Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Bookshop Warehouse Sale and a Meet Up with "Blog With Yan"

After the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale, Mommy still had another book warehouse sale to stalk. Yes, it's the one by Big Bookshop held at Subang Avenue (last day of sale was 9th Dec 2012).

That day on 7th Dec, Mommy purposely took leave to attend the sale, do some shopping plus meeting up with Yan of "Blog with Yan" - all settled in one day! Mommy parked the car at Subang Avenue because parking is free (by the way, parking at Carrefour Subang which is in between Subang Avenue and Subang Parade is no longer free!). First Mommy did shopping at Parkson in Subang Parade (but ended up not buying anything there). Then at noon, Mommy met up with Yan at McDonalds in Subang Parade itself, together with My Little Sprouts (Mommy didn't mention My Little Sprouts in the blogpost title because we are sisters-in-law and we see each other every weekend!).

Here's our meet-up photo and boy, we had a good chat......aunty chat!

(From left: Mommy, Yan and Alice Law from My Little Sprouts).

Here are the kids! (From left: Juan Or, Juan from My Little Sprouts and Yan's two princesses, April and May). Both Juan Or and Juan were on the noisy side whereas April and May were very well-behaved.

After the meet-up, Mommy headed back to Subang Avenue for the Biog Bookshop Sale.  Here's what Mommy got:

The book with Tiger picture is in hard cover and selling for RM2 only! The T-bots colouring book is RM2.90 and the rest of the books (storybook, sticket and activity books) are RM3 each.

The Superman colouring book is RM4, Growing Up Royal is RM6, and the rest are RM8 each. The Green Worm book at RM8 is not very cheap, but Juan Or kept pestering for it just because there's a wriggly soft toy worm extending from it. 

And finally the RM10 books. Mommy will be blogging more about the Diana's fashion and style book soon (together with Mommy's collection on William and Kate) for Willie a.k.a Reptoz's benefit. ^_^

Total amount spent was RM59.90. Price-wise, overall, of this sale is about the same as Big Bad Wolf, but of course both places offering entirely different books. However, this sale has very little people visiting it as of the time Mommy went, probably because the bulk of people had gone to Big Bad Wolf?


Yan said...

Nice book collection you have got again. Didn't you get any clothes from Parkson that day? All thanks to the meet up, I got a pants and 2 tops from Parkson, before I left KL for home.

Hayley said...

Glad you had a great time chatting with the ladies =)

prince n princess mum said...

Sapu a lot of books o...

MeRy said...

blogger gathering is always the best.

Alice Phua said...

Yan, I selected a few, then later go try in fitting room, turns out some doesn't look nice on me. Then got one look nice on me, but the sewing got defect and that's the only one in the end, didn't buy anything.

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, yup, enjoyed the meet-up! :-)

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess' mum, yup! :-)

Alice Phua said...

MerY, yup, enjoyed it!

Anzerin said...

Nice meet up over at KL... BBW sales really damn cheap right.

Wish you have a nice weekend ahead.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

HeLLo Alice,

Another book sale? OMG! I am so jealous. At this moment, I'm eyeing for books because I want to inculcate reading habits in my son. I don't want him to be like me, a bit lazy to read books. Hahaha!

And you met two other bloggers? That's so cool....

Hey, I want to get hold of that Princess Diana book too. Maybe after this I will go to Popular Bookstore in Kuching. I hope they sell it. Uha!

Ok then, till we meet again! Have a nice day.

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