Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juan Or's First Day at Kindergarten

Mommy knows this is already the 3rd week into school, but shy to say, now only Mommy finds the time to blog about Juan Or's first day at kindy. By the way, as usual, Mommy was really caught up with management matters during the end of the semester and dealing with countless students at the beginning of a new semester in Mommy's workplace. That's why Mommy has not been updating this blog for about one month already.

Juan Or is officially in kindy already! Here he is, ever ready and eager to go to school!

Here he is in his class called "Pre-K" for 4-year-olds. Good thing - no frets and cries from him - probably because he is mentally prepared after Mommy sent him for off and on holiday classes for the whole of 2011.

Mommy enrolled him for the kindy's daycare as well. In the daycare, the typical routine is lunch followed by nap time and then snack time at 4pm. If the child has finished his/her snack and the parent has not come yet, the teachers will guide the child with their homework (if any) until the parent comes to fetch.

According to the daycare's caretaker, Juan Or willingly ate his lunch, only thing is that he will take the spoon ans twirl and twirl and twirl the rice (instead of eating) if he is left to eat by himself. So the caretaker actually spoon fed him, otherwise he will end up 'eating forever'! ^_^ He slept well too during the nap time and ate together (ate by feeding himself) with the other kids during the snack time. In in all, Juan Or seems to be able to adapt himself well with the new environment  Here he is, eating together with his daycare mates.

A close-up pix of him eating....

(surprisingly he ate the jam spread as well instead of just the white bread - very much unlike last time!)

....and him drinking the milk.

Overall, Mommy is very happy and relieved that he adapts himself well both in the kindy and the daycare. :-)


18th January 2012

This is the 3rd week into his kindy. Just yesterday, Juan Or was not quite himself when Mommy fed him dinner. He seemed withdrawn and kept on rubbing his stomach. So his Papa asked whether other kid punched him or not to which he said yes. So Mommy asked Juan Or whether he punched other kid first or other kid punched him first to which Juan Or could not give a consistent answer. He also could not give a consistent answer when Mommy asked whether the teacher scolded him or scolded the other kid.

So Mommy asked his class teacher, Ms. Ida as to what transpired. According to the teacher, apparently Juan Or and one other boy played rough with each other (i.e. shoving each other roughly) and playing while the teacher was teaching. So the teacher punished both of them by ordering them to stand at the corner of the class for 3 to 4 minutes (time out punishment!) and thereafter the teacher explained to them what wrong did they do. According to the teacher, after the punishment, Juan Or became more silent in class (Feelings of guilt? Or feeling bad ?)  and more mindful of things he shouldn't do in class (which is a good thing to Mommy!). Well, the fact that he couldn't hide his guiltiness at home shows that the time-out punishment has effect on him! ^_^


Cynthia said...

oh.. he is such a big boy now... proud to know he is taking good in school.. till today, my girl still not able to walk in the school on her own ah...

mNhL said...

Have been away from blogging. Juan Or grew up a lot !

Pete said...

Wah, growing up fast....

My little boy same age also in kindy and day care

Small Kucing said...

Good for him! He had matured much. I guess maybe at the kiddie tere are friends so when he sees other eating bread with jam. he also eat. Got people "fight" to eat food baru will at lo.

yvonne said...

Juan Or has grown up a lot ^.^

It's a good idea that you "trained" him last year for attending some classes. He's well prepared and adapts to the routine now.

Alice Phua said...

Cynthia, your daughter is still very young (younger than Juan Or in fact). Very soon, she would 'grow up' and be more independant in school already. Very soon!

mNhL, oh, yes, kids grow up very fast, especially after a lapse of time of not seeing them. :-)

Pete, oh, so you also have a child born in 2008. High-five! ^_^

Small Kucing, I agree totally with you. If children 'fight' with each other for food, they tend to eat better and not be so choosy.

Yvonne, yes, I have no regrets sending him to those school holiday classes last year! :-D

Sheoh Yan said...

Juar Or is such a good boy. He is adapting so well to the new routine. You should be happy.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi Alice,

Are u a lecturer? even I as a teacher are busy at the beginning of the year. But what to do right? we earn a living through teaching.

My son is in kindy 2. When he first enter kindy 1,he didn't cry like Juan. So far my son's kindy is doing fine. I believe your kindy is doing well too.

so far, my son has never been punished. What Juan's teacher did was a light punishment. Try to ask Juan again.

Have a nice day.

prince n princess mum said...

Great!~ Looks like he's enjoying school day!~

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, yes, I'm very happy that all goes smoothly as planned.

Willie, yes, I'm working as lecturer and yes, we are teachers. Yup, what to the start of a new semester, there will always be new students to deal with and some 'hiccups' here and there to attend to. End of semester will have final exam marks (from 9 subjects) to moderate and adjust if necessary plus other nitty-gritty management matters to prepare for the next semester's new intakes. Really no much time to relax.

Prince n Princess Mum, yes, thankfully. :-)

Alice Law said...

It's quite common the kids fight at school. Jst remind him to complain to teacher whn ppl belasah him, if he belasah ppl thn tell him, u alrdy giv permission to teacher to ground him after school if he buat kacau nxt round.:p

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, yup, did exactly that! :-)

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