Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Compilation of Fun Tools (and Links) for Kids to Learn Science and Maths

Not too long ago, a lady by the name Adrienne Carlson brought to Mommy's attention (via email) about her website which has a compilation of 100 fun online tools and links for kids to learn science and maths. So Mommy visited the URL page she gave and indeed, Mommy found the webpage to be a good (and interesting!) one-stop centre for links to fun activities, interactive games, printables, newsletters, how-to articles written with the children audience in mind, fun science projects, science-related jokes and riddles, fun online science episodes and many more. The title of the webpage is "100 Tools to Make Your Kids Maths and Science Stars", and Mommy has also included a link to the same webpage at the right hand panel under the category "Fun Stuff for Kids to Do!" by the title "100 Fun Tools for Learning Science and Maths" for everyone's convenience. Enjoy!

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