Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trip to Seremban Lake Garden

On the Sunday that has just passed, Juan Or's sleeping and waking time-table became a little different, so by 8am plus, Juan Or was all set to go for outing (the norm is that Juan Or is only ready by near 10am). Because the time was still early (which is rare nowadays), Papa and Mommy decided to take a joyride trip to Seremban (so that the trip is sufficiently long without stopping to enable Juan Or to have a good nap in the car). So along the way, Juan Or slept for 50 minutes, then woke up and by then, we had reached Mantin (we took the old road). Actually, the thought of going to Seremban Lake Garden was Mommy's spontaneous idea upon reaching Seremban. Originally we didn't plan to stop anywhere in Seremban except for lunch in a restaurant! So finally, we reached the Seremban Lake Garden and Mommy found the garden to be more beautiful than the park at Bukit Jalil (except for one dilapidated spectator sitting place) . Here are some snapshots capturing Juan Or enjoying himself there:

A portion of the garden leading to the fountain.

Juan Or at the fountain area and Papa was busy taking photos of Juan Or (while Mommy was doing the same also.)

This naughty little Juan Or loves to play with water!

Walking with Papa.

Juan Or was caught rubbing his hands onto the wet and dirty concrete garden bench. "Juan Or, are you trying to help the Seremban town council do some clean-up job!?"

The more Mommy said no to Juan Or for rubbing his hands on the dirty surface, the more Juan Or wanted to do on purpose! Mommy's teaser boy!

Another scene of the garden.

Father and son.

Another scene of the garden, this time with a shaded bridge going across the lake.

Juan Or was caught in the act of trying to pluck the leaves of the decorative plants alongside the bridge.

Another father and son scene. Juan Or was seen walking around happily on the bridge.

Juan Or was looking up at Mommy as Mommy was snapping this photo.

After spending about 40 minutes at the garden, Papa and Mommy decided to go to the restaurant for lunch (although it was only about 11.20 am), about just in time before Juan Or was expected to become sleepy again. So we headed to Sikamat (a mukim in Seremban) for Restaurant Min San (this restaurant has been frequented ages ago by Papa's side of family whenever visiting relatives in Seremban).

Min San Restaurant

This was how Juan Or occupied himself while waiting for food - by biting on the sauce plate!

Here's what Papa ordered:

Pork in don't-know-what sauce

Prawn (medium-sized) in curry with lemony taste.

Sweet potato leaves in sambal belacan (has pieces of pork lard in it).

How about the price? Very cheap, only RM29.10! Prawn dish was RM12, pork was RM8, vegetable was RM5, the rest were 2 plates of rice and a teapot of Chinese tea. No tax or service charge involved. Taste-wise? Moderate to good.


cheeyee said...

Nice papa and mommy always take Juan Or to new place for a walk. Lucky Juan Or!

Cynthia said...

Sban Lake Garden was my childhood place!! I spent most of my weekends there while my granny was still around.. :D It surely bring back some good memory while reading this post.. :D

ChloeRuoyi said...

That's the quite newly re-landscaped part of the lake garden you visited. We go there quite often too cos mummy is from Seremban too :-) (Actually mummy grew up frequenting this lake garden, now it's her turn to bring lil' Chloe there)

smallkucing said...

Juan Or looked so tall and handsome after 2 weeks didnt see his photos here.

little prince's mummy said...

So long didn't go S'ban lake garden already.. :)

mNhL said...

Great outing. 'pai seh' to say that I never been to the S'ban lake garden. hehe....must go one day. And the rest. at Sikamat, is it famous for the fish head meehoon? However, the price is really cheap.

Stephen said...

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Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, haha...it's strictly family day on Sundays since I work from Monday to Saturday.

Cynthia, ChloeRuoyi and Little Prince's Mummy - oh, never knew we share something in common about Seremban Lake Garden.

Small kucing, thanks for the compliments. About not posting for long already... what to do? Faculty responsibiilities are building up from time to time. Last time I thought my hands can be freer from those responsibilities by end of November to Dcember, but looks like always also got new work coming in. HuHuhuhu :-(

mNhL, hahaha....it's never too late to plan a trip there since you are a Serembanite. About that restaurant, so far we have never ordered fish head meehoon woh. Perhaps can try one day! THanks for the idea!

Stephen, thanks for visiting. Have gone to visit yours as well!

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