Monday, January 17, 2011

"Oh, Toodles!"

Remember seeing this icon in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

(courtesy of this website)

It's the Toodles! Toodles is Mickey Mouse's (and his Clubhouse gang's) friendly tool helper that pops out whenever they call "Oh, Toodles!" Toodles seems analogous to the 'guardian angel' that helps people in times of difficulty.

Actually this is Juan Or's story about money that somehow got linked to Toodles.

One day, after leaving the office late, Mommy went to pick up Juan Or from the babysitter's house, but turned out, his paternal Grandpa had already come to pick him up. So Mommy went to the in-laws' house to pick him up. When Juan Or went into Mommy's car, he was carrying a plastic jar full of coins. Mommy guessed those coins must have come from his grandparents' loose change stored in one old Bylcream container meant for petty uses. This was the conversation that transpired:

Mommy: Juan Or, you gasak (usurp) all the coins. So if Ah Gong got no money to use, how?
Juan Or: (cheeky smile)
Grandpa: Hahaha....never mind-lah. Let him hold the coins first. Later can bring back here to let him play again.
Grandpa: I asked Juan Or just now whose money is that. He said,"Juan Or's money!" woh!
(Everyone laughed).

Later in the car, Mommy asked Juan Or the same question again and same thing, he replied,"Huan Or's money!" (Juan Or pronounces his name like a South American - 'h' sound for 'j' spelling. Fine, never mind.

Later we reached home and Mommy ate dinner at the dining table while Juan Or poured out the coins all over the tea table to play with and putting them into the coin box and toy sink as well.

Then Mommy heard Juan Or kept on calling "Toodles!" but Mommy never bother to turn over to see what he was up to. Mommy merely assumed that he was in the mood for watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and therefore was indirectly asking Mommy to play a Clubhouse DVD for him. But he kept on calling "Toodles" so Mommy decided to go over to where he was.

Apparently this was what he was up to!

Say "Oh, Toodles!"

And Juan Or went on to make many, many more Toodles from the coins! ^-^


prince n princess mum said...

Cute toodlers you have there!

Sheoh Yan said...

Oh Toodles, this is indeed cute. Huan Or, wakakakaka!

Hayley said...

LOL, then he sure can alot toodles cause I can see there's lots of coins there ;)

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahahhaa.. I would say he's so creative! and very good imagination! :)

cheeyee said...

Haha wonder why he doesn't say Mickey but Toodles? It is also looks like Mickey head. :)

Small Kucing said...

LOL...Juan Or..can gasak some for auntie ah?

Alice Law said...

Ah Gong sure generous, that's lots of coins there! LOL, keep up with your imagination Huan Or, muahahaha!

Kiasu Mom said...

Hey my daughter did the same thing with her coins leh except that she calls it Mickey rather than toodles.. kids so creative hor. :-)

Yvonne said...

Hahahaha! So cute imaginative with the coins! My kids like to play with coins too, but no toodles....

Shenny's mommy said...

Juan Or is a very creative boy. Finally, he could make what he watched on the tv to real life now.

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, ^-^!

Sheoh Yan, yes, I also have been calling him 'Huan Or' of late.

Hayley, oh, yes, he made lots of Toodles.

Broccoli Ginger, LOL, I didn't expect to see him arranging the coins that way.

Cheeyee, I think he calls that Toodles because that Mickey head shape helper always appears when they are 'in trouble'.

Small Kucing, why? Auntie also wants a share of the loot ah? Hehehehe!

Alice Law, hehehe....Ah Gong is very generous, but still don't want to 'gasak' old people's money.....not nice. Anyway, I have already returned the coins to FIL and have already put one coinbox there for him to play with transferring coins from the jar to coinbox and vice-versa.

Kiasu Mom, ya. I myself also never thought of making Toodles or Mickey Mouse head out of coins. otak beku already! ^_^

Yvonne, hehehe...different kids may see the same thing, but what they do out of it may be different.

Shenny's mommy, actually I'm kind of glad too that he is able to 'apply' what he sees in TV with what he can make in real life. So I can heave a sigh of relief that he watching DVDs continuously is not detrimental to his development after all. He also learnt how to hold the chopstick by merely watching Big Bird in Japan, remember?

mNhL said...

my girl love to say Oh Toodles!! too. haha....

Juan Or is so creative.....and he sure makes your day.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, LOL, yes, it's my boy's quite overly used phrase as well. Oh, yes, he makes my day with this toodles gesture.