Friday, June 4, 2010

i-City in Shah Alam

This is an outdated post dating back to 30th May 2010. We were on our way down towards Klang and stopped by at Tesco Shah Alam to see what offer were in store and partly also because Juan Or loves to go to Tesco and Giant hypermarkets.

After Tesco Shah Alam, but before reaching Klang for lunch, Papa passed by this so-called city that pricked our curiosity for some time already. It's the i-City, perhaps short for information-City, in Shah Alam. Papa read before from a newspaper's report that i-City is a beautiful place to see. So we wanted to see for ourself how beautiful is beautiful.

Here are snapshots of i-City in the late morning - electric Christmas trees decorating the place. So night time should be beautiful to see.

Looks like gigantic electric trees decorating a desert!

There are small electric Xmas trees too.

Real trees among the fake trees.

A description of i-City and some disclaimers.

Bear statues as part of the garden's deco.

Juan Or posing with his Papa. Notice the unicorns in the background?

Another pose with Papa. This time don't know what Juan Or was thinking in his head!

Curiosity kills the cat (or rather 'mouse' because Juan Or is born in the year of the mouse).

Actually people are not allowed to go into where the unicorns are, but the temptation is just too great for Juan Or.

One last walk before we make a move.

Once we were done with i-City, we head down to Taman Rashna area in Klang to have our lunch at Hometown Village Restaurant.

During the waiting time, this was what Juan Or was up to.

And these were what we had.

Beancurd and crabmeat in superior stock. Tastes very good! It's everyone favourite including Juan Or!

Mantis shrimp in kam heong style. Taste good for Papa but too dry for Mommy. Juan Or refused to touch this dish.

Sweet potato leaves stir-fried in sambal belacan. Used to taste very good, but this time it tasted a bit bitter, probably the cook underestimated the amount of sugar to use. Mommy couldn't even finish this vege this time.

Assam sting-ray. Tasty!


Alice Law said...

This I-city didn't chance their decor since last year, out of budget kar?!=_="

Love the pictures of food to bits, it was all my favourite, except for the bitter potato leaves!:)

A wonderful weekend to you, Alice!

Sheoh Yan said...

I-City is really nice. There were quite a lot of dishes for just 3 of you. No wonder you couldn't finish it.

prince n princess mum said...


smallkucing said...

paiseh paiseh...we stayed quite near to i-city and yet never been there. haiz...

Shenny's mommy said...

i-City looks good in daytime too. I think I will take Shenny there during this school holiday.
One sad thing about Malaysia, most of tourist attraction places are lack of good maintenance.

Anonymous said...

happy new year 2010!!!........................................

BoeyJoey said...

Very nice photos! Wow, like a be-early Christmas. Looks like a great outing, with yummy food too :-D

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, oh, so you went to see it already last year. Same to you too.

Sheoh Yan, usually when we go out to makan, it's about this much that we order. This time I can't finish all becos I had just recovered from food poisoning that got me so sickly. So my appetite was not fully up yet.

Prince n princess mum, thanks for visiting! :-)

Smallkucing, hehehe...if run out of places to go jalan-jalan already, then maybe can consider dropping by at i-City loh.

Shenny's mommy, ya, can her to look and see.

BoeyJoey, yup, looks like Xmas deco to me too!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i love the colors! Malaysia looks like a nice country. I want to go to Malaysia and Singapore. I thought about it a lot of times since I'm going to the Philippines soon and it's only about 3 hours flight and there's a promo/cheap on airfares but then RC is too small and it might be too much traveling for her. Maybe... someday.

ChloeRuoyi said...

We also went to I-City a few months ago. It's best to go in the evening where you get to see the place in daylight and when the lights are switched on after dark.

Alice Phua said...

MomDaughter Style, yes, one day when RC is much bigger when she can tolerate longer and more frequent flights. One day the day will come.

ChloeRuoyi, yes, I think it will look very nice when it's dark.