Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story Coming Alive at Midvalley Megamall

The latest addition to Juan Or's and Mommy's Toy Story craze was seeing the Toy Story major characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, live today at Midvalley Megamall. Actually, a few days prior to today, Mommy saw an advertisement highlighting the event (plus other school holiday events) but without giving sufficient details. So Mommy called up MidValley Megamall to enquire and found out that the Live Toy Story appearances were everyday at Centrecourt throughout the school holiday period (5th-20th June 2010) at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

So yesterday, Papa drove Juan Or and Mommy to Midvalley Megamall and we arrived at 9.40am. Since the event only started at 12pm, so we had ample time to browse the shops (and even had our lunch) before heading for the event. First, we went to Carrrefour because that's the earliest tenant to open. In Carrefour, Mommy managed to buy GainPlus EyeQ (Abbott) milk powder at an offer price of RM88.99 (usual is RM94.++) for 1.8kg. On a sidetrack, Mommy has recently changed Juan Or's milk powder from Pediasure to GainPlus EyeQ for home consumption but he is still on Pediasure mixed with Dutch Lady 123 at the babysitter's place. During the 'ride' in the shopping cart, Juan Or had gone a step further as in using the milk powder tin as his stool!

Later on, Papa went to browse at Harvey Norman (just next to Carrefour) to see his favourite LCD/plasma television section, while Mommy stayed on in Carrrefour to accompany Juan Or in his kiddy rides. This time, Juan Or really had good and ample time to ride on them so much so when Papa finally appeared and took him away, Juan Or didn't fret.

And see how this boy imitated his Papa driving?

And Mommy also noticed that Juan Or seems to prefer sitting on the left side to 'drive'. Whenever Mommy put him on the right hand drive, he would shift back to the left side.

After Carrefour, we went to Oyster King (Gardens) to enjoy a jumbo-sized oyster omelette dish (RM9) and then to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks for spicy fried chicken chop. By then, it was already 11.30am and time to head to Centrecourt for the Toy Story event.

When we reached there (it was 11.40am), there was already a long queue of people waiting for their turns to take photos with the Toy Story characters which put both Papa and Mommy off. But then came one girl who is the event helper-promoter who managed to convince Mommy that the wait wouldn't be as long as the queue. She reasoned that it was because all-in-the-family queued up together, that was why it looked crowded and long. So Mommy decided to give it a go and got the number '47'.

From the background of this photo, you can see how close everyone was to everyone else. Because of that, only Mommy did the queuing while Papa stayed with Juan Or at somewhere not-so-crowded.

At about 10 to 15 minutes before 12pm, the host of the event appeared - a Eurasian-looking girl dressed in cowgirl style. She did a warm-up session to get participants (parents and their young children) in the mood and even held a short quiz with prizes to give out.

Finally the long-awaited session, the photo-taking session, arrived and out came Woody and Buzz Lightyear skipping and dancing on stage to the Toy Story theme song. Although Juan Or was not with Mommy (Mommy can't see him anywhere yet), but Mommy thinks probably Juan Or must be pleasantly surprised and excited to see his favourite Toy Story characters 'jumping out from the cartoon' right in from of his eyes (other kids must be thinking the same too)!

The photo-taking session progressed very fast - much faster than what Mommy expected. We didn't have to wait very long before our turn came. Finally at one point of the queue (when it was near but not too near our turn), Mommy spotted Papa and Juan Or and they joined in the queue. During the queue, Juan Or became very impatient to want to go up on stage - to the point of fretting! Mommy had to keep on telling him to wait for our turn because everyone else was also doing the same, but he continued fretting. Looks like "wait for your turn" is not in Juan Or's vocabulary! (*slap forehead*). Finally our turn came and Mommy could see Juan Or smiling already! When we were on stage, Woody shook hands with Papa and Buzz Lightyear with Juan Or. Mommy thinks probably Juan Or's heart went something like "Wow! I can't believe it but this is IT!" It is definitely an experience of a lifetime for Juan Or to have his favourite Toy Story characters shaking hands and standing next to him.

By around 12.30pm, we left Midvalley Megamall and Juan Or was obviously very happy with the experience. While on the way out, Mommy kept on asking Juan Or in Hainan dialect,"Song bo, mo Woody, mo Buzz Lightyear? (Nice or not, see Woody, see Buzz Lightyear?)" and he conistently gave the same answer,"Song (Nice!)!" We didn't head straight back home, instead we made a stop-over at one Toyota showroom at Old Klang Road. Reason? Not because Mommy wanted to buy a new car (A-hem, Mommy is not financially capable yet to do that!), but actually because Mommy wanted to do a test-drive to get free Toy Story merchandize for Juan Or (shameless Mommy....hehehehe!)! You see, if you have been listening to Light FM Radio recently, there is an advertisement mentioning about Toyota promoting Toy Story and their cars and that you can get free Toy Story merchandize if you come for a test-drive or sign up for a Toyota car when you bring your kids along during the weekends of the school holiday period. Even the Toyota Malaysia website mentioned about this.

When Mommy entered the showroom, Mommy requested to test-drive a Toyota Vios. After the salesperson got some documentation ready, he handed a Toy Story cap and kid's pack. Then we went for test-drive. The Vios is an automatic car but Mommy only knows how to drive a manual car. So the salesperson patiently briefed to Mommy about the gear panel of the automatic car before we set off. All went smoothly for the test-drive (though Mommy actually felt like a road-hogger!) and we were back at the showroom again. Mommy thanked the salesperson and we left for home. Surprisingly, the salesperson didn't ask Mommy any questions and nor did he insist on Mommy filling in some more forms or enquring about Mommy's purchase preference. It was just so simple - no questions asked!

Once we got back home, Juan Or wanted to watch Toy Story again. And this was how he watched Toy Story this Sunday afternoon.  

And this was how sexy the boy was!


While Juan Or was enjoying his Toy Story, Mommy took the opportunity to see what was given by the Toyota salesperson. It was a cap with the Toy Story picture printed on it and the kid's Toy Story pack contained a zipper PVC folder, a colouring page, a box of short colour pencils, an eraser, stickers and tattoo sheet.

For the Toy Story kid's pack, Mommy will have to keep it first till Juan Or is old enough to appreciate and not destroy it!

As for the Toy Story cap, he can play with it already. Mommy wore it on him....

...and very fast,......

......he took if off already (but eyes still fixated on the Toy Story cartoon)! 


Anyway, Mommy wants to say a big thank you to the Old Klang Road Toyota showroom outlet for the Toy Story gifts and also to the salesperson attending to Mommy who is a very good salesman in that he is not pushy for sales at all and for patiently teaching Mommy how to drive the automatic Vios. Indeed, personally Mommy found the Vios to be very quiet (Heck, Mommy didn't even know the engine was already started when Mommy got into the car!) and the movement very smooth and comfortable (so much so Juan Or fell asleep in the Vios!). Honestly, Mommy will seriously consider buying this car for everyday use (and from this Toyota outlet too!) if the windfall (big lottery) comes...hehehe! And not to let this Toyota outlet's marketing effort to go in vain, here is Mommy's recommendation of the salesperson and outlet details:

Salesperson: Zen
Salesperson's contact no.: 012-3950320 or 016-7071100
Outlet details: Wheelcorp Sdn. Bhd., Lot 214, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur (same side of  the road as Pearl Point but on the MidValley's side of direction; after Westcourt and Hyundai showroom)
Tel: 03-7982 3636
Fax: 03-7982 9566

Here's the flyer about the Toyota-Toy Story promotion (both front and back):



smallkucing said...

hahaha..J have the same shoe also but now kenot fit already

Also like to drive using 1 hand only hahaha

Alice Phua said...

Hahaha....bought from the Hytex Warehouse Sale, right? Well, for Joshua, it is expected becos he's big-sized for his age. Now Juan Or is wearing size 5, still got a lot of space in the shoe. About driving, hahaha....both Joshua and Juan Or can high-five! :-D

Sheoh Yan said...

Juan Or looked so cute in the Toy Story cap. So good that you get so many free items of Toy Story.

mNhL said...

OMG!! the live toy story characters. Juan Or is so BRAVE! He is not afraid of the big characters ya.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, thanks you and LOL!

mNhL, oh, he's all smiles when the toy characters were near him.

Alice Phua said...
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Irene said...

wah nice leh. the gifts. my lil missy wud love to take pics with Woody. ah too bad...

Irenelim said...

Wah, now got big boys toys too! Haha... the Toy Story cap looks really nice.

Irenelim said...

Oh, you may want to check this out, and do participate if you are interested.

Thanks for checking it out. Cheers!

Shenny's mommy said...

Wow.."memang" Juan Or's style to watch movie is so sexy and cute, pricking his belly-button somemore. :)

prince n princess mum said...

So many ppl went to meet buzz lightyear...... How come I dunno this event one? Too bad I miss it... My son love buzz lightyear...

Alice Law said...

Oh... no wonder Juan Or has put on weight! You add on the GainPlus EyeQ into his diet!

Kiahahaha! I can see Juan Or really likes his Toy Story, so you have no excuse of not to bring him to the cinema anymore!;)

Have a nice day!

Alice Phua said...

Irene, thanks. Almost all kids love Toy Story.

Irenelim, thanks. Ya, will check it out.

Shenny's mommy, hahaha....he has itchy fingers!

Prince n princess mum, I saw the advertisement about this event in The Sun ad The Star newspapers.

Alice Law, eh, I thought Pediasure is suppose to be more 'powerful' than GainPlus? thinking of giving the cinema thingy a try!

cheeyee said...

Nice family photo with the Toy Stories Characters. Juan Or will always remember that you brought him there. :)

BoeyJoey said...

a very fruitful outing! a few of my friends also brought their kids... was the place crowded?

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, yes, memories. :-)

Boeyjoey, the place was crowded but still manageable.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Looks like the Toy Story fever has hit many homes! Too bad we missed meeting the characters in Midvalley.

However, we got the Toyota goodie bag when hub sent his car for service there. Should have test-drove a car to get the cap as well haha!

Alice Phua said...

ChloeRuoyi, oh, the Toy Story fever has hit me badly...hehehehe...and done a lot of $$$ damage as well...bought those Toy Story books and magazines, plush toys, and the character figures as well. :P

Serline said...

Disney really rolled out its marketing juggernaut this time. Just counting the number of times I encounter the mention of Toy Story during my blog visits this week gets me tired ;-)

Alice Phua said...

Serline, LOL! Be patient to bear with it, ya? It's just a season and a phase for the kids (and probably for the mummies too!)....hahaha! :-D