Friday, July 16, 2010

Toy Story Goodies with CIMB Junior Account

Actually Mommy had wanted to blog about this since 30th June but was not able to do so due to Mommy's busy work schedule.

It all started during the Toy Story 3 season and Mommy saw the CIMB logo together with the Toy Story picture in a billboard in Subang. First thing in Mommy's mind was that surely there must be some Toy Story merchandize to redeem by opening a children savings account in CIMB. Mommy's thought was indeed confirmed when Mommy surfed CIMB's website here.

The offer goes like this: If you open a Junior Savers Account with an initial deposit of RM300, CIMB will give you a Toy Story Activity Set. And if you maintain a minimum deposit of RM500 in the first month of the account-opening or deposit top-up, you will get a Toy Story coninbox. And not just that, you get to redeem other Toy Story 3 merchandize by earning Junior Points as you continue to top up the deposit (but the parent has to have a CIMB Clicks account first in order to redeem). To earn 1 Junior Point, you need to have an average quarterly balance of RM1500 (for the terms and condition, see here). The Toy Story merchandize that you can redeem ranges from easy-to-acheive to the diffiicult-to acheive: only 1 Junior Point required to redeem items like Toy Story lunch box, water bottle or PVC pencil box to something like the remote-controlled Buzz Lightyear figure that requires 20 Junior Points (for full list of redemption, see here.)

Being a Toy Story fanatic, Mommy immediately opened the CIMB Junior Account for Juan Or on 30th June. So Mommy will wait till 30th July to claim the Toy Story coinbox! Never mind about whether the interest earned from putting in money into the junior account is as profitable as other banks' children accounts or some other money-making products like fixed deposits, but at least Mommy is already happy enough to be able to get some Toy Story items that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

So here's how the Toy Story Activity Set looks like. The set consists of a sticker sheet, an Andy's room picture to stick the stickers according to the child's imagination, word-finder puzzle sheet, colouring sheet and spot-the-difference sheet.

Mommy even asked Juan Or to pose with his Toy Story Activity Set, but it was so difficult to get a good picture because he just couldn't keep still! These are the best Mommy could get so far.....

Anyway, if you would like to know where does CIMB Junior Account stand in terms of interest rate, here's what Mommy has compiled:

  • Ambank's AmGenius: 2.75% p.a. for the first RM50 000, comes with coinbox with minimum RM300 deposit, interest credited monthly.

  • Ambank's Savers' Gang: 0.25% p.a. for the first RM10 000, comes with coinbox with minimum RM300 deposit, plus the kid becomes the Savers' Gang Club member.

  • Maybank's Yippie: 2.76% p.a. for the first RM50 000, comes with coinbox with minimum RM250 deposit, has free personal accident coverage up to RM70 000 for you and your child plus cash reward if excel in PMR, SPM, but you must maintain at least RM1000 at all times to enjoy these benefits, interest credited twice a year only.

  • CIMB's Junior: 0.50% p.a. for up to RM1000, 0.60% p.a. for up to RM5000.

  • Alliance's AllianceSave Manjaku: 0.50% p.a., no coinbox given whatsoever!

  • Alliance's AllianceSave Pendidikan: 0.20% p.a. if below RM1000, 0.50% p.a. if up to RM3000 and 0.70% p.a. if more than RM3000, no coinbox given whatsoever!

  • Public Bank's Wise: 2.25% p.a. for the first RM50 000, interest credited monthly.

  • Public Bank's Bright Star: 1.00% p.a. for the first RM50 000, interest credited monthly, coinbox for minimum RM500 deposit.

  • Public Bank's Young Acheiver: 0.10% p.a. for the first RM2000, interest credited monthly, but no coinbox.
So the first two top places in the list go to Maybank's Yippie (but more terms & conditions) and Ambank's AmGenius (lesser terms & conditions) and the lowest go to Public Bank's Young Acheiver. The conclusion is CIMB's Junior Account does not boast of offering the best interest rate nor is it the worst - just somewhere in the middle, but it is definitely the Toy Story thing that attracts Mommy to open the CIMB Junior Account! ^ ^

On 30th July, Mommy will be racing back to CIMB to claim the Toy Story coinbox! So stay tuned for Mommy to blog about Juan Or and his Toy Story coinbox! ^ ^


smallkucing said...

wow!! didnt know that Thanks for sharing

Sheoh Yan said...

Heard of this through radio as well. Can't wait to see the Toy Story coin box. Thanks for sharing this.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, hehehe, it's my pleasure! Go! Go! Go! Quickly open one for Joshua. The CIMB-Toy Story promotion ends on 30th Sept. 2010.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, it's my pleasure! :-D

mNhL said...

I've actually saw this advertisement before but do not know how it works. Thks for sharing !

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

The other day, I passed by CIMB and saw the ad but I went to PBB to open an account for Maine. They did not give me anything leh. The deposit was not a small sum also leh :( Should change to CIMB instead la!

cheeyee said...

There are no CIMB near office here else I think I will go and open one. Even when I opened the bank accounts for the kids some time back, I did not compare the interest at all. Just choose the bank most convenient to us only. With bank no longer open on Saturday, there is no much choice left for us.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, it's my pleasure! :-D

LilHypPo's mUMmy, oh dear! But if you want to close the PBB one and change to CIMB, then you have to be aware that all banks (I think ALL) charge penalty of you close the account within usually 3 months from opening the account.

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, last time when I first opened an account for Juan Or, I too did not think about the interest rate different banks have to offer...merely go and open one with the bank that I normally do other transactions with (that was Alliance Bank where I normally pay my credit card bills but no longer now). Then later, hubby mentioned about Ambank offering good rates for children account. That's when I started thinking about surfing those banks' websites and then compare on what they have to offer.

Alice Law said...

LOL! Salute you, always take the hussle and bussle to participate in these kind of promotion, just had a hunch when I saw this advert that it's highly likely you will join!:D

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, LOL, you got your hunch right! Hahaha...shy to say, until now, my interest in Toy Story still has not waned. Juan Or too.