Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Juan Or's Heart-melting Gestures

After reading about how Juan Juan of My Little Sprouts! made her parents happy, Mommy is reminded of Juan Or's heart-melting gestures as well and decided that Mommy must put them in record here.

First incident

After coming back from work, Mommy will usually sit on the floor at the Japanese tea table to eat packed economy rice. But sometimes, instead of sitting on the floor, Mommy would get a low plastic stool to sit and eat. One day, Mommy decided to sit directly on the floor to eat. Juan Or, on seeing Mommy sitting on the floor, quickly walked over to the low plastic stool and took it in his hands, in the process turning the stool upside down. Mommy didn't understand his action at first and even asked him why he had to 'disturb' the stool! To Mommy's surprise, he handed it over to Mommy for Mommy to sit! Oh, Mommy was very touched!

Second incident

Sometimes when Juan Or did naughty things, Mommy would nag or scold him. Deep down inside, Mommy is very angry with him. Then in the midst of Mommy's anger, Juan Or would lovingly and earnestly call "Mama! Mama!" with very thoughtful-looking eyes. So, won't any mother's anger cool down immediately and then feel bad for scolding this lovable child? By the way, Juan Or did the same with his Papa too! However, occasionally, after hearing Mommy's long nagging and scolding, Juan Or would stuff his forefingers into his ears. On seeing that, Mommy would think inside,"!!!???? Where did he learn that from!?"


Shenny's mommy said...

Like his smile, so sweet. Yes, I guess Juan Or is very smart and know use his gesture to show his love and dislike to his parents...haha could be boys less wordy than girls.

Sheoh Yan said...

They are an angel when they are good, they are a monster when they are rascal. This is kid.

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's mommy, yes, I agree, boys are less wordy than girls. Boys are more action-oriented.

Sheoh Yan, true, true!

smallkucing said...

wakakaka...clever boy!

prince n princess mum said...


Alice Law said...

LOL! Juan Or so thoughtful, you must give him a big hug on my behalf!

I found it's pretty hard nowsaday to remain cool infront of our rascals, specially when they whine whine and whine without any particular reason... which would push my button and get 'fired'!!!>o<"

Please have a wonderful weekend!

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing and Prince and Princess Mum, :-D!

Alice Law, ok, will do, and tell him this hug's from Ta Nin. Hhaha....same here too. Juan Or sometimes likes to cry for no reason apparent to adults which eventually breaks my patience. :-D

Alice Phua said...

BoeyJoey, ya, ya, will remind myself not to be too angry with him. :-D