Friday, November 27, 2009

Juan Or's Home-made Baby Walker

Actually, Mommy never thought about this before but after seeing Juan Or doing it, then only did it strike Mommy's mind about this baby product:

(picture courtesy of Pram Centre)

Mommy has never really thought of this baby product to be useful. To Mommy, the main thing is for the baby or toddler to push the toy as he/she walks. And of course to add more functionality to the product, the manufacturer adds buttons and levers and keys to spice things up for the baby/toddler. Of late, Mommy noticed Juan Or making use of chairs to push here and there. That was how Mommy realized that such product is made to imitate such typical toddler actions. The only difference is that the product makes the whole thing look more baby-friendly and nice whereas the 'home-made' version doesn't look nice and can even appear to be 'dangerous' in the eyes of super-protective parents/care-givers.

Here's Juan Or's home-made version of baby walker:


Juan Or has also come up with the 'terbalik' (opposite) version as well!


So, Mommy's conclusion is: Children's imagination is limitless. Anything can be made into a toy (which can be dangerous sometimes!) and adults often make use of children's imaginative ideas to come up with new baby products/toys and make money from them! ^ ^


mNhL said...

My baby girl also like to push chair!!!

smallkucing said...

cheap and handy :)

cheeyee said...

My son also used to do that, to support himself to walk before he can walk by himself. Good practice actually.

little prince's mummy said...

Creative wor.. ha! Save money, no need to buy...

Alice Phua said...

mNhL and Cheeyee, I guess most kids go through that pushing-chair phase when learning too walk.

Smallkucing and Little prince's mummy, indeed, the chair is an economical tool for that matter!:-)

mabel said...

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