Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Future of Chatting is Here - WeChat!

In the past, Mommy's chatting tool comes in the form of Yahoo Mesenger. Shortly after the initial 'match-making' between Papa and Mommy via Papa's mum,  we went through the getting-to-know-you-better stage via Yahoo Messenger all done from the computer. That was 8 years ago. Fast forward to 6 years later, Mommy ventured into chatting via Facebook, but that's still very much done through the computer. But now, just recently, Mommy discovered WeChat! WeChat is an app used in smartphones to connect friends across various platforms. What's striking about WeChat is that it allows chat in both text and voice forms and the best part of all is that it's FREE for download with absolutely no advertisements! ^_^

The WeChat app is useable in many platforms such as Android, Windows, iPhone, iOS and Symbian. The app has got a clear interface and is user-friendly. Mommy didn't have to take too long to get comfortable in using it, considering Mommy is not that tech-savvy a person....hehehe!

What this app is in store for Mommy is that since it supports multiple language and has the group chat function, Mommy foresees this to be a good tool to stay connected with Mommy's students in the university. Imagine certain class announcements that has to go impromptu but it's not yet the lecture day? Well, this tool definitely solves the problem to make sure Mommy's students are up-to-date about what Mommy wants to convey to them. The best part of it all is that it is free to use with unlimited texting and voice messaging with photo and video exchange function!

Otherwise, for leisure, if Mommy wants to get to know more new people,  there's this Shake function whereby you merely shake your phone to make new friends! See who happen to also be shaking their phones and voila! Those who respond to the shake can connect and make friends!

Does this get you interested now? Why wait!? Go check out WeChat Malaysia's Facebook page here for more tips on how you can maximize your use of this app in your social, working and even family circles! By the way, you can see photos of the recent launch of WeChat at Velvet of Zouk in June 2012 in the Facebook page. Happy chatting! ^_^

*Wink! Wink* If Juan Or sees this iconic speech bubbles, he is sure to say the bigger green one is Mommy and the smaller white one is him! His quote: "Mama speech bubble, Juan Or speech bubble" ^_^

Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Life Support System" Revisited - Part 2

The re-revisitation of the "life support system" of infants - or Chinese-ly known as neh neh was still in Mommy's mind because it's the last day of the Triumph Lingerie Warehouse Sale at SS2 Mall. Still hungry and eager to know whether or not there were last-day deals available, Mommy made her way to SS2 Mall alone right after the usual Sunday morning family outing.

Since it was a Sunday, there was no traffic-jam at all from Sri Petaling to SS2. Parking was totally a breeze this time because as soon as Mommy took the parking ticket, someone was reversing out from the nearest parking lot! For these two auspicious things to happen, Mommy believed today's purchase at the sale is good omen. ^_^

About good deals happening on the last day, the only good deal was buy 3, free 1 bra for Amo brand only. Too bad, Mommy already bought them on the 1st day without such deal. Anyway, Mommy didn't plan to buy some more Amo. As for Triumph brand, there was no last day deal, but there were new designs brought in which were not seen on the first day. These are halter neck tops that come together with the Maximizer bra already inserted inside and can be worn either as a camisole-of-sorts or if daring, worn on the outside to give the hot look!

These halter neck tops were sold at RM60 each and the matching panty at RM10. According to the salesgirl, the non-discounted price for the top alone was RM159! There were three designs available, so Mommy grabbed all three! Time to go sexy with Papa! ^_^

There was this bra and panty set too with the ribbon strap over the neck, and the material looks very much like the material for making swimsuits, so you can actually double it as a bikini too!

Each bra was RM40 and the panty at RM10, and available in 3 designs, but Mommy grabbed 2 sets only.

Mommy also went for Triumph brand's range of Maximizer bras with detachable straps, half cups with lacy design - the dark blue ones for RM30 each, the dark blue-brown one for RM60 and one Stretty panty for RM10. As far as Mommy knows, Triumph Maximizer bras with plain design, i.e., light brown colour without any lace sells for at least RM55 at normal price. So imagine those lacy ones - they are going to cost at least RM99 each at the very least, but usually more than RM100!

Total damage was a lot so much so Triumph gave Mommy 2 free gifts, each containing a Stretty panty! (Luckily the free gifts were still available even though it was already 2+ pm!)

*Papa had better not be reading this!* ^_^