Monday, May 23, 2011

Where to Look for Cheap but Good and Nice Ben10 Clothes

As Mommy's readers might have read before, Juan Or caught the Ben10 fever not too long ago. There was once when we went on LRT joyride and landed in Sogo, then saw one section selling Ben10 clothes. Juan Or asked Mommy to buy one for him but Ben10 clothes are not cheap, mind you! With just the T-shirt part alone (without pants), the lowest available price was RM25 and that also Mommy felt is not justified because the fabric is the type that cannot absorb sweat! So Mommy didn't entertain Juan Or's request.

Then one day, the opportunity came. We were merely window shopping at IOI Mall (Old Wing). Mommy spotted this tenant selling children's fancy dress (e.g. marshal, bear and bunny suits, etc.) but still did not know that the shop offers more than that. Then Mommy spotted one section displaying Ben10 clothes. It was chilren's suit set - singlet-styled top and a matching shorts. Price? RM14.90 for size 6, 100% cotton - cheap! Not only does the range offers Ben10 designs, but also Spongebop, Thomas and Friends and Power Rangers at that price range. If you are looking for short-sleeved T-shirt with shorts suit set and 100% cotton with Ben10 pictures and at that price range, there you have it too!

So Mommy bought a mixture of Ben10 and Thomas and Friends designs of suit sets: a size 6 and size 8 singlet-and-shorts sets for RM14.90 each, a size 10 and size 12 singlet-and-shorts sets for RM16.90 each and a size 6 short-sleeved with shorts set for RM17.90. All are 100% cotton and the cloth texture is quite thick. Although Mommy suspects these are not original Ben10 and Thomas and Friends merchandise, however, the pictures of the design are not out either. And the good news is that so far, Mommy has washed one of the sets before and found that the pictures remain intact and the clothes remain the same size after washing. Only thing is that the dye came out into the soapy water and yet the dye was not absorbed by the white parts of the suit set and neither did other clothes (Papa and Mommy's clothes) absorb the dye. After it was dry from washing, the colour did not look faded either. Yippy! The label also says: "Made in Indonesia".

Anyway, this boy was and is still very happy and eager wearing the Ben10 clothes again whenever they are dry from washing.

He even made it a point to wear the Ben10 clothes together with his Ben10 watch, called the Omnitrix! By the way, the babysitter gave him the Ben10 watch as his birthday present recently.

Be warned however that the cutting is considered small for the size no. it portrays. For example, although the label says size 6 (supposedly for children age 6), actually it's more for children age 3 to 4. The one Juan Or is wearing in the photo above says size 6. So be sure to size the clothes according to the child's body first before buying. Credit cards are accepted for whatever amount you are buying. Happy shopping!

The tenant's address:
Yang Young Gui, F43 & F43A 1st Floor, IOI Mall, Puchong. Tel. no.: 03-8076 9980


Small Kucing said...! so cheap. ya i saw other plc very expensive so tarak buy

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, yes, memang, Ben10 clothes with the Cartoon Network label very expensive leh. Some more don't come with a matching pants. And if want the material to be cotton instead of those smooth fabric type, then the price if I'm not mistaken got RM35+ or above.

Hayley said...

So many Ben 10 clothes! Guess your boy is truly a big Ben 10 fan!

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, oh, yes, he is! :-)

Yvonne said...

Bought a Ben10 jacket from Parkson once, it was superb expensive and no "next time". Now you were saying about cheaper Ben10, I'm arranging for my next shopping trip, muahahaha

p/s: it is my girl who is addicted to Ben10.

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, happy Ben10 clothes shopping when you are down at Klang Valley! :-)

suituapui said...

Spent a fortune on branded clothes for my daughter when she was small while poor Papa used the cheapest he could find. No Ben10 then... LOL!!!

Sheoh Yan said...

Oh my, amazed by looking at Juan Or's Ben 10 singlet and shirts collection,

reanaclaire said...

Hello Alice, it has been awhile since i last come by..
those days no Ben 10.. now it is such a popularity among kids.. esp boys!!

Alice Law said...

In STP's shoes too, lol... parents tend to pamper their off springs but cincai on themselves!

I was about to bought BEN 10 garments for Juan Or's Birthday, but kwang afraid he would outgrow it soon and adviced to buy something tht he could appreciate longer... guys, over practical being!:p

Alice Phua said...

Suituapui, myself and hubby the same too....we are willing to keep ourselves simple to lower costs e.g. no new clothes for CNY, so that the Little One gets to enjoy. :-)

Sheoh Yan, hehehe....actually they are basically the same design for all sizes, only the edge part and background colour may differ.

Reanaclaire, LOL, this kind of superhero thing changes with time. I remember last time, my zaman one was Thundercats, He-Man, Superman, Care Bears.

Alice Law, thanks for the birthday present. THe choo-choo train book is a good idea too actually. It's a very detailed pop-out book and he likes it very much. In fact I think it's more worth it to spend on the book than to spend on Ben10 clothes since original Ben10 clothes are very expensive and he may grow out of the size very quickly.

sapna uppadhya said...

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