Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Books Aftermath Sale (24th-28th November 2011)

For those who followed Mommy's adventures and hoards at the recent Big Bad Wolf Books sale, you can surely expect Mommy to go for the aftermath sale as well. Well, yes indeed, being the bargain hunter that Mommy has always been! This aftermath sale's objective is to clear out all leftover stocks from the recently-held sale in MAEPS, Serdang. And the good news is that all books are sold each at nothing more than RM5!

This aftermath sale is held at South City Plaza and starts at 10am. Mommy had an unpleasant encounter with one rude and bossy aunty driving a big four-wheel drive when looking for parking in the mall. The parking lot is where people round their cars to look for empty parking lots and here is one rude aunty who is ever-ready to honk fiercely! Then to get out of her way, Mommy diverted slightly towards a section where there is a no-entry sign so that she can head into the correct path and speed all she wants at the parking bay. For that, the rude aunty also has to show her bossy side by giving another fierce honk at Mommy as if saying that Mommy has no right to divert the car to the no-entry direction! Bugger! This is what Mommy has to say to the rude and bossy aunty who seems to think she's all so important and grand - "If you think your time is so precious such that nobody can be in front of you, then why go for this kind of sale? Better go for book stores like MPH, Borders or Popular during their normal business hours where there's no long queue and no crowd! Some more you can afford to own a big four-wheel drive vehicle, why have to come fight with poor people to buy cheap books!?"

Putting the unpleasant parking encounter aside, there was already a long queue at the sale even at 10+am. To avoid the queue, Mommy went to Watsons first to buy something before heading back to the sale. Luckily by then, the queue had dispersed. There were really lots of people there and the walking pathways between display tables are very narrow, so it was quite difficult to walk from one display table to another. And because of the extreme crowd, Mommy only concentrated on the children's section and did not at all bother to venture to the other genres' tables. Most display tables have their books all turned haphazardly. Despite the chaos, Mommy still managed to find some decent books for Juan Or.

These books (10 books altogether) each at RM2. Eight of them are Scholastic books. Mommy is happy to have found some books on Scooby-Doo, Bearenstain Bears and Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig. The book at the far bottom right is a postcard book. It contains 30 pull-out postcards. Maybe Juan Or can use them next time when writing to pen-pals (that's if he wants to have pen-pals!).

Here are another 3 books, each at RM3. Two of them (Duck Soup and the one with choo-choo train picture) are hard-cover books and the Safari one is a fact-cum-sticker book.

So total price is RM29 for 13 books, but because Mommy has OCBC credit card, Mommy got extra 5% discount, so paid only RM27.55.

How about the queue? Well, the queue was HORRENDOUS! Mommy started queuing at 11.35am, but only got Mommy's turn at 12.45pm! So this sale is definitely not advisable for people who are not fit, sickly or who are in their middle and late pregnancy (depending on the pregnant mum's fitness level) at least during the 'hot period' of the sale. Imagine standing on your feet for more than an hour to get your turn and in low-oxygen condition some more! You have to be fit to survive in this sale!

How about parking fee in South City Plaza? It's only RM1 for up to 12 hours of parking - cheap!

Would Mommy ever go for another Big Bad Wolf aftermath sale in the future? Highly unlikely.


Inspired Momx1 said...

Just came back from BBW Aftermath Sale. Total investment RM120, mostly comics for the boy and I got myself some recipe books too. No 'Q' at all at the cashiers today and I got myself a letter to redeem preview passes for next year's sale even though we reached there around 1.30pm. No need to queue at all, just say out the password and I got it! Bliss!

Small Kucing said...

you were there at the same time as me wor. Hehehe...Guess too many people that we didnt see each other la

Alice Law said...

I reckon u should hv gone there today(Fri), (which I hv been for another round of hunting)no crowd, no Q... phew~ wht a breeze!

p/s: Dun worry abt the preview, I hv got mine and CY has got hers. U can join us next year at MAEPS(but it'd be better if u can play hooky on tht day, coz we gonna spend half a day there).;D

Alice Phua said...

Inspired Mom, wah, lucky you even though we went on the same day, though slightly different time.

Small Kucing, yup, that place packed like sardine! ^_^

ALice Law, ok, then next year's preview sale I'll tumpang masuk with you since I don't have the preview pass. Anyway, next time I plan to take leave from work to go for the preview sale....don't want anymore disturbance from the work place to take my mind off the sale! ^_^

yvonne said...

The 'damage' this round isn't as high as previous one, kekeke~

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Alice, always good to read books from young.
Helps improve the English too.
Nice books too.
Have fun.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice grabs!~

Pete said...

he he, duck thinking of cooking salted veg with duck this!

Sheoh Yan said...

I only knew the BBW sale was on when I returned to hometown. Haiz! I miss it again.