness revealed sweetness. However, the sweetness is nothing compared to the sweetness of those mud crab flesh! So our conlusion is the very high price you have to pay for when eating those huge or almost giant-like exotic live crab in Chinese restaurants may not be very worthwhile after all compared to paying RM70 or RM75 per kg for eating live Sri Lanka mud crab!

After Manhattan, we headed to McDonalds for our proper lunch, and then to an indoor playground set for Juan Or to play.

Somewhere near the playground was a stall selling toys and Juan Or was attracted to one toy puppy that yaps and moves. That was the first time Mommy saw his fondness for animals (though it wasn't a real animal!). He even patted and sniffed the 'puppy', and even said,"Sayang (love) puppy!" Even when Mommy coaxed and took him away from the stall, he still turned back to look at the 'puppy'.

This sums up our humble outing at Sunway Pyramid. :-D


Hayley said...

LOL, your boy's 1st photo is very cute! ^^
Hmm, really, the crab looks nothing very special. Thanks for sharing, now I know I wont go to try this one... :P
Have a nice day Alice~

Sheoh Yan said...

I haven't tried Manhattan Fish Market before though I saw it many time in the mall like Sunway Pyramid. May be will visit it one fine day.

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, thanks! Yup, I also won't go for this for a 2nd time.

Sheoh Yan, the 1st time hubby took me to try at Manhattan was the seafood platter and it's nice though pricey.

cheeyee said...

Oh long time I did not visit Manhattan Fish Market already. Like their seafood platter.

yvonne said...

Hmm, I was tempted initially when you mentioned about crabs (I'm a huge crab fan). But after reading your comment, it's wiser to go for those Chinese restaurants' crab dish. That's the good point of sharing :)

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, yes, I like their seafood platter too, but hahaha, cannot eat often, otherwise burn a big hole in the pocket! ^_^

Yvonne, yes, I agree, better go for those Chinese restaurants' mud crab type of dish. When we share, everyone gain (except the restaurant in question! :-P)

Alice Law said...

Ohh, that puppy, I actually bought something similar for Juan Juan from the booth(next to the funland)... she never forgot to pay a visit to the booth everytime we visited Sunway(just for the particular fluffy pup), so I just bought her one on her 3rd visit to the booth. :)

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, oh, didn't know you bought that for her. I bet she loves the toy!